Monday, July 16, 2012

How many kidney operations could be bought from all the taxpayers' money to be used to fight the Court case in Stilher FOI request?

Dear All

Two wrongs don’t make a right is a universal truth acknowledged by many people thought-out the world as self evident.

Rather than tell the truth SNP ministers willing go to court to contest a landmark ruling that they must publicly state if they have asked for advice on whether an independent Scotland could join the European Union.

The request was made under the Freedom of Information Act.

It isn’t a difficult question, it either yes or no.

But what does it say that SNP Ministers don’t think that the people of Scotland should be treated equally?

The Scottish National Party talks a lot about fairness, equality and social justice; they have used that theme to highlight the failings of Westminster and unionist politicians when they were in opposition and in government.

They say that an independent Scotland would be a better, fairer, transparent and more open society.

Why should anyone believe that now, when the ‘little people’ have to have knowledge kept away from them for their own “good”?

Stephen Noon who is an SNP member and has a guiding hand in the failing Yes Scotland campaign puts forward a defence of denying of the FOI request.

He simply says it is in effect ‘okay’ for the Scottish Government to fail to comply with the law; on the basis those others who do it and get away with it are the British Government!

He even cites the classic line:

“a clear case of 'don't do what I do, do what I say”.

So what is the difference between the Westminster Government and the Scottish Government treating people with contempt?

Absolutely nothing!

It seems that equality in the SNP Government means that everyone is equal but some people are ‘more’ equal, they get more rights than the average citizen.

The reason for the failure to tell the truth is that the SNP believe that it isn’t in the public interest for the public to know the truth.

Apparently it is a bit like rich food, poor people can’t handle it, only the ‘special’ people in Alex Salmond’s clique can do that.

As an SNP member who has met a good few of these people, I can’t say I am impressed with their mental abilities.

In generally the only extraordinary ability I have seen is the ability to do simple tasks and attribute these tasks as having the same level of ability of a genius of Einstein.

It isn’t clever to be seen as untrustworthy and secretive, and to add insult to injury, using taxpayers’ cash to do so.

The Scottish Government has promised it would contest the order, claiming that in refusing to say even if it had advice; it was following the example of the Westminster government.

And these are the same people who can’t work out why independence has stalled and is now going backwards.

It’s because you’re thick, have short term vision, and don’t understand what you are doing.

So far sitting on the sidelines watching the independence debacle is rather like watching the SNP activists digging a hole, as each spade full of earth is thrown out, the leadership of the SNP standing above are shovelling earth back in on top of their own activists.

Was the Commissioner, Rosemary Agnew right to rule in favour of disclosure?

Yes, is the short answer!

Labour MEP Catherine Stihler has accused the SNP of a “shameless cover-up” and of applying for a “Salmond super injunction” against Scots.

And all this free bad publicity is the direct result of the Scottish Government, no one else can take the credit for this.

Stihler added:

“This shameless cover-up will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and may not even be settled before the referendum takes place. The SNP are using taxpayer’s money to keep anything to do with independence secret. Not only are they refusing to give people facts, they are actively going to court to hide them. Either it is bad news for their assertions, or they don’t have any legal advice on EU membership. By arguing that people are not entitled to know such a basic point, the Scottish Government are effectively applying for a Salmond super-injunction against the people of Scotland.”

Mr. Noon in his article on his blog doesn’t condemn the SNP Government but he does have a few choice words for the fact he is denied the information.

What has happened here is the realisation is that those who get into government treat people with utter contempt while at the same time thinking how clever they are having done so.

Is this the new Scotland that is on offer?

I think many people will only too keen to get to the ballot box on the day of the independence referendum to ensure that they pass up Alex Salmond’s and his middle class clique’s offer.

Another utter PR disaster for the SNP Government, who are looking more and more like an inept and hopeless government who are completely out of touch with the people.

The right thing to do is release the information, set the right path and stay on it, be a government of principle.

The pity is this won’t happen; too many untalented people in the SNP clique will not bring forward the ‘wisdom of crowds’.

Stupidity really is a poor substitute for intelligence.

How many independence votes did this episode lose?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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