Tuesday, October 4, 2016

SNP Grievance Monkey Mode, Nationalists put in another full shift of faux outrage as Holyrood told it will have no vote over Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon placed centre stage as the ‘Hero’ who is standing up for Scotland, Sturgeon is a very minor bit player with no meaningful contribution to make on the World stage

Dear All

Grievance, Nicola Sturgeon is playing the fake grievance card again, I don’t know about you but this tried plathetic act is getting rather old now!

The SNP is said to be ‘furious’ that Holyrood will have no vote over in the SNP attempt to stop Brexit.

The EU vote was a UK wide vote and as such Holyrood has no power to stop it, the lie pumped out by the SNP is that ‘Scotland’ voted to stay in, if this allegation were true, then Scotland would have to be an independent country, but Scotland is part of a Union.

Technically and legally Scotland didn’t vote to stay in the European Union.

The SNP plan to pass sovereignty over to Brussels control shows quite clearly that the SNP isn’t interested in a sovereign Scottish Nation.

Civic Nationalism therefore isn’t about independence for Scotland, if you are a diehard Nationalist; you are awaking up to the fact that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have betrayed you all the way down the line.

It is right that Westminster makes the decisions on what is a reserved matter; they retain “ultimate” authority, they carry the can if there is failure.

The UK Government’s Great Repeal Bill to end Brussels supremacy is in the national security and economic security of Scotland.

So, why isn’t Nicola Sturgeon defending Scotland?

In fact at a local level, Nicola Sturgeon can’t even defend local residents in the Govanhill area; recently she was forced to flee as her office was found to have rat infestation. Sturgeon removed her and her staff out of the warzone, presumably by van and not by helicopter.

Downing Street has been firm on Brexit, however, arguments is being made for ‘soft’ Brexit access to the single market which would retain freedom of movement, this is completely unacceptable to the British people and would be a disaster for the Conservatives.

I said it before I will say it again, the SNP are now finding out as are the Scottish public that the Scottish National Party is in fact total irrelevant not just on the World stage but also domestically in the UK.

The bottom line was expressed by a source close to the Prime Minister:

“We will engage with the devolved authorities as we prepare the bill, but foreign affairs are ultimately a reserved matter.”

Sending out a mug to bat in the shape of SNP Brexit minister Michael Russell, he said at the weekend that the repeal bill would require approval through an LCM as it would impact on a host of devolved issues.

Russell is a loser and although appointed as a SNP Brexit minister, it is just a phoney little title which has no real power or authority behind it.

A sham!

Scottish Secretary David Mundell said:

“I haven’t seen the evidence that would suggest that a legislative consent motion is required by the Scottish Parliament. Leaving the EU and foreign affairs are a reserved matter, so ultimately it is for the UK Government to determine the arrangements for the UK leaving the EU. The First Minister, the Scottish Government, everyone aware of the situation; are very aware that Scottish Parliament does not have a veto over the UK leaving the EU.”

So, there you are Nicola Sturgeon’s government is effectively shut out of decision making, they won’t probably be in the room when the real talking gets started, what role does SNP Brexit minister Michael Russell have other than a minor character who will end up in a couple of photos.

The SNP want constant constitutional friction between London and Edinburgh to deflect attention away from their multiple failures as a government in tackling the big issues which they are directly responsible for and failing to acknowledge beyond platitudes.

SNP sources last night accepted Westminster would have the last word on Brexit, saying Ms Sturgeon “has never threatened to veto Brexit”, although it had been misreported that way.

Maybe the SNP delusionalists need to read this:

“The nationalist Scottish First Minister fielded her Brexit minister Mike Russell to try to claim that the Scottish Parliament could block the democratic will of the UK to leave the EU”.

She sends her monkey out to speak instead?

A SNP source said:

“We think there should be an LCM. But is Westminster going to give us it? Why would they? If even if they did, and Holyrood voted against, Westminster could over-ride it.”

The key word in this rubbish is ‘should’, what should means is that the SNP have no legal right at any level to stop anything to do with Brexit, they are ‘milking the situation’ because they wish to tap in a section of the population who are gullible and stupid enough to blindly follow them and not ask questions.

All that Nicola Sturgeon has left in the political ammo locker is grievance, and although the SNP have made a career of manufacturing over decades, eventually there comes a time when it will blow up in their faces.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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