Thursday, October 27, 2016

‘Inform Scotland’ launch Anti-BBC billboard campaign across Scotland, for an organisation which fights anti-bias, why is their website 100% bias in selecting only pro indy authors to comment, these people obviously missed the irony, they can’t even match the professional standards of the BBC who they complain about!

Dear All

Did you by any chance watch the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie?

Jesse Eisenberg says a memorable quote:

‘The Red Capes are coming, the Red Capes are coming’.

In Scotland, we don’t have the Red Capes, but we do have the Scottish equivalents, the ‘Yes Loonies’.

So, what is a Yes Loonie?

A Yes Loonie is the equivalent of a brainwashed moron, blinded by the hatred fostered and developed by the SNP leadership.

The Yes Loonie thinks that Nicola Sturgeon is going to deliver them Freedom aka independence, but she isn’t, it’s all what is called ‘the big lie’.

No freedom, no independence, no nirvana and no milk and honey. If Sturgeon gets her way, Bonnie Scotland wouldn't be a dynamic exciting country; it will look like an upgraded Calais Jungle, a larger version of Govanhill.

A place were a proud Scot will have little to be proud of, probably he or she wouldn’t have job, won’t be socially mobile, will live in hellhole conditions and have no future not for them or their kids.

The Yes Loonies have decided to launch an Anti-BBC billboard campaign, during the Scottish Independence campaign, the Yes Loonies staked out the BBC, as if it was the propaganda wing of the Westminster Government.  

The idea was simple; they wanted the BBC to stop asking the hard questions about the flawed plans of the SNP for independence, questions relating to will be able to pay for our services such as the NHS?

Questions on currency, questions on a central bank, questions questions, questions, which the SNP had no answers to beyond soundbites!

The Yes Loonie doesn’t question, the Yes Loonie doesn’t use logic; the Yes Loonie is as I mentioned a brainwashed moron. Like a kid in a sand box who discovers for the first time the wonder of making a sand castle and thinks they are building their own little universe.

Yes Loonies raised £8,000, what did they achieve?

Well, the £8,000 got them some free PR in the press, but the PR isn’t good press, just another reminder how intolerant the SNP have made Scotland, a country split and a country divided.

The genie is out of the bottle, and it’s full of hate.

Here is a classic example of a brain washed moron:

“The vote was won through lies threats and intimidation, spread by Project fear, and of course the British Brain washing Corp”.

A reply to this Hamish guy said:

“Hamish. The vote was lost because it was an ill-conceived, poorly prepared and amateurishly presented pile of crap that no one, apart from nationailst nut jobs, could even think as being remotely viable was being offered”.

Was it ill-conceived?

Was it poorly prepared?

Was it amateurishly presented?

Was it a pile of crap?

The answer to question 1 is yes, the vision was ill-conceived because Alex Salmond thought a few balloons and a ‘jolly fat man’ act would win over Scots.

The answer to question 2, poor prepared, yes, again, the idea of a 650 white paper full of bland statements with no detail shows how much the SNP leadership are out of their depth.

The answer to question 3, yes, for the third time, Nicola Sturgeon wearing her daft penguin coat and looking like a reject out of a Batman movie was a pathetic joke as she bumbled along trying to be the caring face of independence and failed.

The answer to question 4, yes, the entire thing was strung together and was a pile of crap, the only thing which worked was the Yessers had a better ground operation, it was better than Better Together who loaded up their organisation with Labour people who weren’t up to the task. The Labour Campaign at the time which more or less centred on running around on a bus and Jim Murphy standing on irn bru crates was probably in their eyes, the highlights of their campaign.

Anti-BBC billboard campaign will not sway public opinion, it just reinforces the concept in people’s minds that the SNP and their ‘allies’ want to shut down the press in Scotland. And we all remember what happened to the political editor on STV.

If it happens once you can just write it off, but how many times now have the Nationalist camp tried to gag the press now?

Professor John Robertson, who recently retired as a professor of media politics is acting apparently as a spokesman for ‘Inform Scotland’.

So, who are ‘Inform Scotland’ since they are putting up much of the cash for the billboards?

Well, after doing a google search, I have yet to find anything about them significant; they don’t seem to have much of a history on the web apart from:

I am putting their link in this post in the interests of fairness, and I urge you to pop in and sniff about their Website.

One of the people listed as authors is Rev. Stuart Campbell who runs the discredited Wings Over Scotland site, he is an out and out tool!

Unlike the BBC who allow people to come on and dissent, the inform Scotland appears not to have anyone listed as an author to put a counter view!

100% bias!

The Inform Scotland group accuses the BBC of distorting the news agenda and aims to draw public's attention to "the ways in which they are being lied to."

This is a serious charge to make, should the BBC have not asked the difficult questions, should the BBC not have challenged the lies of the Yes Camp?

Apparently the Yes Loonies in Scotland think that they have a God given right to access state media, change the news agenda and deceive the public because it is entirely ‘justified’ because they want Scottish Independence.  
I remember Professor John Robertson when his previously published research flagged up claims of bias by the BBC, he is fronting the ‘Inform Scotland’ Group; maybe the dear old Prof should turn a critical eye over his own lot?

Maybe before getting on a high horse, he should help the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon get her shit in order first before shouting the odds about anyone else.

Recently at the SNP Conference, the delegates and others were treated to a billboard campaign by Scotland in Union as they attended their Conference, now we have ‘catch up’ by Inform Scotland, copy cats, where’s their big ideas?

Apparently according to the publishers they intend to stick up much more material in the coming weeks and months.

The SNP distanced itself from the poster campaign, saying it had nothing to do with it and did not support it.

That is what the SNP are saying in public but as we all know and I am sure Professor John Robertson can research, the SNP leadership and allies have already been outed as liars, so why should we believe a word they say since they are already tainted.

The SNP and their allies lied, lied and lied again all the way to the vote on 18th September 2014, that part of history can never be re-written or flowered up as a ‘good news’ item by Inform Scotland or anyone else.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

I considered Rev. Campbell to be a write off the minute he endorsed James Connelly. Showing where HIS loyalties truly lie, so he was.

David Stewart said...

The crowd funded fake Rev with his $10 'doctorate' is an interesting phenomenon. Personally I wonder when he might deign to join us in the workers paradise he has toiled so hard to try to create. Of course since Indy campaigners are the only true Scots and so morally superior to anyone else, it is acceptable for them to have to hold their noses and lie occasionally in the interests of the common good.

Anonymous said...

I am really surprised no one has filled the wee fucker in