Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Holiday break from blogging, enjoy the song, a touch of culture for those who enjoy the finer things in life, a classic 1938 French song


Nikostratos said...

Well your not the only one to be attacked by Alexs Tartan Army


A few examples from today, Alex, as well as your 'quip' -

"This is just you seeing the world through the prism of your own interests and concerns - let's not say "obsession". Others, with different interests and concerns (or "obsessions") would doubtless claim .." etc.

"You must be a pathologically sensitive soul .." etc.

"You only seem to be prepared to "discuss" with those who don't presume to question your authority.." etc.

Taking it personally ? Perish the thought ...

I regret that since I began arguing the case against NATO, a rather large number of SNP supporters have demonstrated the kind of unwillingness to

tolerate dissent of any kind, on Twitter, on YouTube, on the blog, and, I regret to say, in violently abusive comments which I have removed at the pre-moderation stage, and in abusive emails.

(I had heard such accusations made against a sector of the party support, but always argued it was an unrepresentaitve minority.)

I'm sad about that, not for myself but for the 'nice' party's image.

Of more concern is the apparent inability to engage with any debate above the level of sloganising and protestations of undying loyalty to anything the party says or does, or with complex, detailed arguments, and the 'magic wand' approach to independence.

This is matched only by the uncanny silence of the party hierarchy and professional communicators, who nonetheless produce, daily, a blizzard of press release on just about anything under the sun - except defence matters and NATO.

As I said, I will continue to campaign for independence, but almost certainly outside of the party - and also against Scotland's membership of NATO. It is really only a question of whether to wait for the October vote or leave now. In the light of the face of the party that I have experienced recently, I think it will probably be the latter.

George Laird said...

Dear Niko

I have read his stuff, I don't agree with his stance.

Effectively he is a CND supporter with an SNP membership.

But there is a bigger picture to look at which many in the SNP don't recognise.

And it goes beyond independence, unfortunately since the SNP has such a nasty vile clique attached to the leadership, Peter is getting some of the stuff thrown my way.

For 30 years the SNP has been allowed to fester as a clique, this is the result of poor leadership, the clique therefore have carte blanche to attack anyone who disagrees with leadership.

If Alex Salmond is pro NATO on Monday then they are, Friday he changes his mind they change as well.

Sycophants best sums up these opportunists.

No one wants nuclear war, but we live in a nuclear age, we can't uninvent these weapons.

My idea is for a different type of SNP a party that educates its members, were merit is recognised.

Many people in the SNP don't come out and why should they, the way it is run is borderline disgusting.

No NATO means no independence, it is also a betrayal of the armed forces, who would what to join Alex's army post indy?

No one, and who could blame when people like the anti's get indulged and leave servicemen exposed to danger.

Some people need to learn to grow up and stop being malcontents.

I would like the opportunity to do a speech on NATO at the next SNP Conference, I wouldn't be holding back.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Niko said...

Err! nah holding back is just not you

A self serving 'clique' like putins gangster rule the snp are fundamentally undemocratic they put party(aka Alex Salmond above the rule of law) first and close there eyes and ears to any criticism no matter how well founded.

a terrifying prospect in an sealed independent Scotland

Anonymous said...

a load of arse holes heartless bastards want other people to defend us we will defend this country the way we always have the British armed forces including the Scottish regiments