Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The stupidity of Nicola Sturgeon revealed, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon compounds her failure on being on the wrong side of the Brexit vote by engaging in middle class student politics rhetoric, this totally shallow hollow woman who is entirely vacuous, inept, fake and insincere is nothing more than a ‘major embarrassment’ to Scotland

Dear All

One of the primary duties of the State is defence of the nation from external threats, for most people that would tend to mean ‘warfare’.

‘Warfare’ has progressed in the modern ear to take many forms, ‘economic warfare’ can be an effective tool used against States.

You might remember the oil embargoes that were used against States in the Middle East and Africa. The use of economic warfare is twofold; prevent free trade with the rest of the World and to create internal dissent against the government.

The EU practices a form of economic warfare; they call it ‘trade deals’ which impoverishes people in Africa in favour of the Big Corporations.

This is warfare, just because you don’t see a warplane bombing a capital, doesn’t mean anything, the ability to trade effective is key to any nation’s survival to buy in the products they need such as food and medical and in some cases arms for their military.

One of the decisions made by the people of Britain was to vote for Brexit, there were many reasons why people chose to vote the way they did, for some people immigration was a key issue, but immigration was just a symptom of a larger and more dangerous problem which was the eating away of sovereignty.

Immigration is a good thing, I have always believed this and still do, but equally too much immigration is a bad thing. The people who tend to think there isn’t a problem are the middle class who control politics.

Read this:

Diane Abbott is calling people who backed Brexit effectively racists.

Ms. Abbott has done very well out of politics and I direct you to her register of interests.

Of course immigration isn’t a problem for Diane Abbott who as well as an attractive MP salary and perks makes a packet on the side with her outside interests.
Ordinary people are suffering, they can’t get good jobs, decent housing, some effectively trapped by lack of social mobility, access to higher education effectively denied by cost, their lives destroyed and unfulfilled, their talent not recognised.

I understand why 17 million British people of every walk of life, colour, religion, age group, sex and political allegiance voted for Brexit.

They wanted a better life, they wanted a future for them and their families, all of this is being systematically denied.

Brexit was arguably the most important decision that some voters will ever make in their lives.

In Scotland, we have a First Minster Nicola Sturgeon who really does have contempt for working class people, what makes her even more obnoxious is that having crawled her way to the top of the political tree by her angry wee Nat routine, she hasn’t made ordinary people’s lives better.

Nicola Sturgeon who got it spectacularly wrong on Brexit has joined with Plaid and Greens to unite to condemn 'toxic' Government stance on immigration.

Clearly having failed to learn the lessons of history, Nicola Sturgeon has decided to keep on the same path of what is stupidity and further down the line will make the SNP toxic.

The EU project failed because of many reasons, one key one was their ability to adapt in the modern era, I blogged on this before, and here it is again, the EU due to the size with 28 Members States need an Internal immigration policy.

Why didn’t the EU do this, this was because the unelected and unaccountable EU is anti-worker and anti-country, it is firmly in the pockets of large corporations, when you see EU Commissioners on yachts of Russian Oligarchs, then EU policy is changed, you know that something stinks.

But let’s get back to Nicola Sturgeon, the ‘civic nationalist’ who is a totally shallow hollow woman who is entirely vacuous, inept, fake, insincere and untrustworthy, she sits on a salary which is more than the Prime Minister, toss in her husband’s income as Chief Executive of the SNP and you get their household income circa £250,000 a year.

Immigration doesn’t affect Nicola Sturgeon.

The Conservative Government has announced measures aimed at curbing the number of people coming to Britain. Is having immigration controls to meet the needs of the country therefore toxic?

The short answer is no.

Middle class politicians live in a bubble where they don’t care about the views of ordinary people, you can see that by the fact that Nicola Sturgeon has allowed the area she represents to become a slum, a modern day ghetto which she will not do what is necessary to address the issue.

The joint statement by Sturgeon and the Green Party and Plaid Cymru criticising the "divisive rhetoric" from the Tories is nonsense, the "divisive rhetoric" is from them, the oh so trendy middle class tax payer funded politicians who can never rise above student politics or care for the very people that they were elected to serve.

The idea of controlled immigration effectively tosses entire generations of families on to the scrapheap, this underclass robbed of a future in the name of alleged progress. There are whole industries in this country which are built using the diversity tag but are solely about State and political sanctioned discrimination of indigenous people.

The joint response, also signed by the leaders of the Green Party in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, said:

"The countries of the United Kingdom face a spiralling political and economic crisis”.

Why are the ordinary people being given access to opportunities and training to meet the challenges of the economic crisis?

Britain also isn’t cutting ties with Europe, it is cutting ties with the EU, parties like the SNP deliberately paint Europe as the EU; they are not the same thing.

They added:

"This is a profoundly moral question which gets to the heart of what sort of country we think we live in. We will not tolerate the contribution of people from overseas to our NHS being called into question, or a new version of the divisive rhetoric of 'British jobs for British workers'.”

Note the use of the NHS, presented to you as a false threat, we will not be sending doctors and nurses back to countries, and it is highly unlikely that other grades of staff will be sent back to their original country either. In medicine, the job market is global, always has been before the EU existed and will continue after we finally leave.

False flag!

Also we are already a multi-cultural country, check this video out:

Notices the look on the guy who realises that he doesn’t understand what Britain is as he is told this country has been diverse for ‘70 years or more’. This is the problem in Britain, an ignorant group of people who don’t understand the issues even at a basic level. Confused that the EU is in fact Europe, why is he so ignorant? He is just repeating what politicians are telling him without looking into the issues for himself.

Then people like Sturgeon come along with her grievance agenda and fill in full of nonsense, and he believes it.

Awhile back, a phrase was used which at the time must have seemed ‘catchy’, 'British jobs for British workers'; Gordon Brown made this pledge during his campaign to retain a Labour Government.

The idea was a political idea however in practice and in law it would be unworkable in the UK, political opponents immediately branding it meaningless, racist and even illegal under EU law. Alastair Campbell, former spin doctor to Tony Blair said recently that New Labour has sown the seeds for Brexit; that is only partly right, discontent about the European project had been growing well before that particularly in the Conservative Party and the wider public.

Who could forget John Major’s ‘three bastards in the Cabinet’ remark from 1993?

So, what is Minister Nicola Sturgeon doing with her latest ‘unity’ pitch, well simply put, this is about getting voter caches. Trying to convince people from abroad who are legally entitled to vote to come over and support her and her party.

It has nothing to do with understanding economic security, national security or social cohesion; this is the worse type of race politics something which the Nationalists dabble in especially around election time.

People say that politics is being dumbed down so that people will be deflected from asking questions about the real issues of the country, and they are right. This intervention by Nicola Sturgeon yet again shows quite clearly that she is as I said a totally shallow hollow woman who is entirely vacuous, inept, fake, insincere and untrustworthy.

Do you see why people in Scotland will not vote for independence under Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP now?

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

A new trwist………
An Israeli doctor said, "In Israel, medicine is so advanced that
we cut off a man's balls, put them on another man, and in 6
weeks, he is looking for work."
The German doctor said, "That's nothing, in Germany we take part
of a brain, put it in another man and in 4 weeks he is looking
for work."
The Russian doctor said, "Gentlemen, we take half a heart from a
man, put it in another man's chest and in 2 weeks he is looking
for work."
The Scottish doctor just laughed and commented, "You are all way
behind us. Thirteen months ago, we took a woman with no brains,
no heart, and no balls and made her first minister of Scotland.
Now, the whole of Scotland is looking for work

Sherbie said...

Brilliant, and very true. Get rid of Sturgeon the Hater.