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Scottish independence: latest Poll shows support for indy collapsing while Alex Salmond at Olympics, enjoying ‘freebie spending our beans’ events!

Dear All

I have written that the ‘Declaration of Cineworld’ was a flop, but even before that corker was booked, independence was in trouble.

There was a lack of vision, planning, talent, ideas and inclusiveness by the SNP middle class clique, and now the public was woken up and they don't like what they see going on by the SNP Government.

Example; 'Fined for being innocent' courtesy of Kenny MacAskill, Justice Minister.

At the ‘Declaration of Cineworld’ a powerful statement was made, it was all about Alex Salmond’s day with the ‘rich and important’.

Poll after poll since then has shown that the Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon’s vision is sinking fast.

We are now on our fourth poll which yet again shows that support for independence has collapsed even further.

And it was only on Monday before the poll was published that George Laird wrote in a post;

“The SNP have by their own actions already locked Scotland into a no vote, the sensible move is to cancel the independence referendum until the work is done; June 2018 remains my preferred date for the referendum”.

George Laird was right again, the latest poll bears me out.

The SNP has seen hopes of quickly regaining momentum back in favour of independence completely stall, Yes Scotland hyped as the ‘Top Guns’ are looking increasingly like ‘Pop Guns’, rich people playing at being nationalists and being paid for it.

A new poll shows the number of people supporting the SNP’s plans to leave the United Kingdom has dropped and there is further to drop yet.


No George Laird radical vision!

Support for independence is facing a total collapse.

The pressure is further on the SNP, as David Cameron announced yesterday that he wanted a deal in place with the First Minister on a straight “in-out” independence referendum “by the end of September”.

Everyone it seems wants a straight single question “in-out”.

But the devo max, the undeliverable by Holyrood devo max question is hanging about.

The SNP leadership seem to be the only ones who are talking about this, trying to keep this alive!

Unionists want First Minister Alex Salmond to rule out a second question offering extended devolution in the referendum.

In the new poll a total of 54 per cent of people said they were opposed to independence.

On a visit to Glasgow, the Prime Minister said:

“Frankly the Scottish people deserve to have their fair, legal and decisive referendum. We have made an offer to let that happen and the Scottish Secretary and First Minister should be hammering out the detail so I can meet the First Minister at the end of September and agree on [the details].”

Cameron added:

“It really should be possible to do this, all the Scottish political parties and the two campaigns want a single question. For heaven’s sake, let’s not let process get in the way of the outcome the Scottish people deserve.”

The longer the SNP continues to show weakness the more likely that it will be Cameron who could opt to take control of the referendum by pushing through legislation at Westminster.

If that happens; an already pressured and increasingly isolated SNP leadership would have to face the prospect of being shut out of the process.

And there isn’t going to be a groundswell of support for the SNP if Westminster steps in, ‘to do the job that Scottish boys should be doing for themselves!’

The Fabian Society last night claimed the poll showed the SNP had already “blown it” in the independence contest.

Daniel Johnson, co-ordinator of the Scottish Fabians, said:

“It looks like the SNP has blown it. A clear majority of Scots now oppose separation.”

Shadow Scottish secretary Margaret Curran MP said:

“This tells us what is clear when you talk to people across Scotland – Alex Salmond and the SNP are failing to convince Scots with their arguments on separation”

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson MSP added:

“This poll provides further proof that Alex Salmond is losing the argument on separation.”

This poll is a disaster, four polls and all tremendously bad, all show momentum has stalled and that independence support is collapsing.

Down in London, First Minister Alex Salmond is at the Olympics enjoying a big £400k freebie, the SNP love their freebies; they love it when ‘freebies spend our beans’!

Especially when it is on them.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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