Monday, October 3, 2016

The Changing Face of Europe unfolds, the EU project is humiliated as they try to force migrant quotas on Members States, 98 per cent of Hungarians in a referendum refuse to back migrant quotas, elsewhere Europe is on the march both physically and politically, the current EU is doomed

Dear All

If you follow events in Europe, you will have seen a lot of exceptional angry people who are moblising not just against the migrant crisis, but also against the European elite who have brought Europe closer to the brink of civil war more than any other event since WW2.

Here are a few snippets on how Europe is changing, and how politicians are playing catch up.

In Berlin, in the constituency of Angela Merkel, indigenous German people have been fighting with migrants near an ‘asylum centre’.

In Bulgaria, the law is being enacted to ban the burka, and those offenders who flout the new law will lose their benefits.

In Switzerland, a similar move to ban the burka is said to be gaining momentum, the tolerant Swiss it seems appear like Bulgaria to want to make a stand as social cohesion is starting to break down.

Europe seen as a safe haven for Jewish people has been dealt a body blow as the Jewish community feels unsafe, and who can blame them, Europe is in chaos.

In Austria, seen as beacon of modern European society, there has been a rise in what is called the Identitarian Movement, this organisation has activists in many if not all of the major Austrian cities and towns in the country. They have an expression which you might not be familiar with; it is called the ‘Big Replacement’.

The ‘Big Replacement’ is the displacement of indigenous people with migrants who have been brought in. This group opines the view that migrant crisis is the catalyst for the destruction of the ethno-cultural identity of all Europeans not just the Austrians but all Europeans.

Can they be taken seriously?

Well, they are under surveillance of the Austrian Security Services which means someone in government considers them to be a threat.

Here is part of a recent speech made to their supporters regarding what is termed the ‘Big Replacement’:

“Who profits from this development in particularly? Capitalism does! As cheap labour nomads migrants pour into our country, they serve at the will of a global elite, the global players, who demand ever more immigration in order for example to push down the wage levels”.

The Identitarian Movement in Austria is being developed, the movement is based on the group in France which is more established, if you google them you can do some background further reading.

Angela Merkel has plunged Europe into the worst crisis since the end of the Second World War, the backlash was always going to be coming and now it has not just on the streets of Europe but politically. People realise that it isn’t enough to be radical in speaking out; they have to use the ballot and get on the poll as a candidate. What happened in Merkel’s constituency isn’t just a brawl; it is a catalyst, an omen of things to come.

If there was a time to be afraid in Europe, we are seeing the beginning of the beginning of that time now. Politicians now realise that they are classed as ‘targets of opportunity’ now just in Europe but also in Britain. The security services and the Police recognise this which is why security of politicians is being increased, however the advice is at best basic, and usually for senior politicians means more security personnel.

During the migrant crisis, one country stands out for their stance which ran contrary to the message being pumped out by the EU, that country is Hungary, their President is Viktor Orban. Viktor Orban has led and showed leadership while Angela Merkel and the EU were paralysed by indecision and doubt. As the EU in the shape of Jean-Claude Juncker and the EU Commission sought to blackmail Member States, the Hungarians stood firmly against them. The use of threats of financial sanctions as I previously noted had no effect on the Hungarian people, quite the opposite, it hardened their position.

In this day and age, sovereignty matters!

Britain’s EU membership was about sovereignty, other issues were just symptoms of the problem.

So, what now for the EU?

The EU will have to be re-designed, watch out for politicians talking this up as the way to ‘save’ European cohesion, in the re-design there will of course have to be sacrifices.

Recently Hungary held a referendum, the result was never in doubt, what is interesting is the final result, 92 percent of Hungarians have rejected EU migrant quotas. The result is a new low for Brussels and a major humiliation; if this isn’t a rejection of the EU project then I don’t know what is. People are waking up to the fact that the EU is as I said on radio, anti country and anti worker; it is seen as firmly in the grip of the big corporations.

In life, some politicians can be bought, some have a higher price than others it has to be said, in the EU the price said to be 1 in 5 employees earning over £100k.

In total 92.3 per cent of people voted 'no' to EU migrant quotas, but you have to ask how many Hungarians actually thought that migrant quotas were a good thing?

1.4 per cent of the Hungarian population actually said yes to Brussels, the other six per cent of the ballots were spoiled in protest.

1.4 per cent is as Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said:

“The majority of the rejection to Brussels politics is overwhelming.”

He added: “As this referendum was initiated by the government, we have no other choice but to consider the citizens’ decision binding to the government. But it is also binding to Brussels, because they cannot go against a referendum.”

Not knowing Zoltan Kovacs’ politics, I am putting him down firmly as a No Voter.
The news is a boost for the ruling Fidesz party who has claimed victory in the historic vote shortly after polling stations closed.

Eurosceptic president Viktor Orban has been vindicated by the ballot and usually that translates as him being a national hero.

However, before we all get carried away with ourselves and start issue out medals etc, the voter turnout at just 42 per cent, well below the 50 per cent threshold required to make the referendum valid in Hungarian law.

I believe that voting should be made compulsory by law, in matters which affect national and economic security, this is a matter for the whole country, no one should be allowed to sit on the sidelines, and should vote their conscience.

Liberal politicians in Brussels after the result have attempted to rubbish the referendum because they have been also rejected along with the quotas. Gianni Pittella, the leader of the Socialists and Democrats group in the EU parliament, bizarrely described it as a 'victory' for Europe.

Voter apathy isn’t a sign of being satisfied as sometimes politicians portray it, it is a sign of how much contempt and disconnected the public feel that that think their vote is worthless.

Pittella added:

“The whole of Europe has won. Populism and xenophobia have lost. Orban's lies have come up against a brick wall. The wall of hatred, lies and razor wire Orban has built up to block refugees fleeing war is hopefully starting to fall down. The migration crisis needs a long term European answer based on solidarity and shared responsibility”.

Gianni Pittella, the leader of the Socialists and Democrats group in the EU parliament appears to the sort of person who lives in a bubble. Perhaps Pittella needs to step out and see the new Europe which is growing up around him, the short term is going to be rather unpleasant, and he may find one day that those who sit around him will be suddenly be replaced by new people who are less than understanding.

Finally to return to the Identitarian Movement in Austria, in the recent speech made at a gathering, this part caught my eye:

“We want a world of diversity, a world where every people/folk have their own land and where also every stranger/foreigner accepts that we have a right to our homeland, a right to stay a majority in our own country and to every stranger/foreigner who does so, we reach out our hands. As said, we fight against the big replacement, against the political elite and not against those who we are being replaced with. We are both pawns and victims in this grand game and therefore we must replace the politicians, media who control our state before they have us replaced”.

“We must replace the politicians”……. hmmm!

I wonder how much longer Gianni Pittella; the leader of the Socialists and Democrats group in the EU parliament has left in politics.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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terrific piece George on the plight of Europe and its citizens, I see the current crisis bring the EU down as you do. How long can they hang on with members willing to stand up and be accountable to their citizens in order to safeguard their positions as politicians.

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