Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Angry Wee Nat routine: SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon finds out she is totally irrelevant in Brexit talks and does a predictable fake outrage performance in front of the press, she says, “I won't allow Scotland to be driven over a hard Brexit cliff edge”, she doesn’t speak for Scotland and never did!

Dear All

Did you all get a really good laugh at Nicola Sturgeon, if you missed it, don’t worry, she has decided to add to her humiliation by saying following it up by saying that:

“I won't allow Scotland to be driven over a hard Brexit cliff edge”.

Nicola Sturgeon has no say in what happens in the Brexit talks, the final decision rests with Westminster and only with Westminster.

Yesterday, Sturgeon found out that she is irrelevant and the proof of the pudding was in the look on her and Mike Russell’s faces as they left Number 10 to speak to the press.

All Brexit is to the Scottish National Party is a grievance vehicle to do three things:

1/ Push for independence

2/ Distract people from the SNP record in government

3/ To rally the troops using the narrative ‘English bad’ to get free labour for the 2017 council elections.

When Nicola Sturgeon talks about the UK Government not to “slam the door” in Scotland’s face, she is talking about the Scottish National Party.

I suppose the endgame is a series of concessions, the prize one being control over immigration which will not happen.

The meeting between Westminster and the devolved Government described by Sturgeon as “feisty” was just her acting like an arse again.

Sturgeon told the press afterwards:

“We had a very frank exchange of views. There was frustration. I don’t know any more now about the UK Government’s approach to EU negotiations than I did before I went in.”

Given that the Brexit negotiations haven’t started and will not officially till 2017, why should she expect an instant plan?

After all she has had several years to clean up and act on the Govanhill ghetto in her own backyard and only recently has she been shamed into doing something.

And that something isn’t much!

Sturgeon insisted she is approaching the intergovernmental talks in good faith; her first act was bad mouth the UK Government within a few minutes of leaving the meeting at Number 10.
Does that sound like she is approaching the intergovernmental talks in good faith?

I don’t think so, and anyone who knows the SNP record or the SNP at Westminster you know that these people don’t know what good faith is, these are the type of people who shit where they eat.

In the House of Commons, ‘Fake Scot’ Angus Robertson, the English MP who represents Moray in Scotland said:

“The Prime Minister cannot pretend to take the interests and concerns of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and for that matter Gibraltar seriously. Either she will or she won’t and, if she won’t, Scotland is absolutely right to hold an independence referendum and we will protect our place in Europe.

Everything about the SNP is about independence, they are a pathetic joke, at present Scottish Politics could be described as a wasteland devoid of choice for the electorate to vote for.

Theresa May says she was taking the views of Scotland and the other devolved governments seriously.

Her mistake is recognise that Scotland is the SNP, it isn’t and while she plays the SNP game, it will down the line blow up in her party’s face north of the border.

What goes up must come down.

Anyway the Prime Minister said:

“What I want is for us, in determining the UK’s position - because it will be the UK that will be negotiating with the EU our future relationship - to take into full account and understand properly the impacts and the particular issues that are of concern to the devolved administrations.”

This means in actuality that she wants data when she is making her final decisions on how the Brexit deal will unfold as the United Kingdom goes forward with the EU.

As to talk of flexibility by David Mundell, this nonsense, flexibility is abit like a divorce where you give the other side something you don’t want and expect to be praise for being generous.

So, what are the SNP demanding?

The idea of Scotland remaining in the single market while the rest of the UK leaves!

This is a complete non-starter and unworkable, single market means freedom of movement, and that isn’t going to happen.

2/ a Holyrood vote on the UK’s negotiating strategy

Totally unworkable, again a non-starter as the tail doesn’t wag the dog!

3/ More powers over immigration and trade being devolved to the Scottish Parliament

Control of immigration will never happen, Westminster will not allow Scotland to be a highway to bypass UK Immigration controls and as to trade, maybe this is the area where something might be done, however that doesn’t mean Scotland having separate trade deals with others.

Nicola Sturgeon is a fool, and the fact that she can’t work as a team player shows her lack of class and statesmanship in the wider arena.

Recently it was said that a deal for a £840,000 house for Nicola Sturgeon fell through, it seems that perhaps that Nicola Sturgeon is already planning her exit from Glasgow and a possible move to a new seat outside the city.

Back in 2013 at the Govan by-election, people, particularly women where very quick to brand Nicola Sturgeon an arsehole, we are seeing the anger in Govanhill building up as the residents demand that Nicola Sturgeon do her job.

The SNP leadership have a tendency to shit where they eat, it is in their nature; eventually the stink gets so strong that they move on.

I wonder if the SNP get control of Glasgow City Council in 2017, and Sturgeon on the move for a new home outside the city whether the City of Glasgow is in line for a massive funding cut.

Maybe you should start wondering as well!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

These jokers were suggesting some sort of UDI if they got another majority this year. Didn't happen. How long do you expect the SNP to last before they disappear, George? Because it seems to be that they're riding on the fact that the other parties aren't offering enough to Scottish voters at the moment. At least, so it seems.

Al C said...

What I mean is, do you have a timescale upon which time you reckon they'll be history, or is it anyone's guess right now?

G Laird said...

Dear Al C

The other parties as you correctly point out are not offering enough for Scottish voters, they are stuck in a time warp where they are living on past glories but the public have moved beyond them.

People are now looking closely at the elected representatives and as you have seen they don't like what is being offered as their representatives so they are getting rid of them.

Scotland needs a new party of opposition to the SNP, the Nats are a vessel for protest against Labour and Conservatives, and likely to be for some considerable time.

Two years ago I said to Adam Tomkins MSP archived all the Better Together stuff because you will be going again, it seems we are all talking about indyref 2, question is who is going to be around to fight the SNP then if it happens.

Better Together was run as a shambles under the Labour Party and Conservative crowd, full of people who were party hacks who hadn't a clue about campaigning and also had a bad work ethic.

On the bright side, my area of Pollok was well covered for material, I was doing it with a handful of people not in any party.


G Laird said...

Dear Al C

As to the SNP being history hard to say, the opposition in Scotland is so bad.

And they won't be getting enlightenment anytime soon, which is why a new new political party is need.

The Labour Party has learnt nothing since 2014.


Anonymous said...


Sherbie. said...

The SNP are a bunch of racist, anti English liars who are destroying Scotland by the day. Thevonly people who can't see that, are the blinkered arseholes like Al C. Business confidence has dropped drasticly,, Schools and teachers are a disaster, NHS, Police, Local Authorities in crisis across Scotland, taxes to rise big time next year across Scotland, SNP MP's under police investigation, anti Jewish SNP MP's,, the list goes on and on, snooping on kids, snooping on alcholol drinkers, what a shower of corrupt, childish bastards they are, led by the biggest political moron of them all,,, Sturgeon. Resign ya mouthpiece.

Al C said...

Sherbie, I don't understand how you think I support the nationalists because I certainly don't, or how I can't see they're a bunch of lying, xenophobic, intolerant cretins because I do. In fact, I agree with everything you said about them, without exception, so I'm puzzled as to where you got this idea from?

Al C said...

Interesting assessment, George. It's sometimes hard to know what's going on. Certainly I wouldn't ask the nationalists, I'd sooner trust a box of giant Japanese hornets in my bed to tell me the weather.