Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Nicola Sturgeon’s political death, Sturgeon wants a constitutional crisis over Brexit, how nice a golden opportunity to manoeuvre the Sturgeon fool into a corner to kill stone dead her political career at the next Holyrood election, Brexit will take care of itself, everything is about the next Holyrood election, and who is best placed to defeat Sturgeon at the ballot box

Dear All

The SNP are a failing government being led by a lame duck leader in the shape of Nicola Sturgeon, despite getting a bloody nose at the General Election, Sturgeon is still embarking on stupidity.

Nicola Sturgeon got Brexit entirely wrong, even her own members know now that the Scottish National Party doesn’t believe in Scottish independence, they believe in being ‘ruled’ by Brussels.


It is all about money, position and power not for your benefit but entirely for their personal benefit.

Simply put, they are willing to sell out Scotland to line their pockets.   

Having been defeated in the Brexit vote, and see a million Scots vote to leave, and remember the Leave campaign was run on a shoestring with very little time, money and people. Nicola Sturgeon ignored the vote as she did in the Scottish independence referendum to embark on a fruitless crusade.

The upshot of this is an attempt to try and create a UK-wide constitutional crisis which sees the Scottish Government joining forces with the Welsh Government. Sturgeon has managed to get Labour’s Carwyn Jones involved in her little scheme which is doomed.

Sturgeon and Jones met to discuss their "alternative proposals" to the European Union Withdrawal Bill, a waste of time because although talk is cheap, power isn’t, and the Natioanlists don’t have power to affect change, power lies with Westminster on this issue.

The European Union Withdrawal Bill legislation aims to transpose EU law into British law so that the same rules apply on the day of Brexit as the day before, years ago I blogged on the fact there would have to be a Bill to address such matters. I think I called it an encompassing act in back posts.

Transition out of the EU needs to be smooth and the legal framework being developed with deal with this, although we may not notice much difference it will filter through over time in the same way as rule changes do in other areas.

As Sturgeon scaremongers; David Mundell, the Scottish Secretary, has dismissed such an assertion that a power grab is happening and has insisted; the UK Government is intent on giving Scotland a “powers bonanza” post Brexit. You wouldn’t see much happening as the SNP don’t like to use additional powers to benefit Scotland as we have seen across the board.

This is why at the next Holyrood election, it is essential we have a change of government as the preferred option, failing that a hung parliament which makes the seats of the proxy SNP, the Scottish Greens irrelevant.
As a UK Government source said on the SNP paranoia which is ripping out of the Nats:

“No one in Whitehall wants to have control over Scottish hill-farming. It’s absurd.”

And as the EU farm payments scandal shows, best to leave all responsibility for that ongoing failure at the SNP’s door.

Sturgeon is basically using Jones as a muppet although they say they have ‘joined forces’ to oppose the bill and they would not recommend their governments granting legislative consent to the Bill as it stood, there are wider issues.

Frankly the SNP don’t really give a fig about Brexit other than the personal loss they suffer at the trough, opposition for opposition sake.

The coalition of the damned said:

"Most seriously, the UK Government's EU Withdrawal Bill is an unashamed move to centralise decision-making power in Westminster, cutting directly across current devolved powers and responsibilities. The Scottish and Welsh Governments have already made clear that they cannot recommend that the Scottish Parliament and National Assembly give their necessary legislative consent to the Bill. We believe that the Bill must not be allowed to progress in its current form.”

Although Damian Green, the First Secretary of State, together with Mr Mundell met John Swinney, the Deputy First Minister, and Michael Russell, the Scottish Government’s Brexit minister, in bilateral talks in Edinburgh to resolve the political impasse over the Bill but were unsuccessful.

The solution has to be a Bill to remove powers, pandering doesn’t work, talks don’t work, goodwill is gone, in fact it never existed in the first place. I think a Bill to remove powers or a change in the various devolution acts is needed.

It is a waste of time to pander as I mentioned and the people would support a Bill or change to get Brexit pushed through, a million Scots certainly would do so.

The decks need to be cleared because the next Holyrood election is by far the most important election in Scotland for some time, the elephant in the room is who is best suited to be the main challenger to the SNP.

Scottish Conservatives?

Scottish Labour?

That is the big question for Unionist activists to consider, Brexit will take care of itself, but worth keeping an eye on, the real battle is Holyrood.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Political parties in Scotland have all been infected by a ‘strange disease’ this disease is called Leftardism. This odd disease that normally infects ‘C’ grade Degree in Law, Media study and Counseling psychology wannabees has obviously affected Krankies brain. She now looks like she’s suffering early stage dementia ‘secondary Leftardism’ she’s got it so bad, she believes she’s a popular world famous politician and people actually like her. … Vomit … . It’s got to the stage that I vote the political party I detest the least.

Anonymous said...

what he said ^

Anonymous said...

The next Holyrood election will be a showdown over indyref2. The SNP's message will be simple: vote for us if you want indyref2. They will not shy away from it this time - by then the only thing they will have left in their box of tricks will be to energise their base. The unionist parties must also make it clear that a vote for them is a vote for no indyref2. This matter can then be settled, hopefully finally. All unionists need to vote tactically and the pro UK parties need to informally work together, as they did to such great effect in June.

My only regret is that the vote is 4 years away. I want to get tore into them NOW.

RMR said...

Another great insight George, I regularly check out all of your posts which are always interesting and thought provoking. What I really like about your viewpoints is that they are not full of the usual party political B.S., PC. agenda and blind dogma, rather, they are full of thoughtful plain common sense and truths.

Just wish more would look for the truth as all I seem to hear spouted from many people is the the same lies and misinformation given out by the deceitful political types with their own perverse agendas.

I Shouldn`t be to hard on people who are ignorant of the facts as I was once one myself, taken in by that clown Salmond and all his lies. Thanks be to all you NO voters out there, whoever you are, you saved all us ignorant fools from being a Brussels controlled, subservient state, suffering austerity max whilst our glorious SNP leaders would have been living it large in the Brussels trough.

G Laird said...


Nicola Sturgeon and her gang as you point out would be well taken care of at the trough.

Today, I read online that all eyes turning towards next Holyrood election as I mentioned, so managed to get the George Laird view out with 24 hrs to spare.


Anonymous said...

Sturgeon, the anti Scottish National Scottish Nationalist leader. Ugly on the outside but even uglier on the inside. A truly hideous politician.

Al C said...

The level of delusion in these idiots is astounding.