Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scottish Independence, Alex Salmond warned time to agree referendum deal is running out fast, SNP Govt looks weak and adrift, freebie for Salmond?

Dear All

Should Scotland be independent?

I believe the answer is yes, can independence be delivered by Yes Scotland in 2014.


And looking at the polls they are doing a bang up job of pushing support downwards at a rate of knots.

Last time I looked it was 27%.

Yes Scotland is seen by many as a crony ridden vehicle of the talentless under the control of the Scottish National Party by proxy.

At Westminster to compound the disaster there is concern about the fact that Braveheart Alex Salmond is dragging his feet.

So far the nuts and bolts of the referendum haven’t been fleshed out but that could be due to the lack of talent around Salmond.

If the First Minister thinks that if he leaves everything to the last minute not allowing people time to think he can bounce Scotland into a yes vote, he is sadly mistaken.

The way things are going there is talk about him failing to agree a deal with Westminster on a legally watertight referendum, which can only mean he knows he can’t win it!

Some people think this is an attempt to ensure there is no referendum at all.

If there is no referendum, not only is his position as First Minister untenable, his leadership of the Scottish National Party will be open to question by the rank and file.

And I don’t think the big smile; it was the nasty Westminster doing us down, lets all rally together and fight for Scotland act will work.

The unionists want the detail put to bed, if there isn’t the competence; then Westminster should step in and run the referendum on behalf of the Scottish people.

Racking up the pressure, Michael Moore, the Scottish Secretary said:

"It's time to crack on; time is pressing. The sooner we can get the process issues out of the way and get on to the 'Great Debate', the better for everyone and the less damaging the uncertainty will be."

The more this farce does on, the less support for independence we will see and have seen already.

As to the two issues of devo max and votes for 16 and 17-year-olds, this shows that there is real desperation to try and scrap together support.

Devo max has no political mandate and votes for 16 and 17-year-olds should also be a non starter.

Independence is a straightforward and simple proposition requiring one question; the sooner the wording is agreed the better. The way things are going this nonsense will end up in court and given the SNP Government’s track record, they might find they don’t have a case.

When I joined the Scottish National Party I assumed that all the people in it were quite bright, as a member that opinion has changed, there are a lot of really dim stupid people who think they are clever.

And their cleverness will one day see them back out on the street.

Salmond looks like a man paralysed by fear because he knows his popularity can’t carry independence.

At the independence march in September, we will see if the public turn up, I suspect we won’t be seeing hundreds of thousands of people, not for Salmond and not for Sturgeon.

Maybe they should turn to their poisonous little clique for ideas, after all they are bought and paid for, let's see if they can deliver the goods!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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