Monday, September 26, 2016

Charge, the cgi war scene- a George Laird Production

Dear All

Have you ever been given a task or had to learn something and hadn't a scoobie?

I got myself Photoshop to help me learn about set extensions, set extensions are a way of enhancing your scene in a movie when you can't afford to build the real thing like actual sets which are expensive. So, I created this set extension picture as a learning project and then afterwards thought I wouldn't mind using it in a clip.

I brought the picture into after effects and added in some fire and smoke assets, then I thought, I wouldn't mind some sort of action, so I got what is called an obj sequence which when animated gives the impression of movement. An Obj sequence can be used in various software programmes then rendered out, but if you don't get the position right you have to scrap it and start back at the drawing board.

As luck would have it I used a plug in, in after effects which allowed me to put the animation where I wanted it, then created a 3d camera to fine tune the position of the troops as they charged across the field. I then created what is called an obscure matte so that the troops appear to be behind the big rock on the right side which gives the illusion of depth.

Then using keyframes, I animated what is called the Z position to move the troops forward which gives the appearance that they are running along charging towards an enemy, the obj sequence only gives them the ability to move on the same spot, key framing and the Z position allows them forward motion, hence you see them running across.

The sound was a clip which I found online which was an MP4 sound clip converted to be an MP3 clip which found on youtube some time ago.

For ages, I was stumped using photoshop then I went to a website that sells matte paintings, watch their videos and others and something just clicked, I am not an expert but at least I have a better understanding then I previously did.

Everyone should try and learn something through-out their life just to keep up with technology, you never know when it might come in useful.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the clip.



Anonymous said...

Well done mate

Anonymous said...

brilliant georgieboy

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

This is clearly software you can have fun with. I agree about keeping up with technology. From what you say, the learning curve here looks pretty scary.

My equivalent is recording, tab editing and drum emulation software allied to guitar and bass instruments. My last gig was in 1972. Serious learning curve! However, I am having big fun and persisting towards my goals.

As us (wannabe) musicians say: "keep on picking".

Auld Jock