Friday, October 28, 2016

Nationalist Anger Explodes: Nicola Sturgeon’s Brexit Minister Mike Russell is forced to wait 36 hours to take an agreed call on Westminster Brexit ‘hotline’, in local news a constituent of Nicola Sturgeon had to wait circa 4 months for her ‘help’, in the end he fixed it himself, Nicola Sturgeon is a Nationalist clown

Dear All

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ while First Minister of Scotland once said in relation with contact with the Prime Minster:

“He never calls, he never phones”!

People chuckled but the reality of the joke is that Westminster and the SNP don’t gel, a mutual contempt and degree of loathing is self evident.

And with loathing comes being ignored, I have said it once and I will say it again Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are irrelevant, at some point when the spin and bluster runs out, people will see in the cold light of day that Nationalism in Scotland is in dire need of a new party.

Nicola Sturgeon along with Alex Salmond sold out the independence movement, independence was never their goal; they want to be ruled by the European Union with them as de facto ‘General Managers’ of Scotland.

In the Brexit talks, the big decisions, the real power lie with Westminster and this means that the United Kingdom is leaving the EU. Whether that is hard Brexit or soft Brexit is irrelevant, if Brussels wants access to the UK market, they will have to drop their ridiculous request that the UK signs up to the single market.

In the talks between Westminster and the Scottish Government, not much is talking place, the SNP in the shape of Nicola Sturgeon wanted and demanded action as if her requests have any meaning.

They don’t, the real talks on Brexit will start next year, and out of those talks with the EU will come a deal or no deal. As part of the information process, the Scottish Government has a phone number to call for information; some people dubbed it a ‘hotline’. It isn’t a hotline in the sense of the calls to the Bat Cave, it is just a number to call which someone when the phone rings picks up when not doing other duties.

The joke of this story about hotlines is that SNP Brexit minister Mike Russell called the new telephone line on Tuesday morning but did not get a response from the Conservative politician until Wednesday evening.

Ah poor Mike, there he was thinking he was “special”, now he finds out he sin’t “special” and by default neither is Nicola Sturgeon.

In SNP grievance monkey mode, Nicola Sturgeon said to Holyrood:

"I can share with chamber today that Michael Russell's office called that hotline, called it just before midday on Tuesday. It took until after 6pm yesterday to actually get David Davis on the hotline, that's 36 hours. So, yes, there is now a telephone line we can call, it's just currently not very hot."
Sometime ago, I was told by someone who sought help from Sturgeon about a DWP problem that they had to wait 4 months for her office to help and in the end, he got it sorted himself.

So, if you add up the hours give or take depending on how many days are in a month; that is circa 168 x 4 = 672 hours.

Nicola Sturgeon took circa 672 hours or 4 months to ‘help’ someone, does that sound like Sturgeon and her staff members are red hot on action?

You see for the most part, the public get treated to the self created PR image of Nicola Sturgeon as some kind of superwoman, someone who has all the answers, but other members of the public get to see the real Nicola.

The arsehole!

The phoney fake inept shallow hollow woman who doesn’t give a toss about you or your family or fixing your problems especially if you are white working class! The media have bought into the PR spin giving Sturgeon kudos as if she is something special; there is nothing special about Nicola Sturgeon.

Her political record in office more than demonstrates that she is incompetent, and here she is whining like a little girl because her failed education minister was left hanging for a day and a half.

A Number 10 spokesman rejected Sturgeon's account of the call as being "not an accurate version of events".

One wonders if that means he is calling her a ‘liar’, many people do in public among other things.

Anyway he said:

"A call was booked in with David Davis and that call took place at the time it was booked in for."

Presumably the call was booked because people have to collate information when it is requested or does Nicola Sturgeon think people keep everything in their heads regarding Brexit talks!

In further SNP grievance monkey mode, Sturgeon attacking the Scottish Tories said:

"If that's not possible we will put forward proposals to avoid a hard Brexit for Scotland to keep us in the single market even if the rest of the UK chooses to leave. When we put forward these proposals it will be interesting to see what the response of the Conservatives will be. Because, of course, in the referendum campaign Ruth Davidson was very clear, and she has been clear in the days after the referendum that she thought Scotland should stay within the single market; that the UK should stay within the single market. The proof of the pudding around this will be to see whether the Scottish Conservatives are prepared to back proposals that are in Scottish interests, or if they are going to continue to capitulate to their bosses at Westminster."

So much rubbish in this mad rant but let’s have a go at breaking it down or at least try.

“We will put forward proposals to avoid a hard Brexit for Scotland to keep us in the single market even if the rest of the UK chooses to leave”.

No separate deal with Scotland and the EU, we are either all in or all out, so Sturgeon will not as stated be getting a special deal because it is unworkable. The single market argument also falls because of the issue of immigration; the UK Government will not allow Scotland to be a highway for migrants passing through Scotland to sidestep the UK Border Control Agency. There would have to be a hard border between Scotland and England which will not be tolerated by the people but would be necessary if Sturgeon had her way.

Nicola Sturgeon’s stupidity has consequences, all her crap is about division, nothing more and it is becoming tiresome, she will along with the SNP have to go, a small start to this is the forthcoming loss of seats at Westminster due to the boundary changes.

Every journey starts with a first step!

Sturgeon’s parting shot about the Scottish Conservatives preparing to back proposals that are in Scottish interests, or capitulating to their bosses at Westminster is just pathetic.

Politics in Scotland is generally regarded as the poor relation to Westminster, here is the classic example, whining about a 36 hours window wait to take an agreed call and this passes as effective government!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Auld Jock said...

Hello George

This telephone call nonsense appears to be an snp wheeze aimed at discrediting "Westminster". The UK government's response underpins that idea. Mikey's notion of earning his huge ministerial salary appears to be that of hatching juvenile plots which amount to self fulfilling prophesies. That, in itself, is pathetic. For sturgeon to then elevate this nonsense to the chamber at Holyrood is beneath contempt. It is a measure of how imbecilic the snp are that they clearly have no idea what this kind of behaviour says about them.

Auld Jock