Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Reclaiming the word ‘Dyke’, SNP MP Joanna Cherry says 'regrets' offence caused by homophobic slur at independence event which she called "hilariously irreverent satire", it seems SNP MPs can use specific homophobic language and get away with it under Nicola Sturgeon’s weak leadership, where’s the suspension Nicola?

Dear All

It has been said and with some justification that the current crop of SNP MPs aren’t very good, in fact you could put hand on heart and say what a disgrace to Scotland they are.

From the moment they hit Westminster right up to the present they have been a feral mob whether in the House of Commons acting like fools or beyond acting like fools.

The SNP do show the public one thing, anyone can be an MP regardless of talent or not, you don’t need brains, you don’t need merit, you don’t need ability in the SNP, it is purely a matter of does your face fits.

SNP MP Joanna Cherry is in the spotlight at present for tweeting enjoyment at what was dubbed "hilariously irreverent satire" from the comedy group Witsherface. This group did a spoof rap battle at Sunday's Scottish Independence Convention in Glasgow with a character called "Ruth 'Dykey' D".

Although the arts are and tend to be liberal, the political context of the event cannot be ignored nor the target which in this case is Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson.
During the rap, the character went on to make a series of inappropriate sexual comments to someone playing the 22-year-old SNP MP Mhairi Black, who is also LGBT. Black, the MP also has an act, playing the character of someone who is working class while staying in an expensive middle class house in Ralston. You could argue that is more like humour as she ‘rips the piss’ out of the punters in Paisley while playing one of the ‘mucker’ brigade.

I have met Ruth Davidson a couple in passing, mostly at politics things where I say a quick hi in passing, so what she must have made of this ‘event’ is anyone’s guess.

So, what is Joanna Cherry’s claim to fame, what makes her a ‘Nationalist’?

During the Scottish independence she  set up the "Lawyers for Yes" campaign group, this was SNP trying to convince the legal profession to back independence which incidentally they didn’t.

Lawyers for Yes, Poles for Yes, French for Yes, Rangers for Yes, Celtic for Yes, Youth for Yes, LGBT for Yes all add up to one thing……. Shit, a con trick to try and create voter caches which doesn’t work.

The multi organisation idea was to give the false impression that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon had a whole country in their corner and that they were leading them to independence when the opposite was true.

Salmond and Sturgeon were a pair of con merchants who tried to dupe people into putting their financial future on the line and that of their kids, on a bet, a bet that was to be seen later on to be made on a totally flawed prospectus.

Scotland if independent right now would be bankrupt and add to it, the lifeline that the SNP wanted from the EU wouldn’t exist, another lie feed to the masses. Four EU countries already have expressed their desire to block Scotland from joining the EU.


Internal domestic politics in their own countries which they wish to keep in check.

So lets get back to SNP MP Joanna Cherry, she has decided to say that she ‘regrets’ any offence caused, but you have to ask is this the same as apologising?

Clearly the answer in my opinion is no, her rationale is that she was among the ‘gay’ women who had reclaimed the term and she now 'used it proudly.'

She added:

"I understand others are not comfortable with it and while the event and performance were not organised by me or the SNP I regret the offence that was caused."

Cherry can ‘claim’ what she wants but charity Stonewall Scotland condemning use of the word 'dyke' which it cites as a specific example of homophobic language.

So, there you are, there is an SNP MP called Joanna Cherry who says she is actively  using the term ‘dyke’ which is regarded as  homophobic language and Nicola Sturgeon is quite happy and willing to sit back and let that happen.

The SNP membership love to smear and brand people homophobic now senior members get carte blanche to toss the word ‘dyke’ about the place when it suits them.

A spokesman for the SNP said:

"We condemn any form of homophobia - this was not an SNP event."

Oh someone is a tad sensitive it seems.

Finally, will Joanna Cherry be disciplined for what she did by the SNP leadership, the answer is probably no, the Civic Nationalists are a bunch of hypocrites.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Sherbie. said...

When will we be told about the 2 police investigations into Natallie McGarry MP and Michelle Thompson MP? This is taking FAR TOO LONG. This is now looking like A POLICE COVER UP.
Ohhh, Joanna Cherry MP,,, a waste of space, an overpaid one at that.