Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Leading SNP Councillor Bill Holman accused, arrested and charged with trying to pick up a prostitute in Glasgow, SNP leadership appears to be trying to appeal to heterosexuals at present, might explain their silence!

Dear All

Every now and then a human interest story pops ups.

An SNP councillor faces trial accused of trying to pick up a prostitute.

A ‘Cock of Destiny’ story!

SNP Councillor Bill Holman is alleged to have been looking for sex in Glasgow city centre.

Whether this story will promote SNP ‘anger’ remains to be seen, however, I can’t see it as the SNP leadership appears to be trying to appeal to heterosexuals at present!

Didn’t the SNP rattle on about supporting women being trafficked for sex sometime ago?

Anyway the 65-year-old former town planner was arrested in busy Argyle Street just four days before Christmas last year.

Is Argyle Street a haunt for picking up ‘ladies of the night’?

Anderson Ward is said to be the ‘Red light’ district in Glasgow, it is also the financial district as well, alongside pubs used by the LGBT community.

Since the incident, it’s understood he has been off sick with stress from South Lanarkshire Council.

Hopefully he is still drawing his council salary even although he isn’t doing his job, a guy’s gotta eat!

A council source said:

“Bill is a respected councillor and this has come as a shock. No one has officially been told about the court case.”

Well, they know now!

Holman, of Strathaven, Lanarkshire, appeared at Glasgow Justice of the Peace Court to deny the charges on Thursday and the case was continued for trial next month.

A spokesman for the SNP said:

“Cllr Holman has stepped down from the SNP group while he contests this.”

Police confirmed a 65-year-old was arrested on December 21.

If Councillor Bill Holman is in the market ‘looking for a bird’ can’t the SNP fix him up with someone’s wife?

And behind the husband’s back!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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