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Scottish independence: Gloves come off as Yes Scotland Camp accuse Better Together of smears, Blair Jenkins has a known SNP smearer Gail Lythgoe, the wife of Muslim MSP Humza Yousaf in key role, meltdown in Yes Camp

Dear All

One of the tactics used by members in the Scottish National Party is smearing, the SNP is run by a poisonous nasty clique surrounding Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon; you may ask where is the evidence?

Try this out:

This was done by the wife of SNP list MSP Humza Yousaf, Gail Lythgoe who is also an employee of Yes Scotland.

There are other members of Team Sturgeon who are in Yes Scotland such as Jonathan Mackie. 

Awhile ago a fake twitter account was set up in my name, called George M Laird, linking to this blog with my picture. Mackie was one of the original followers. As well as him, Shona McAlpine, an employee of Humza Yousaf was another follower and still is. McAlpine was involved in the smearing of an Asian Candidate at the Pollok SNP selection meeting at which I was present. I was the only person to put a stop to it, prospective Euro Candidate Chris Stephens, and all the current SNP councilors in wards 3 and 4 said nothing at the time.

The despicable Tommy Ball, a friend of prospective Euro Candidate Chris Stephens was to go on to accuse me of being a "racist", which must seem odd that a "racist" is sticking up for an Asian person when they are being abuse. Tommy Ball is another one who was attached to the Team Sturgeon clique. Me and Tommy don't get along now, I upset him by fighting back, and he was upset previously I outed him over this: 

Yes, smearing is a big part of the nationalist clique modus operandi.

Another tactic in the nationalist arsenal is to claim to be a victim in order to smear others, case in point; Nat Sec William Henderson tries to brand me homophobic despite no evidence. How it works in the SNP is that a person is guilty until they prove themselves innocent.  

The independence campaign was always going to turn nasty and vile, the reason is that Team Salmond and Team Sturgeon have planted their people in it, in little made up organisations to give the appearance of popular support. 

There isn’t any, not for them, these people are fakes and self serving.

Now, with independence support hitting rock bottom, still further to fall mind you, the ‘positive’ campaign has gone out the window, actually, it never existed, but that is another story.  

The Yes campaign accused their pro-Union rivals of launching a smear campaign, bear in mind that Yes Scotland has already got a known smearer in its ranks, but despite knowing this in advance, they still gave her a job.

As many people comment, Yes Scotland is seen as an SNP front.

I also view Yes Scotland in that light.

Former BBC chief Blair Jenkins has frequently spoken of the need keep the contest clean, but that was never a realistic point to make, not with Team Sturgeon’s cronies, the 90 minute nationalists, who come out when there is something in it for them.

In a speech in West Lothian last night, Jenkins, the Yes Scotland director made repeated reference to "smears" from the Better Together camp.

Blair Jenkins so far has failed to turn round support working alongside Nicola Sturgeon.

The poor boy must be cracking under the strain, he is fooling no one, even although Yes Scotland sent full time officials to win the mock referendum at Glasgow University, they couldn’t pull off the win.

Slaughtered at the polls!

Mr Jenkins said:

"Yes Scotland has support from people of all parties and, like myself, none. On our Board are Patrick Harvie of the Scottish Greens and Colin Fox of the Scottish Socialist Party; we also have distinctive non-party voices like Pat Kane and Elaine C Smith; and of course, the formerly Labour but now formidably independent Dennis Canavan is our chair”.

Coalition of the damned, Pat Kane is the ex husband of SNP MSP Joan McAlpine and Elaine C Smith is well known for attending SNP events, Dennis Canavan was a Labour MP, but didn’t get selected for Holyrood, he was rightly upset about that.

Jenkins added:

"Better Together says, falsely and again without producing any evidence, that we are part of a 'co-ordinated dirty-tricks campaign' "

Well Better Together do know as fact that someone who is a known smearer of innocent people has a key role in Yes Scotland.

Gail Lythgoe, the wife of SNP list MSP, Humza Yousaf.

Rejecting the accusation, a spokesman for Better Together responded:

"Perhaps the SNP campaign might want to condemn the dirty tricks rather than trying to make out that they are not taking place."

And Better Together published a post on their website:

Obviously Mr. Jenkins is unhappy, on the recent announcement of donations figures, Mr Jenkins said his camp wrote to their opponents in January seeking an agreement on timing of announcements but were snubbed.

What has Jenkins got to do with how Better Together runs their campaign?

Nothing, so why Better Together play to his tune!

Jenkins added:

"The differences extend into social media. Yes Scotland is significantly stronger on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Perhaps that's because we encourage discussion and invite questions."

Everytime I go by Yes Scotland’s HQ in Glasgow, there is no one queuing up to find out about independence, I have only seen old guy in the multiple times I have passed by.

When I mentioned this to Stan Blackley of Yes Scotland, he said:

“Erm… people sign-up online! Why not pop into Yes HQ next time you're passing, and entertain us with your crashing wit and charm?”

He is Deputy Director of Communities at Yes Scotland, and I replied, 'people will be laughing soon enough in 2014 when you lose, George Laird is always right'.

So, in conclusion, expect the heat to be turned up on Mr. Jenkins, how much longer can he stay in post while his campaign is sinking, of course it doesn’t help having no vision and being unable to answer basic questions.

Blair Jenkins can’t tell you shit about how an independent Scotland would work in practice because the SNP haven’t even told him.

His entire time has been wasted but he probably doesn’t even know it.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Hamish said...

OK George, since you are a self-confessed supporter of Scottish independence, why are you doing your damnedest to sabotage the best chance in a generation to achieve that aim?
There is a word for people like you. The word is traitor.

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