Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tommy Sheridan and the Scottish independence crowd complete with ex SNP MSP, indy union leaders, CND will mount anti-Thatcher rally tonight in Glasgow, didn’t they learn anything from the incredibly bad taste displayed by The Scottish Greens?

Dear All

I can appreciate that Tommy Sheridan is keen as mustard to re-establish himself as a respected political figure.

Granted it is an uphill task due to his imprisonment and the fact despite enough evidence to choke a horse, he has never said sorry for his actions.

If he had at least he would have started back on the rocky road with the public, but it would be Everest he needs to climb to get back on top.

Today, it is the funeral of Margaret Thatcher; I didn’t watch it; like most occasions of this nature I am sure it gave her family some sort of comfort.

Like her or loathe her, she is a historic figure.

Just as The Scottish Greens displayed remarkable bad taste in wanting to hold a debate in the Scottish Parliament, other independence supporters want to mark her passing also, again, it is the wrong time.

So, Tommy, ‘comrade’ and ‘brother’ and a member of the ‘right on’ PC Squad Sheridan is going to be at a rally to remember the "industries and communities who suffered" under Baroness Thatcher.

Should those who suffered under Thatcher be remembered?

Yes, but not today, and it can’t be a co-incidence that the rally is going to be pretty much made up by independence campaigners.

Another PR disaster and more evidence why independence support is going backwards!

Some people will simply see this as the SNP getting their ‘allies’ to try and see if they can get the public to hitch their star to the indy bandwagon.

So, prominent left-winger Tommy Sheridan, former MSP, who stays in a ‘big house’ that costs a right few bob will speak, so too will indy supporting trade unionists, representatives of the steel industry and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

And you can add to the mix, the ex SNP MSP Jean Urquhart, who quit the SNP in protest against the party's support for Nato membership.

People may just conclude that this is a proxy Yes Scotland event.

Last week more than 300 people gathered in the Glasgow square to celebrate the death of Baroness Thatcher, most were students not born when she was in power, they were there to celebrate the ‘death of Thatcherism’.

What a great pity that they fail to grasp that Thatcherism is alive and well in the Scottish National Party, the Scottish Labour Party, the Scottish Lib Dems and the Scottish Conservatives.

Apparently they all missed that!

Ken Ross, co-organiser of today's event, said:

"The array of speakers at the rally will reflect the many industries and communities who suffered under Thatcher. We will remember miners, steel workers, print workers, public sector workers and factory and plant workers whose industries were decimated and whose livelihoods were destroyed. We will remember those who were plunged into despair and poverty as a direct consequence of Thatcher's heartless and barbaric policies. This is Thatcher's real legacy."

And the legacy continued under Tony Blair and New Labour and if you are prepared to do the work, you can see it in the Scottish National Party.

Can Tommy Sheridan trampling on the dead body of Margaret Thatcher use that to catapult himself back into the position he previously held in the public’s eyes?


I don’t know who advises Tommy Sheridan on PR but they are shit at it, a lot of decent Scots won’t support this type of event not on the day of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral it is bad taste.

It also fails spectacularly for the other independence supporters who are joining in to this proxy Yes Scotland non sanctioned event.

Maybe Tommy Sheridan will grow up one day, if he looks about; his party is on its arse, can’t connect with the voters and has no seats in Glasgow at any level.

He is on the lunatic fringe and he is attending a lunatic fringe event ‘done in the worst possible taste’, I had to use the Kenny Everett line seemed apt.

After this event, Tommy Sheridan will journey back to his ‘big house’ on Paisley Road West that only a rich Tory could afford to have.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Hamish said...

Georse, it is as ridiculous to describe Tommy Sheridan as a rich Tory as to describe yourself as authentic working class.
As a prominent blogger, you are clearly one of the chatterati, which means typical middle-class in today's class system.
Unless you are going to surprise us all by revealing you have a day job as a welder.