Monday, August 14, 2017

SNP Rat Fight: former SNP Leader Alex Salmond savages unpopular Nicola Sturgeon over treatment of fraud-case MP Michelle Thomson, first rule of ‘ratship’ is protect the ship, is the ground being prepared for Alex Salmond to return as SNP leader, if this is the opening shot then Salmond fired a blank

Dear All

Do you know what a ‘stalking horse’ is?

Just so you can get clued up.

When Kenny MacAskill got bumped as Justice Minister of Scotland, it was the right decision, I said he had to go, and when unpopular Nicola Sturgeon got crowned because no one would stand against her, she done him in.

Kenny MacAskill was Alex Salmond’s man.

In the press of late, we have had it appears a bit of stalking horse activity in my opinion, the ground being prepared for the removal of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon who will at some stage jump. Alex Salmond using his ‘jolly fat man’ routine managed to create a situation where he was able to win the confidence of Scots at the ballot box. The new era of Nicola Sturgeon as leader has been an untold and unmitigated disaster.

Nicola Sturgeon isn’t a leader of men.

When the Michelle Thomson case popped up on the radar, many people sat and read how Thomson made her money by allegedly purchasing properties from desperate sellers at below market valuations.

As one house owner said:

“We needed the money. We knew that we would take a loss, but we were desperate. I knew I was being taken advantage of, but we were about to get our home dispossessed.”

On that alone, I would have removed the whip from Michelle Thomson, some people may call her activities ‘sharp business practice’ but others would see it as exploiting the vulnerable in their time of need. When Thomson’s activities hit the press, we all sat back as a police inquiry into mortgage fraud allegations rumbled on. The SNP seeing the headlines, and keen to protect Nicola Sturgeon allegedly told Thomson she was being dumped if she didn’t resign the whip.

Now that the Crown say they can’t make a case against Thomson, it seems that Alex Salmond who lost his Westminster seat has decided that the inept leadership of Nicola Sturgeon needs a public airing. He has decided after MacAskill has already done some of the spade work to savage Nicola Sturgeon over treatment of fraud-case MP.

Alex Salmond has said during his stage show at the Fringe that Michelle Thomson had been denied 'natural justice' by the SNP during a police inquiry into mortgage fraud allegations.

So, what is 'natural justice'?

The right to a fair hearing, how could a morally bankrupt organisation like the Scottish National Party which is run as a cult have given Thomson a fair hearing, and if they had a mock trial, and down the line there was a criminal conviction, where would that leave the SNP then?

It was right to throw Michelle Thomson under the bus, because this is the modus operandi in British politics, got a problem, then you bury it as soon as possible less it affects the rest.

Maybe someone should ask the ‘jolly fat man’ how he would have delivered Michelle Thomson 'natural justice', and while he is at it, if he applies a standard then would he have also be obligated to do the same for the odious pig that is ex SNP MPNatalie McGarry?

It is pretty clear that Nicola Sturgeon gets a lot wrong but in the case of Thomson and McGarry, there was no way in God’s Earth that you couldn’t withdraw the whip. As to the ‘right’ to re-stand as the SNP MP while being investigated, the rules are clear, once dumped you stay dump until you are cleared.

There was no way the SNP could have chosen Thomson for the seat she formally held.

And despite Thomson saying she could have held it, that is ‘pie in the sky’ daydreaming, she would have been shunted out the door along with the rest of the deadbeats that got canned in 2017.

Salmond’s judgemen!

In my opinion, and history backs me up, Alex Salmond gets a lot wrong, he said that Thomson should get readmitted to the ‘ratship’ but where he gets it wrong is when he says that she should be allowed to stand for election again.

If anything, this would be a gift to the position as they continually ask questions about her business activities and how she made her money.

Salmond said on welcoming Thomson back:

“I’ve always believed that. I was one of the people who voted in the parliamentary group to make that happen a year ago. It was an extremely difficult situation which the SNP handled badly. You cannot have a situation where people are denied natural justice.”

Presumably this doesn’t apply to poor people who are SNP members; the SNP has a history of treating people like trash.

Apparently Thomson is demanding that Sturgeon apologise to her over the way she was treated, saying it was “disturbing” she was never given the chance to speak directly to the SNP leader.

What right is that?

Salmond said:

“I believe taking disciplinary action against somebody should be at the point of being charged. Even then, you could argue that if someone has been charged they have not been found guilty of anything. Although I think the SNP made a mistake, they were not the instigators of the mistake. The people who bear the heaviest burden of responsibility for the position Michelle has found herself in over these last two years are your publications. You should reflect on that because you have effectively removed the political career of somebody I thought was an incredibly talented female politician.”

There is so much in that paragraph above that is so wrong, hard to know where to start, and to blame the press, well…… tough shit Thomson!

To show how much Alex Salmond has lost the plot, the ex-SNP leader predicted that by 2021 Scotland will have voted to leave the UK.

Wrong again!

The SNP is on a downward spiral under Nicola Sturgeon, we are on course for a hung parliament if things keep going as they are at present; obviously Salmond’s show is allegedly entertainment so he can spout any old rubbish for a headline.

Finally; if there is a bit of plotting to oust Nicola Sturgeon then Salmond should remember that “Softly, softly, catchee monkey”.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

It's a bit like watching a clown car drive into a circus ring at that stage when it starts to fall to bits.

Anonymous said...

mark my words Georgie boy the Hollie Greig cover up will bring down this fucking snakes den , like game of thrones

Anonymous said...

Michelle Thompson may not have breached the letter of the law, but that doesn't mean what she did was morally acceptable. It seemed to me like she was getting properties off desperate and vulnerable people at below market value. Illegal? No, apparently. A bar to high office? Most absolutely f*cking definitely!