Monday, October 17, 2016

End of Days, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s career has reached the start of the beginning of the end as Theresa May delivers a complete rebuff to her on a special Brexit deal for Scotland, no separate deal on single market or immigration; there will be no second Scottish Independence referendum in 2018 either, failure to achieve all objectives yet again

Dear All

The SNP Conference is over, the ‘highlights’ were unpopular Nicola Sturgeon saying there will be a second Scottish independence referendum. The Brain family comparing being asked to follow visa rules and describing their ‘hell’, with the real tragic events of the Holocaust, the ‘Star of David’ stunt was remarkably poor taste!  The SNP giving that arse Aamer Anwar stage time, and although not part of it, an alternative ‘Nationalist’ Conference running at the same time which proves that Scotland is moving beyond the SNP.

Is there a prospect of a second Scottish independence referendum taking place in 2018?


Even if Nicola Sturgeon goes through with her threat to resign as First Minister leading to an election for Holyrood, even if the SNP get a majority of seats which is very doubtful, the answer from Westminster is No!

If you have read my back posts going back years, you would have read that I said that 2018 would have been a better choice to hold a Scottish independence referendum.

Why 2018?

Well, if the SNP had ran two successful terms of government, they would have been better prepared for a proper attempt at independence, however, they didn’t, the cracks began to show of failure, and importantly they hadn’t done the work, either to provide a case or reform of government.

A ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond with a smile and he is your best buddy was thought to be better, accompanied by a host of lies, intimidation and hatred.

The threat of a second independence referendum has about as much threat as a shout on a wet street, the call of arms isn’t about indy, it is all about keeping the mob quiet and using them for the forthcoming council elections in Scotland.

As long as the SNP leadership keeping saying indyref, the gullible will keep being cheap labour and donating, but they aren’t donating to win a campaign, they are donating to pay the wages of the SNP, particularly Nicola Sturgeon’s husband who rakes in it is said the over £100,000 a year.

As quickly as the words indyref 2 shot out of Sturgeon’s mouth, Theresa May has delivered a complete rebuff to Nicola Sturgeon.

No indyref 2 and also no special Brexit deal for Scotland.

Yet again Nicola Sturgeon’s career is littered with failure, failure as a First Minster, failure as Health Minister, failure as the day to day face of the Yes Campaign, failure to make Scotland a better place, failure as a local MSP, just look at Govanhill, failure to deliver a second indyref and failure to deliver a ‘special’ Brexit deal for Scotland.
If you look at the PR the SNP do for Sturgeon, you might think she is a superwoman, a statesman, someone special, she is a clown.

The UK cannot and will not have separate EU arrangements for Scotland, no separate deal on membership of the European single market and no new powers over immigration.

At any level!

When I was on the Gordon Brewer show on 10th June, I said that devolved administrations of the United Kingdom should be part of the Brexit talks, to which Gordon Brewer said that is very noble of you.

Not sure on the noble part but I was just being George Laird, ahead of the curve as usual.

The PM’s spokeswoman has been asked if she believed it was in any way feasible for one part of the UK to remain in the single market while the others left.

Let me jump right in, the answer is no!

As to immigration, the PM’s spokeswoman said:

“There is a very clear delineation between the issues that are reserved and issues that are devolved. What the Prime Minister does want to do is to work constructively with partners across the UK to secure the best deal for it as we leave the EU.”

Short version with padding it, the answer is no!

The official Brexit talks start in early 2017, the unofficial ones have already begun, if you missed it, let me fill you in, Boris Johnson came out and support Turkish membership of the EU despite the fact we are leaving.

The Turks aren’t anywhere close to getting on the first rung of EU membership, never mind anything else.

As part of Nicola Sturgeon’s grandstanding pitch, she announced a plan to appoint more Scottish trade envoys.

That would be SNP cronies and paid for by the taxpayers, meaningless nonsense who will not deliver trade deals because they will have no real authority.

Sturgeon has made it perfectly clear she would do everything in her power to keep Scotland within the single market.

Sturgeon has no power to keep Scotland in the single market because the Westminster Government has already said that freedom of movement will not be acceptable to the majority of voters who voted to leave the EU.

Finally, to return to the Brain family who decided to bite the hand that feeds them by allowing them to stay in the UK, after their Holocaust stunt to compare the Westminster Government who did bend over backwards to allow them more time to meet the visa requirements, I would deport them back to Australia.

The host country that allows them to stay is the United Kingdom, not a devolved Scotland.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


DenFrampton said...

Agree with everything you say,Hope its not too long before snp get voted out.

austin flynn said...

Der Sir.
Unfortunately or otherwise I did not read your gems of wisdom prior to reading this article. I have no real comment about the construct of it as I would imagine human rights extends to expressing ones opinion but I was taken aback about the comment on a certain gentleman you referred to "as that arse". I take it that he was not mooning and you were taking umbrage at his comments, which I know nothing about. Surely the appropriate Glasgow terminology would be "he was talking a load of shite" or "speaking a load of pish". I could have, of course proceded these little charmers with that word beloved by all commedians "fucking". I am a great lover of Glasgow and its people, the best City in the UK but I am concened that academics have a subtle way of diluting languages to the detriment of local colour. Approval is not mandatory I take it.

Anonymous said...

the end is Thigh , I see she and her beard seem to have spent 880 000 on a new hoos out east , nice plenty of room for Syrians Georgieboy

Anonymous said...

Like being savaged by a dead sheep, George!

Unknown said...

Agree with your remarks.
The SNP are a smoke and Mirrors party offer the earth and deliver nothing.
When the going gets tough they bury their heads and hope the problem will go away.
They are filling their own pockets at the Taxpayers expense jobs for the boy they have failed to deliver on a lot of policies also.
Great con artists.
You don't even see Salmond pulling the strings on Sturgeon. I wish they would go as they are hurting the economy of Scotland by not giving a dam from policing to farming to fishing oh and the failed NHS promises.

vegasable said...

Im angry 60 million people in uk still qaulify to purchase their council home under the right to by scheme but not one citzen is allowed to do this in scotland because sturgeon is stopping this right .
60 million people in the uk are not allowed under english law to smoke cigarrets inside stairwells but under nicolas powers you can smoke 24/7 outside your neighbours front door and theres no powers in scottish law to stop them doing this as i discovered to my anger and disgust
The reason given by michael matheson health minister at the time was in a stairwell that part of the building is part of somenes home.yes hes correct its part of my fucking home as well you moron .why should i suffer other peoples cancer mist that they blow at my front door and can smell in my home and spoil the enjoyment in my own home its a fucking disgrace you sat round a table with your minister pals getting paid to make appauling decisions like the above mentioned .

Anonymous said...

Just saving this for posterity. I fancy coming back and having a good laugh in a few months.

Anonymous said...

Awful piece of writing from someone purporting to be university educated!

Anonymous said...

220 million on a failed system for police Scotland. 240 million on failed system for the nhs24. 180 million on a failed system for farmers payments.
F#ck it I'm bored speaking of these and others. The drones don't care. Doesn't even register with them.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"Awful piece of writing from someone purporting to be university educated!"

You are the first complaint on this post which as of today, has been viewed 9644 times.

Still, I welcome feedback you will be glad to know to help me craft a better blog experience for my readers, plus I do wee cgi clips perhaps you might enjoy them?

Best Regards


Anonymous said...

Awful piece of writing from someone purporting to be university educated!

You filled them with Aw for them,wankers!

das. said...

A curse on YOU Sturgeon, curse you.

Anonymous said...

100% spot on George, wee Nippy is already looking for the door, I am being to think that she will not lead the SNP into the 2020 election.