Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Orange Walk Season: Protest movement against Orange walks set up to urge people to cause trouble by disrupting events using music, the organiser wants to remain anonymous but doesn’t have a problem putting people’s safety and property in danger, lack of personal courage or as some say……. Baws!

Dear All

There are some really stupid bastards living among us, normally the majority of the population see them coming and do a body swerve, these are the kinds of people who think nothing of putting other people’s safety in danger.

Apparently, some dumb bastards have started a protest movement against Orange marches. Having grown up in Glasgow from the 1960’s, I remember the ‘good old days’, except that they weren’t good. So, what is this new Campaign, well, they have given themselves the catchy title, ‘Fight Noise With Noise’. The idea is that they want people on marching routes to disrupt marches by playing and blasting loud, crazy, off-putting music” at walkers.

The organiser of this group was keen to stress that the movement is a “non-violent protest” but they want you to endanger yourself and your property while they stand back.

What a bunch of heroes, this new group is, and well, let’s be fair, they are simple minded. Such the heroism displayed by the organiser of this new group, that they don’t have the balls to stand up and be counted as they want to remain anonymous.

Having looked at google, I cannot find their website, but there is supposed to be an announcement on Facebook, obviously wishing to do this campaign on the cheap. The anonymous organiser said:

“If you live on the proposed route, I urge you to get your craziest, loudest, and most off-putting music on as loud as you're comfortable with to combat the noise from them.

They added:

“I live at Bridgeton Cross and know the annoyance of these people. They shouldn’t be allowed to march promoting their bigotry, racism, and general intolerance of anything progressive. But, while they’re still in operation, we could make this a thing. I do it to as many marches as I’m able to. Speaker on the window with bass on full. Metal/Industrial music works best, System of a Down and Prodigy are good, but anything with a good solid beat works.”

I have a question, what happens if a ‘daftie’ decides to put bricks through windows of the people who play loud counter music?

Does, the Facebook group cover the cost of replacements?

If someone is assaulted does the group have an insurance policy to pay compensation?

Glasgow City Council under the control of the SNP is said to be considering banning future Orange marches, this is anti democracy in action, it would be a stupid move, but the Sein Fein lite SNP might, just might go that road. I assume if this does go ahead then there could be a court case. Then of course counter demos outside the offices of all elected SNP MSPs and MPs.
Far from being progressive, this type of stupidity could promote Sectarianism.

The right to march is fundamental in a democracy, any curtailment without good reason, and ‘I don’t like them’ isn’t a good reason must be done under issues like public safety. Orange Walks are part of the history of Glasgow; the organisation to its credit is involved in charity work.

Finally, I hope no one is stupidity enough to follow the advice of the anonymous organiser; they clearly don’t value people’s safety, welfare or understand what it means to have the right to march.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Al C said...

Seems to me that these idiots would oppose the Orange marches purely for being "right-wing" and yet their left-wing counterparts of Sinn Fein would get a pass even though THEIR sins are no doubt just as black.