Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SNP Cllr Billy McAllister blasts top cop after being labelled a 'time-waster', cllr refuses to believe Police that drug seizure was cannabis!

Dear All

It seems that SNP Councillor Billy McAllister needs a new topic to campaign on; actually he needs a few topics to campaign on.

He is seen by many as a one trick pony, and that pony is crime.

The result of this has led to him being labelled a 'time-waster' by Chief Superintendent Bob Hamilton of Strathclyde Police.

In an escalation of an on-going row the SNP Councillor now says he is being targeted by Strathclyde Police.

The press kinda built up Billy McAllister up as the ‘gang-busting’ councillor of Glasgow, but he isn’t, other than targeting the Lyons family, he is pretty silent about the other Glasgow gangs such as the Daniels and McGovern crime families.

Anyway, rather than getting the Police onboard, Chief Superintendent Bob Hamilton has allegedly told Glasgow City Council chiefs that Billy McAllister is a time-waster and therefore not worth dealing with.

And in an email to the council’s executive director Annemarie O’Donnell, he accused McAllister of “ranting” at a community council meeting.

Hamilton also claims that fellow SNP councillor Franny Scally, the ‘heir to Salmond’, then challenged McAllister over his criticism of police at the meeting.

Scally has since denied he was even there.

So, in steps the SNP MSP Bob Doris, a two time election loser to ‘take up the sword’ on behalf of his pal, Billy and urged Strathclyde Chief Constable Stephen House to act!

If I was House, any letter of Doris would be kicked back down the chain to division with a note saying ‘do not disturb’.

Doris said:

“Chief Superintendent Hamilton has clearly been given spurious information, which I am sure must be of concern to him. I would request that this is investigated and that the letter to Glasgow City Council is retracted.”

No action required!

It also appears that Hamilton complained to council chief executive George Black about a case in which a child found drugs.

Billy McAllister says he was told it was heroin but the Police claim that it was cannabis.

This raises the question, why would the Police lie, it wouldn’t make a difference to them, and I am pretty sure that the Police labs are more than able to spot the difference.

Hamilton’s complaint also said:

“I do not feel it is appropriate for an elected member to act in a manner that potentially could cause the fear of crime to increase by exaggerating the circumstances of an incident and failing to accept the facts when he is presented with them.”

Everyone likes a conspiracy theory but I don’t think Billy McAllister warrants someone spinning a story to him.

Billy McAllister said:

“Certain officers seem determined to shut me up because they don’t like that I hold the force to account.”

It would be better if Councillor McAllister was to understand that he isn’t Sherlock Holmes and to stay out of Police operational matters or he could end up looking like a laughing stock and a crank.

If he wishes to comment then perhaps after an active investigation is concluded would be more appropriate, when facts are established.

And the sooner he gets off the ‘gang buster councillor of Scotland’ mentality then perhaps everyone will be a lot happier.

McAllister should stay out of the 'Gerbil' case.

Can you imagine a scenario where criminals are doing drive by shootings and a Glasgow Councillor steps forward to protest then gets written up as the ‘gang banger busting councillor of Glasgow’ by the press.

Wee Jimmy to dearest:

‘Mammy is that the man who stops gang bangs’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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