Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Eight SNP MSPs declare themselves anti NATO as SNP MSP Jamie Hepburn tries to weaken a nation, a betrayal of every Scottish serviceman

Dear All

For sometime, I have been saying that there is a lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

The NATO issue gives everyone a good idea how deep that runs in the party.

Rebel SNP MSPs are planning to stab in the back every single activist who is willing to go out to campaign by cutting the legs off their campaign.

All their efforts completely wasted, not by accident that would be bad enough, no, by design.

Eight MSPs have so far declared their anti independence credentials:

Their names are:

Jamie Hepburn; Jean Urquhart; John Finnie; Dave Thompson; Gordon MacDonald; Sandra White; Marco Biagi and John Wilson.

They are anti NATO.

Their motion says:

"Conference recognises that on independence, Scotland will inherit its membership of NATO, and that it will be for the Scottish people to decide whether to retain such membership through the Parliament and Government they elect.

As NATO continues to be a nuclear weapons based alliance, Conference resolves that the SNP position will continue to be that Scotland should not remain a member of NATO, but instead cooperate as part of the Partnership for Peace programme and be a full member of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) of the European Union and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe."

So as well as stabbing their own activists in the back, they are wanting to leave Scottish Soldiers high and dry, exposing them to unnecessary risk, NATO is more than just a military alliance of planes, tanks and ships.

The real work in NATO is intelligence, the malcontent eight don’t have a credible solution to their non NATO stance, they don’t care, they are just happy to rake in their MSP salaries for their nine to five and do a runner.

The idea for ‘partnership for peace’ is floated in the SNP, is that anything to do with a housing association?

What a complete pile of ridiculous shite!

Scotland has a proud military history, but can the SNP be trusted with it?

How can anyone expect to take independence seriously when our national security is treated with such utter contempt and lives of servicemen and women are exposed to danger just because people like Hepburn want to play Glasgow University student politics again!

A recent unofficial poll of Scottish Servicemen stated that the majority didn’t wish to serve in a Scottish Army.

Hepburn and his un-magnificent seven haven’t a clue how to defend a nation.

And it shows, the Scottish military have already turned their backs on the SNP and who could blame them when people like Hepburn aren’t of the right calibre to stand up for them.

Its time the Scottish National Party put an end to the unsavoury type of nationalism of grudge, grievance and malcontent that has been allowed to breed.

And it yet again highlights my idea that the Scottish National Party needs training hubs to educate people.

The Russians don’t need to recruit assets to undermine Scotland, in the SNP, people like Hepburn and co are leading that charge for free.

The anti NATO stance is a betrayal of every Scottish serviceman and woman, its old politics and its dead politics.

Alex Salmond has to stamp out this type of malcontent nationalism and do it hard.

If you aren't backing NATO, you aren't backing independence.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

THEY ARE A RIGHT shower of horrible bastards they would have us with no kind of defense the soldiers in the Scottish regiments like it the way it is now theses people would be better of with the tartan army flashing there balls to frighten
the enemy shower of fucking clowns

Hamish said...

The Soviet Union doesn't exist anymore. Who do you want to nuke?