Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The weariness of the long distance grievance merchant, Alex Salmond wades into the American Presidential debate to call Republican Candidate Donald Trump a 'Man-child' citing Trump poses security danger to US, the jealousy and envy of a has-been is pitiful to watch, Salmond’s time in politics is over

Dear All

‘Pot calling the kettle black’!

You may have heard that expression in the past on your travels if you keep your ear to the ground.

In the early hours of the 19th September 2014, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond took a historic petted lip and resigned as First Minister after he, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP were rejected by the majority of Scots over independence.

I said it before I will say it again, Scotland will not vote for independence under the SNP.

One monir addition to the humiliation heaped on Salmond was the barring of reporters, one of whom Salmond had chosen to belittle during the campaign.

Salmond left the Office of First Minister a beaten man, Scotland rejoiced as Mr. Smug scuttle away tail between his legs.

So, having become irrelevant politically, Salmond also departed Holyrood for Westminster, a last gasp attempt to try and find a stage to strut.

Now, this political failure who craves attention has decided to try and push his way into the American political debate.

Salmond has described Donald Trmp as a 'Manchild', this is a hoot when you consider Salmond married a woman old enough to be his mother. As well as the dig at Trump, Salmond also says that Trump is "a real and present danger" to US security, according to Alex Salmond.

When did Salmond become a defence expert?

This is the guy who wanted an independent Scotland to have a standing army of 15,000 and his party said soldiers could have a job for life in the military.

Could you imagine 65 year old soldiers defending Scotland?

So, what does Alex Salmond know about the US?

Well he knows how to get expensive hotel accommodation paid for by the British taxpayers.

People in Scotland living in poverty and this character dives into the trough of taxpayers with no regard because he can.

Is Salmond so important that he rates a £2,900 a night luxury hotel?

To add weight to his argument (aye right), Salmond says Trump is emotionally akin to Peter Pan and can swing from "bonhomie to bullying" in a single phone call.

Does he bar reporters Alex?

The SNP don’t want a Trump win because they stripped Donald Trump of a phoney Ambassador’s position by Nicola Sturgeon, the deadbeat First Minister.

The sight of Nicola Sturgeon crawling back to Trump on her hands on her knees trying to rewrite history would be delicious to see her squirm.

My thoughts about her removal at the time were basically that she did it as a catchy vote catcher for the Muslim Community who she totally relies onto get elected in Glasgow Southside, which the Govanhill ghetto sits in.

Salmond fell out with Trump when he refsed to back the release of Al Megrahi who was found guilty of committing the Lockerbie bombing. Such was the contempt the SNP held Trump in that they wrote a pre written letter for him to sign to back the SNP position.

Trump rightly refused to go along with this stupid idea.

Then after this, the windfarm situation blew up, the SNPO Goivernment determine to punish Trump by refusing to move a wind farm out of sight of a major development and creation of an Aberdeenshire golf course.

The pettiness of this action was classic Salmond, the technical term on a sink housing estate is ‘knob behaviour’.

Trump’s star is rising in the USA because he says what people want to hear and expect to hear from someone who want to stick up for his people.

When did Salmond stuck up for Scotland except when it ran parallel to the SNP’s interests?

It looks like Donald Trump is a possible future President of the US, people are having second thoughts about Hillary Clinton, I have to say if I was an American, I vote Trump, and campaign for Trump all the way.

As to Alex Salmond, forget about him, his time is gone, there is no return to the front line, Nicola Sturgeon has nothing in her life to stand aside for, and then there is the hefty pay packet and the ‘selfies’ with kids to consider.

This story is about a political has-been who is jealous and envious of someone getting ahead in life to high political office which is out of his reach.

Maybe Salmond should run back to his wife who is old enough to be his mother and get some advice on being an adult and why people in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   


Al C said...

So what do you reckon, George? Are you calling the result for Trump or Hilary? Part of me thinks Clinton is going to secure it and that Trump won't have enough to win, but another part of me suspects that Clinton is the same tired old material being reworked, while Trump offers something new in comparison.

G Laird said...

Hi Al C

I think if I was going to bet, then Trump seems the logical and the people's choice.


george wynne said...

Yer a Star George a True British Hero

Sherbie. said...

I hope Trump becomes President.

Anonymous said...

Cracking article, why is this bloated whale still hanging about the political scene?

Anonymous said...

Alex Salmond is a hero in his own mind lead the SNP to a total defeat.

Anonymous said...

the cunt that never stops giving , dear god please make him die