Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SNP MSPs get issued a gagging order by party bosses not to speak publicly about NATO membership, preapproved reply shows lack of talent in party

Dear All

It seems that the SNP leadership has taken the historic step of ordering its MSPs not to speak publicly about the party’s controversial proposals to ditch its opposition to NATO membership.

When someone becomes an SNP MSP, they sign up to party policy, the anti NATO MSPs have been bought and paid for, so given this isn’t a matter of conscience; they are obliged to tow the new party leadership line.

Unfortunately due to the lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, an email had to be circulated to SNP MSPs instructing them not to answer direct questions from the media on the issue.

And embarrassingly send them a reply pre-approved by party bosses.

The e-mail to MSPs said:

“I understand some of you may be getting calls about defence policy. Please ask them to e-mail you any questions and respond with the following: “We are looking forward to an excellent debate within the SNP on Nato, which will be democratically decided at party conference in October – the SNP’s clear policy is for Trident nuclear weapons to be removed from Scotland, and independence is the only constitutional option which enables this to be achieved.”

If someone has to write a pre-approved reply, one wonders just how bad things must be.

In truth some people in society just don’t have the Wisdom of Solomon.

There shouldn’t need to be a gag imposed because you would think anyone sensible would understand the multi benefit approach that NATO offers an independent Scotland.

But apparently not, hence someone has to take a lead and ensure that sense comes out of nonsense.

SNP MSP Dave Thompson and the SNP trade unions group have begun work to try and stop the policy change.

Also Jamie Hepburn is said to oppose.

But the question to them shouldn’t be about NATO by the Party whips!


The question should be ‘do you know who is responsible for you paying your mortgage’?

Followed by ‘do you have any plans after this term of the Holyrood Parliament’?

If the answer is ‘yes, it’s you’ and then ‘no’, I would if Chief Whip tell them to remember that.

It’s NATO for the SNP; the next task is now to campaign for the retention of the Nuclear Submarine base as a key strategic defence policy by the SNP.

Membership of NATO is supported by Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson.

Finally, I was campaigning for NATO before the leadership changed their stance, and George Laird is always right.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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