Monday, August 21, 2017

Fucked up priorities, poor judgement, inept and vacuous, Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon built an entire career based on failure, professional and personal failures, anyone can make a mistake, but Sturgeon’s lack of breeding and class shines through every single day she remains in public office

Dear All

It seems that Scotland’s unpopular SNP leader isn’t universally popular as the SNP spin doctors would have you believe. Nicola Sturgeon has built a career based on failure, and being in the right place at the right time.

Her achievements amount to nothing; it has been a long road of failure built on screaming about grudge, grievance and malcontent.

On the Herald Scotland, some of the punters have decided to comment on Nicola Sturgeon’s work history. You would think that given the myth surrounding Sturgeon as a superwoman that she had been a high flyer, but it appears that others don’t share that view.

John Alexander wrote on Superwoman Sturgeon:

“It's worse than that. Mrs Sturgeon was shown the door by the two law firms that employed her - one in Glasgow and the other one in Stirling that you mention. The only employment that Mrs Sturgeon could subsequently obtain was a temporary job providing maternity leave cover at the Drumchapel Law Centre”.

Of course, you might think one guy, sour grapes, but then up pops, Gregory Allen who rather cuttingly suggest:

“She'll ingratiate herself with anyone for a vote ,she hasn't a moral fibre in her body”.

John Alexander later on, obviously with an eye on being historic and factual wrote:

"Nicola Sturgeon...'we still have work to do'." That's because Mrs Sturgeon has yet to make a start on doing her day job as First Minister. As for Mrs Sturgeon's other experience of "work" - two extracts from David Torrance's biography of Mrs Sturgeon are relevant:-

Extract 1: "After completing her diploma in the summer of 1993, Sturgeon joined McClure Naismith as a trainee one partner recalled, she was 'not an unusually energetic or conscientious trainee' the end, as the partner remembered, 'There was no question of Nicola staying on, and I don't think she was surprised by that decision...She just wasn't a star; she didn't show any great ambition.'"

Extract 2: "...during 1995 she began commuting to Stirling where the small firm of Bell & Craig had taken her on as an associate. Later, there were rumours that something had gone wrong in her legal career but, when asked about this in 2014, Sturgeon said simply, 'I've got nothing I want to confess' a trainee, she would not have had enough responsibility to make mistakes, although that did not rule out an incident at the smaller Stirling firm."

David Torrance's biography then records that Mrs Sturgeon's next employment was a temporary job providing maternity leave cover at the Drumchapel Law Centre.

My reading of this is ‘shit at everything’, you will of course remember that I used to blog how the SNP Cult worked while I was in the party, the general premise was that the ‘cult’ would organise a ‘job’ or ‘task’ then when it came to the graft they would bugger off and leave everything at their arse for someone else to do.

Ralph Kempson waded into the fray and wrote:

“Is there no bandwagon wee yippy won't hitch a ride on?”

He added:

“And is there some league table to prove her claim that Scotland is one of the most progressive countries in Europe on this issue, or any issue for that matter, or is that just another utterly vacuous load of piffle to add to the existing mountainous heap of piffle spouted by her over the years?”

It seems that recently the ‘big issues’ in Eckistan are tampons and cheap snide baby boxes under Nicola Sturgeon’s watch.

But recently Sturgeon out done herself, on the 17th Angust 2017, the World saw yet again Muslim terrorism hit Barcelona, terrorists used a vehicle to kill innocent people.

Next day, Nicola Sturgeon is slotted to go to a slap up dinner to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day anniversary as guest speaker at a celebration dinner.

Talk about bad timing!

If I was the leader of the SNP, I would have cancelled going to this event, if it went ahead it would have been in rather poor taste, but then some people might say that life goes on.

16 people of 9 different nationalities were killed: 13 on La Rambla, one probably stabbed in Barcelona by the attacker who stole his car, and one in Cambrils. Over 100 people from over 34 nations were injured, including 15 who were critically injured.

Nicola Sturgeon a few days later attended the Glasgow Pride event being the ‘first’ First Minister to officially attend this event, she said:

'we still have work to do'.

Given her work record, judgement and priorities………… I just look on her personally as a fucking asshole!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to learn what Sturgeon had to say in favour of gay rights at the Glasgow Mosque love-in. Just Asking.

Medium Sized Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Krankie has destroyed the SNP. She’s made genuine Scottish nationalist a laughing stock all over the internet – how is it possible to defend ‘independence in Europe’ an independence but controlled from Brussels, no Scots law but European law, no border control, virtually no control over our so-called independent country without getting mocked. Last year it was becoming an embarrassment to admit you actually voted SNP. This woman is a complete fake; a dangerous fake. She makes Tony Blair look like a nice politician.

Al C said...

Absolutely useless. Maybe it's time for Sturgeon to get a new job. Perhaps a chocolate fireguard would quite suit her needs and skills. Or an ashtray on a motorbike springs to mind.

Is it still SNP policy to silence internal criticism, George? Because it sounds like it still is!

Anonymous said...

So after the Paris attack - 129 dead. Our mental FM decides to hold a min silence in a certain place. After the Barcelona attack, 15 dead. Our mental FM decides to be the guest speaker at a slap up lunch, in that same certain place. Is it me, or can anyone else see the complete weirdest of all this.

S said...

Throw this useless thing to the wolves,, ignorant, childless, childish moron,,, makes millions of us want to pewk,,, yuk.