Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Angry nationalists set to challenge leadership over policy change on NATO, some nationalists really don’t have a clue how to defend a nation!

Dear All

Some people looking at the Scottish National Party believe that they don’t want independence.

You can’t get independence unless you win over the working class people of Scotland.

In order to do so, the public need a vision.

On the SNP Channel for years the vision has warped, hence the SNP leadership is forced to fix it now, what should have been fixed decades ago wasn’t.

So much is wrong with nationalism that it is hard to know where to start, you could start at cronyism, you could start at lack of vision; you could start at the lack of talent below Salmond and Sturgeon.

In fact fixing nationalism is a task in itself, requiring a lot of work.

Too much work to be ready by 2014.

The SNP Government isn't ready for independence, the Scottish National Party isn’t ready for independence and the people of Scotland aren’t buying.

Nationalism is run as a poisonous nasty little clique from my personal experience of it; here is a comment today from a SNP supporting cybernat to me:

“You are becoming more and more rabid and unstable why don't you go and stand in the sea and do us all a favour and shut your big fat fucking ugly face”.

The comment is on:


This is unacceptable face of modern nationalism in 2012, the middle class clique are angry, cowardly and threatening!

So, in attempting to fix the problems, the SNP leadership has decided that it is time to ditch the ridiculous outdated policy on NATO.

I blogged that the policy was nonsense before the SNP leadership came to the George Laird view, and as Alex Salmond and the leadership know, George Laird is always right.

The funny thing is that rebel Nationalists are now plotting to block a move by the SNP’s defence spokesman, Angus Robertson, to scrap the long-standing anti-Nato stance at the annual party conference this autumn.

Quite simply, any MSP who fails to back this after signing up to standing orders should be disciplined, this isn’t a matter of conscience; these people have been bought.

It is said that SNP MSP Dave Thompson and the SNP trade union group have begun work on how to stop the policy shift.

They say the policy shift has angered some grass-roots activists.

Grass-roots activists?

Thompson, together with the SNP’s union and CND groups, is planning to lodge an amendment calling for an independent Scotland’s relations with Nato to be decided by the Scottish people.

You can forget that shit!

This isn’t open to discussion; maybe Thompson and Jamie Hepburn another deluded soul are working on a plan to surrender Scotland to enemy forces in the event of an attack.

This is obviously a job for the Chief Whip to remind the MSP Group, they follow standing orders and if they aren’t going to follow those orders then they should be suspended and disciplined.

John Duffy head of the 500-member SNP trade union group has confirmed he is working with members of the SNP Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and other party figures in the run-up to conference on how to defeat the move by the leadership.

Someone else who is deluded as well, no NATO means no Independence.

Thompson said:

“We accept that an independent Scotland would inherit Nato membership, but it should be up to the Scottish people after a referendum whether we remain as members. I’d argue that the SNP position going into the next election in 2016 if we win independence should be that we will not be members of Nato.


“A number of people are interested in backing such an amendment and my name will be attached it. I hope that a number of individuals and SNP branches will back it, as well as other elected members. It would delete that part of the motion in Angus Robertson’s name that talks about Nato and substitute the words with something that effectively says it should be up to the Scottish people whether we are in Nato. It will also say that the SNP should have a position at the 2016 election of not being in Nato.”

Maybe it is time that the SNP stopped being a run as a clique, this is what happens; stupid ideas are allowed to get free rein.

Duffy said:

“Our group’s concern first and foremost is about removing Trident. Nato is a nuclear umbrella, and if we look at non-nuclear states in the alliance, they can end up having nuclear weapons on their soil. The key point we’ll be making is that if we are to remain in Nato, then it would make it harder to get rid of Trident.”

Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said:

“It’s clear that the SNP leadership is desperately trying to change a policy they know is unpopular with the wider public and which will encourage people to vote against independence.

“However, there are those among the hardline grass roots who would view a commitment to Nato as a betrayal of everything they have been fighting for. Whichever way this turns out, the SNP’s pro-independence campaign will be the loser.”

And if people like Thompson, Hepburn and Duffy get their way they will have completely undermined the chances of a successful campaign, effectively grass-roots activists would face the equivalent of being pissed on from above and being told that is 'rain' hitting their backs.

Labour MSP John Park, a former union official at the Rosyth dockyard, claimed the SNP trade unionists’ stance showed they were “out of touch”.

Not a fan of Park by any means but he is right, the SNP trade unionists are wrong.

He said:

“Trade unions organise among defence workers, including those on the Clyde, and the SNP trade union group does not appear to take this on board at all.”

NATO is a key cornerstone of military defence, relevant today as when it was first set up.

One thing that ‘shop steward’ Duffy can’t answer is where Scotland is going to get military and civilian intelligence if it is not plugged into NATO?

Maybe from his local chippie! Maybe from the newsagent! Maybe from the local supermarket or maybe popping down the pub and asking does anyone know if the Russians are invading this weekend!

Maybe he knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy whose sister got shagged on holiday aboard and someone spilled the beans!

No NATO no independence and while we are at it time to ditch the nonsense of removing nukes from Faslane, this would guarantee Scotland’s security. Any problems and NATO would back us to the hilt.

Its time the SNP had a more worldly view, a George Laird view.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Barbarian of the North said...

Good article again George.

The SNP membership who are rebelling have the right to voice their objections, but they do not have the right to remove the "voice of the Scottish people".

I keep saying this, but many in the SNP are behaving like we are living in the Cold War era. They are perfectly entitled to their views, but they seek to impose their form of nationalism on Scotland.

What is becoming of concern to me is that some sections of the SNP are bordering on dictatorship. They have a majority and they will do what they want, regardless of the population.

That can be seen in the comments that you and others, including me, receive from time to time. Not helped of course by the propaganda chief Ms McAlpine.

Not that the opposition parties are any better. It seems that the Scottish Parliament, let alone the SNP, is far from ready to be independent.

George Laird said...

Dear Barb

I like to think that I am ahead of the curve, spotting the problems before they happen and also providing solutions.

And to think only recently an SNP supporting cybernat posted this to me:

"You are becoming more and more rabid and unstable why don't you go and stand in the sea and do us all a favour and shut your big fat fucking ugly face".

As you say in a dictatorship voices of reason are to be silenced.

As to McAlpine I don't consider her to be an MSP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

the snp would leave this country with
no military we would have a shower of bams they would call it the tartan army but we would be better of with S.A.S Scottish ambulance service

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