Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The loss of reality: Nick Clegg says it would be difficult to fight against a second Scottish independence and put up a "compelling case" because of Scots who voted to remain in EU, Clegg wasn’t a player in the 2014 fight, he won’t be a player in any future fight either, he needs to smell the ‘Brexit’ Coffee and wake up

Dear All

Ex Leader of the Lib Dems Nick Clegg sold out his party in 2010 and went into Government with the Conservatives, the Lib Dems acted as human shields for Tory cuts; the Tories played a blinder using them.

After betraying the public of a pledge which Clegg had no intention of keeping the public turned on the Lib Dems and now in Westminster they are reduced to a mere handful in the House of Commons.

Being a liar in politics is nothing new to some people however, when you do it to the public there can be consequences, and in 2015, the backlash came, people waited five years to get their displeasure known.

Now in 2016, Nick Clegg has decided to comment on Scottish independence, he says fighting a second Scottish independence referendum would be very difficult. You may ask what the difficulty in his mind is, wrongly he thinks that the EU Brexit vote would cause Scots to want independence so they could join the EU as a member state.

This is nonsense, 1.6 million Scots voted to stay in the EU, 1 million Scots voted to leave, the Leave Campaign had scarce resources, people and time, ranged against them all the main political parties.

If you can get a million people to vote against the EU, that is a sizeable base of support and it should be noted that a large number of Nationalists don’t want an independent Scotland to then be ruled by Brussels.

As to the Unionists who voted for the EU because doom was predicted, they will see in time that leaving was the best option. The EU is falling apart, the far right is rising and social cohesion is breaking down.

The important thing to note about Europe is that people are politically mobilising against the elite and they are using the ballot box to replace the failed leaders who are all signed up to the same agenda right across Europe.

There is no ‘compelling case’ for independence for Scotland at this point in time, people will not vote for independence under the Scottish National Party.

The last independence campaign split the country into what some people term the ‘Ulsterisation of Scottish Politics.

Over 2 million Scots voted to stay in the UK, the result was decisive by a large margin; the majority of the NO vote was from people who had been failed and disillusioned by the Westminster parties who had ignored and actively made their situation worse.
People who had nothing, no hope, no future and no life chances wanted out of the UK, they were conned by the SNP with the promise of a better tomorrow, which was a lie spun and shoved down their throats as if independence was some kind of party where substance could be replaced by spin.

Scotland wasn’t taken out of the EU against its wishes because the vote in June 2016 was a UK vote, I didn’t vote as a Scot, I voted as a UK Citizen. All that Clegg is doing is promoting the SNP lie that Scotland isn’t really part of the UK for his own ends, and that is to create dissent so that politicians ‘listening’ call for a second EU referendum.

There will be no second EU referendum.

If the current Westminster government doesn’t deliver, they will out via the ballot box, the attempt to try and get Brexit into the Commons for a vote will fail.

What Clegg, a stauch Europhile is doing is simply shit stirring, and I would say the reason is that there is another agenda, and that agenda is called ‘Federalism’.

I have long suspected that the political class in different parties want ‘Federalism’ pushed on the British people and have done so for some considerable time.

The idea is that ‘Federalism’ will save the UK, it won’t; it is the last chance saloon before independence.  

The political elite are pushing for federalism, the people aren’t, this should tell you a story, there is no appetite at present for Federalism; people want the UK to stay as is at this point in time.

What will destroy the UK is the same thing which is destroying Europe.

One thing else that Clegg touched on was him predicting that Britain could have a government of “national unity” within five or 10 years. The reason cited by him is that voters have lost faith in the politicians.

In truth many people have lost faith in politicians’ ability to solve Britain’s problems and the numbers who think this are going, and in Scotland a sizeable proportion of the public are disenfranchised in more or less all spheres of society.

Hence 1.6 million voting to leave the United Kingdom for various reasons in Scotland, the poor working class haven’t found the voice that they will rally behind who articulate their views, Scotland is in political flux, the people know what they don’t want. Some parties are at present being used as vehicles for a protest vote, the SNP is one, but the Voters journey doesn’t end there, it is a stopover position.

Nick Clegg didn’t fight the campaign to save the Union in Scotland, he has his own agenda and that is not in sync with the people of Scotland.

Clegg led his party into the wilderness, and people have long memories and aren’t likely to forgive what the Lib Dems done, betrayal has consequences and I doubt the people will be willing to give him a platform.

Saving the Union in Scotland is easy, however that means helping the poor, not just giving hope but giving them a future, this is the real rub of the problem in Scotland, something that Nicola Sturgeon and her feral mob have capitalised on for their benefit.

European Union membership is over in the minds of the people in this country, and there is no going back, no second referendum and no vote in parliament which will change that position.

And we really are better off out of Europe!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

He is a fucking clown a nobody mates with Leononce Brittan and Cyril Nonce Smith....shady as fuck oh and he is an arsonist


Anonymous said...

Bollocks to Nick Clegg - I stupidly voted for him because I really thought that he was an alternative to the Labour-Tory paradigm. So much for that - never again! He can piss off, he's all washed up.