Monday, July 30, 2012

Scotland for Marriage considers forming a political party to get their voice heard in Holyrood, next stop Glasgow Southside, Nicola Sturgeon’s seat?

Dear All

It seems that the SNP Government could be spawning a new political party since the launch of their same sex marriage announcements.

Opponents of same sex marriage are said to be actively considering setting up their own political party to channel their discontent.

If such a project was to take root in order for it to be viable it would be better if the Catholic Church, Church of Scotland and the Muslim Communities formed a tri party pact.

This would ensure a wide range of views around what they see as common cause.

I recently blogged how the Catholic Church should consider putting forward their own candidates for Holyrood because they feel their voices aren't being heard.

The Scotland for Marriage Campaign is looking at a model used by the “Family First” party formed in Australia in 2001.

Politics isn’t religion, and if the idea is to be successful then they will need to learn the skills of political campaigning.

In the SNP Government consultation recently the majority of people responded by saying no, despite that the SNP Government pressed ahead.

I said previously the consultation would be a sham, George Laird was right again; the SNP Government has stopped listening along time ago to the ordinary people.

Without any political party backing the status quo, the Scotland for Marriage campaign candidates could put themselves forward for election but if they are serious they have to start to form and importantly plan now.

Recently disaffected Labour Councillors stood under the banner of Glasgow First, but it wasn’t a successful campaign, it lacked depth and wasn’t successful, only one candidate returned.

Successful political campaigns in the modern era have to have a modern flexible approach.

One source said:

“The Family Party was formed in Australia for similar purposes and they have had some influence. There has been some discussion about that.”

With two-thirds of the 77,000 people who replied to the consultation on same-sex marriage opposing the reform, if a proper structure is set up and key areas targeted they could cause problems.

Muslim leaders warned last night that the decision would be likely to alienate voters from the political process now that they had seen ministers go against the majority opinion.

In ignoring the majority, the SNP Government set a dangerous precedent; they showed that they don’t care how many people object to their policies because they have a majority.

If the new political party gets off the ground, then it could see the return of rainbow politics to Holyrood.

And of course Solidarity, the SSP, the Lib Dems and Tories, they all need new strategy, particularly Solidarity and the SSP.

This is the key to a hung parliament.

Votes can be taken off any party, no one remains popular forever.

If I was the campaign director, I would suggest a tri faith coalition of Catholic, Protestant and Muslim faiths and specifically target Glasgow Southside which has substantial Catholic, Protestant and Muslim communities. This is what any decent political campaign director would do to get the brand established.

I am sure that all political parties and their members would welcome the inclusion of a new party into the current stale political arena.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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