Friday, August 18, 2017

Barcelona Terrorist Attack: 10+ Dead, 100 Injured


Anonymous said...

Capital punishment for terrorists and terrorist enablers.
A policy of zero immigration from the Muslim world.
An end to multiculturalism. There will be one culture - the British one (replace as appropriate with Spanish, French, Italian etc) and you will be made to observe it by LAW.

It's the way we've got to go otherwise we face routine slaughter and the loss of our identity.

Al C said...

There goes another one. Sorry, but responding with "don't let hate divide us" and "we've got one thing they haven't, which is love" and "if you respond, the terrorists win" doesn't cut it as a permanent response anymore. Hatred has by definition, already divided us if these attacks happen in the first place - and we've seen signs of right-wingers responding to it in kind.

And what is this bollocks that if you don't carry on as normal the terrorists win? Bullshit! The terrorists win if they achieve their objectives. By definition, that's how they win, And unfortunately love isn't enough to bring it to an end.

Make no mistake, Al Qaeda and the search for Bin Laden was round 1. They were pretty much mangled, now ISIS very much represents round 2.

Anonymous said...

so what did the Catalans do to muslims to reap this whirlwind...fuck all .

Time to eradicate all of em from Europe PAX ROMANA

Al C said...

I have a few suggestions.

Bar anyone convicted or possibly even suspected of terrorist activities or endorsements.
Revoke the passports and expel those for whom the above applies.
Continue to fight Islamist terrorists with police, intelligence agencies, surveillance, and Special Forces, rather than conventional warfare which isn't effective enough.
Clamp down on Saudi Arabia, and all other states in the Middle East supporting terrorism.

Forget 'keep calm and carry on' or 'carry on as normal' or 'don't let hate divide us' (too late if bombs are going off), time to patch up what we can, and bring this to a firm conclusion because I am sick of worrying about my family and friends. (If I get caught in it, that's bad. If my friends or family get caught in it, that's worse.)