Monday, August 20, 2012

Scottish National Party malcontents meet to stop SNP policy change on NATO, some people either need to grow up or shut the f*ck up!

Dear All

It seems that some of the Scottish National Party members are unhappy over a change in the shift towards NATO by the leadership.

Let me reassure them, their outright stupidity will take care of the independence referendum.

Leaving them free to continue as a bunch of malcontents with their little ‘Scotlander’ mindset!

Remember the old charge levelled against the Scotland?

Too wee, too poor, too stupid!

My view on NATO is clear, Scotland needs to be seen as a credible country; also I am pro Faslane, I want the nuclear sub base to remain intact.

This guarantees Scotland’s security.

The sad thing is that some SNP members are so provincially minded; they don’t have a real world view; they don’t know what it takes to run a nation and keep it secure.

So, we have not a gathering of the clans, but a ‘gathering of the malcontents’ who are effectively killing off their own independence campaign.

But they are too stupid to realise it. The charge ‘too stupid’ really does fit some people in the SNP like a glove.

If the NATO change is pushed through, it means continued membership of NATO will prevent Scotland getting rid of nuclear weapons, a good thing in many respects.

There are certain responsibilities to having NATO membership; it isn’t like being in a sweet shop picking only what you like.

This 'rebellion' and meeting by the anti’s is funny in a way, rather than running a tight ship, Alex Salmond’s malcontents are showing their true colours.

No political party should tolerate a CND group within its ranks, it is like militant tendency, a cancer that needs to be dug out and removed. Another piece of humour is that the anti’s have produced a ‘strategy’ document for the meeting in Glasgow.

Strategy, what a laugh!

The document cites the examples of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, all of which have voted to remove nuclear weapons from their soil, only to be thwarted by NATO.

And they don’t push the issue because politicians in those countries realise what the big picture actually is, defence of the West.

The SNP said an independent Scotland could remain in NATO but remain opposed to nuclear weapons.


If the SNP wishes to be seen as a serious political party then its pro NATO and retention of Faslane.

Imagine getting a letter asking you to be an SNP activist when you know fully that the campaign has been utterly destroyed by the stupidity of others who are so provincially minded.

I have no time for idiots, and it should be made clear at Conference that some people either need to grow up or shut the f*ck up!

There is a geniune lack of talent in the SNP and this incident shows coupled with 30 years of getting wrong on NATO how the party need to change.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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