Thursday, August 3, 2017

The forgotten reality of the crisis in Europe: Illegal immigrants savagely beat up three lorry drivers headed for the UK after they refused to let them sneak on board in Belgium, people are talking about ‘arming’ themselves in Europe, our political class have failed us, placed us in danger and destroyed social cohesion

Dear All

There is such a thing as the law of unintended consequences, if you do something by that very act there could further down the line be a ripple effect which might affect you or others in a negative way.

Politicians in Europe all jumped on a bandwagon to say that ‘migrants are welcome’, this was started by Angela Merkel in Germany and other politicians, the press and celebrities climbed on because in today’s age ‘virtue signalling’ is important.

So, what is ‘virtue signalling’?

Basically this allows a shallow horrible person to use a ‘cause’ or ‘situation’ to their own benefit and it possibly open doors for them. Bob Geldof did it during the Brexit campaign, a rich guy on a yacht flipping the V sign to poor working class fishermen campaigning against the EU who were fighting for the livelihood. You will have seen other examples such as Lily Allen.

Allen was apologising to migrants on ‘behalf of Britain’.

Lily, 31, lives in a £2million home in trendy Notting Hill, openly wept as she told one:

“I’m sorry for what we put you through.”

Actually ‘we’ didn’t put any economic migrants through anything, but we were expected to feel bad about ourselves via the press so that politicians could control the agenda.

This next article sums up Lily Allen, the useful idiot so well.

In Scotland, the SNP jumped on the bandwagon; unpopular Nicola Sturgeon was another git who openly said that she would house a migrant.

When this was said, I wasn’t convinced and as events unfolded, Nicola Sturgeon backtrack on her public promise, this to me showed that deep down she is a liar, and untrustworthy, she used the migrant crisis as a tool to attack Westminster, along with the other parasites in the SNP. You only have to look at Govanhill in Glasgow to see what the effects of having economic migrants in large numbers in an area.
Govanhill, once a lovely middle class area is a shithole now, even Nicola Sturgeon moved her constituency office elsewhere albeit she used the excuse of ‘rat infestation’ to get out; the local residents weren’t so able.

The law of unintended consequences, having set the stage to encourage economic migrants, the people of mainland Europe were to suffer as a tidal wave of migrants fled to the West like an invading army. The idea to sell the lie by the politicians and press was of course, the use of children, very few of the migrants are children; they are mainly young fit men. Like an invading army, these people went on crime sprees, not just in terms of standard criminality but also in terms of terrorism. Nice, Berlin, Paris and London, all saw attacks which resulted in loss of life.

Although the press agenda has to some extent moved on, the migrant crisis hasn’t been solved, the consequences are still with us, and the European mainland is unsafe, in Sweden, the country is known for rape.

Migrants in Sweden love to rape women.

The criminality in Europe will not stop, here is a classic example, illegal immigrants savagely beat up three lorry drivers headed for the UK after they refused to let them sneak on board in Belgium. The attack took place at a service station in Gentbrugge which is beside Ghent, a historical city in the country, it is very beautiful, but the African migrants don’t want to stay there, they want access to Britain because the UK is seen as a soft touch because of our political class and their fear of being branded racist. The ‘regressive left’ love to tag people as racists in other to destroy them and also to further their aims.

The situation in Belgium isn’t a one off, this is becoming normal, and a lorry driver from the city of Antwerp said he had witnessed many terrible incidents but the scenes which he saw at 2.30am were unlike anything else he had seen previously. Some time ago, I said there was a need to put the military onto the streets. All ports need to be a military secured zone and a zero tolerance taken. Anyone caught shouldn’t just be allowed to be set free, they should be arrested and detained, we need detention camps constructed like super max prisons through-out Europe.  

Awhile ago, I said that ‘civil war’ would eventually breakout in Europe, it would start off with protests as we have seen in Germany, then it would escalate due to violence:

The politicians in Europe haven’t protected the people, which is why we have someone saying this:

“The politicians really need to urgently wake up, or else we have to arm ourselves.”

How does ‘civil war’, like a fire, it starts small, and then grows, awhile I also said that due to the breakdown of social cohesion, politicians would find themselves the subject of violence, although not part of this situation, I read recently that a Labour MP was hit in the face by a brick.

The breakdown of society in the UK has already begun, people without a future roam our streets and they don’t care who they hurt, a guy getting hit in the face with a brick is nothing to these people.

Consequences mean nothing!

I am as I mentioned glad that I did the Brexit campaign, I didn’t do it for myself, I did it for the people, I stepped up to the plate because so many of our politicians didn’t, they are quite willing to get in line for expenses but less active when it comes to help. The SNP did badly in the election because of their stance on Europe, Nicola Sturgeon was a cheerleader for migrants, but when attacks happen, it is hard to see anyone getting a comment from her when the story is so utterly negative.

In Belgium, Governor Jan Briers of the East Flanders province called for 'permanent security' at the motorway service area. He doesn’t care if it is security firms, the federal police, or even the army, the violence is severe so a severe solution is needed, a blunt instrument and that means a military solution. The politicians will eventually have to attack because the integrity of the transport system must be maintained; economics will drive the need for security enhancements.

Once we get out of the EU and I am glad we are, we will have a new immigration bill, we must protect our borders, we must protect our citizens, and then we must address the problems caused by immigration including the illegal variety. The Europeans will shift more towards the right, and that will be seen in elections. People like Le Pen and Wilders, their time hasn’t come yet, but I suspect the worse things get the more seeds that are sown for change.

Winston Churchill talked of the ‘iron curtain’; we will see a version of that as ‘Fortress Europe’ emerges. The migrant crisis problems will have a snowball effect which will develop into a backlash.

People have contempt for people in politics which is why few people volunteer to be active for them in communities, so many politicians are out of touch, but a brick in the face is a wake up call; expect to see more violence against politicians.

Just a matter of time!

Finally, have a read of this story:

I wonder when the Foreign Office will start issuing travel advice to people not to travel to Europe.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

we are fucked georgeie boy

Anonymous said...

It's a bit late for the UK, i see civil war before 2024.

Bunnyroo7 said...

In 2005 Sweden changed the way sexual assaults were counted and reported. Compared like-for-like, Sweden's statistics are fairly average. The high figures often seen used are problematic and even the agency that published them warned that they were unreliable and should not be taken at face value due to statistical differences. Nor did Merkel tell migrants generally to come. She was specifically referring to asylum seekers coming from war zones. Her comments were subsequently twisted by human traffickers for their own ends and German policy has subsequently been altered to reflect this reality.

Europe is suffering from decades of short-term planning and lack of foresight. Schengen is the best example of this. It was thought-up during a period of relative stability. Since then, the world has once again grown more chaotic and migration has ticked up accordingly. The second migrants arrive in a "weakest link" country, i.e. Spain, Greece, Malta and Italy, they're able to travel freely through most of Europe. Ex-Soviet criminal organisations have profited tremendously on this. The borders of Ukraine and Belarus aren't always well protected. Once the correct bribes are paid, the like can simply cross into Poland and are in Schengen. Hungary was a weak link for years. Get through Turkey into Bulgaria and Romania and Hungary was relatively easy to access. Get from North Africa to Italy, Malta or Spain and Europe is open.

Things are gradually getting brought back under control on the Continent, but we're nowhere near where we need to be and cleaning up this mess will take years. We're unlikely to be able to fix all the damage, but it could have been worse. That isn't much in the way of redemption.