Friday, September 2, 2016

The Sham of Nicola Sturgeon National Conversation exposed, No hard border after independence says Sturgeon as she asks for views of 2 million Scots, so Sturgeon wants you to speak but doesn’t want to listen, SNP will do want they want regardless, Summer indy drive grounds to a halt out of her own mouth pretty quickly

Dear All

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says she is in listening mode, the reason for this ‘tactic’ is the SNP bereft of ideas on how to win over No voters cannot find a way around the 2 million Scots who rejected them in 2014.

I said it before I will say it again, Scotland will NOT vote for independence under the Scottish National Party.

A few years ago someone said to me about the current talent in Scottish politics, ‘is that all there is’, and lamented about it.

So, let’s get back to Nicola Sturgeon in listening mode, she wants views!

If she wants views then you might be tempted to think that everything is up for discussion, sadly it isn’t, having lost indy and the plot, the latest Sturgeonesque nonsense is another sham conversation.

Immigration is a key topic in the EU, the political consensus is not to listen to the public beyond lip services and increase immigration.

No one in politics wants to be called a racist so there is no real debate on immigration unless politicians fear people power such as was exercised in the EU referendum, the people spoke and the politicians didn’t like it.

Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t seem to have a problem making claims that she cannot deliver, her latest is to say that there will be no hard border after independence. This is a gift which she cannot guarantee and is therefore worthless.

If and it that is incredibly unlikely Scotland would to sign up to her indy nightmare, Sturgeon would take Scotland into the failed EU project which as the migrant crisis shows is incapable of reform, and heading towards a European Superstate. Just as Sturgeon objects to ‘English’ rule at present, she has no problem being signed up to ‘Brussels’ rule.

One million Scots voted to leave the EU in the recent referendum and for good reason; the EU is designed for big business and is anti-country and anti-worker. 

Why does Sturgeon want to join the EU?

Access to the European Central Bank as a backstop for Scotland’s finances, and that means the idea of a Scottish Currency is a temporary measure to get Scots on board for independence and then the currency will be dumped.

Dumped for the Euro!

If you read up on Greece, we would end up in as equally bad a mess as them, leading to severe problems in this country, the SNP are incompetent, this isn’t a revelation it’s the facts, in devolved areas such as health and education, their part time approach to doing the day job and policy is clear to see.

Chaos, especially in an underfunded health service!    

As part of her argument for no hard border, Sturgeon cites Ireland as an example, it is true that you can wander across the border as freely as you can walk down any street in Glasgow, however Ireland doesn’t have a land border with England.

Scotland does, so the border will have to be put up, and if you remember the SNP want to bring in a million people to settle in Scotland, one in every six person wouldn’t be a Scot, and in the main wouldn’t have a job either.

As Scotland is financially broke where exactly would the money come from to pay for these people and the infrastructure needed to service them?



From your savings if Sturgeon does a ‘money grab’ on the banks?

From massive tax hikes, already at current population levels you need 14 % tax rises, add in a million people extra and your tax bill is heading north of 20% extra I would suggest conservatively. 

Scotland isn’t a rich country, if we were we wouldn’t need food banks, we wouldn’t see cuts to council budgets, government budgets, we are being lied to about the national wealth of this country.

Sturgeon says the arguments for and against separating from the rest of the UK had been changed utterly by the vote to leave the European Union.

Do you see the type of rubbish coming out of her mouth, nothing has changed in the Scottish independence constitutional debate; the majority of Scots want to stay part of the United Kingdom which unlike Europe is starting to pull ahead as Europe under the EU does the opposition.

Is there logic in hitching your country to a falling star?

Any independence campaign would be a re-run of the 2014 because the same people would be involved, and there isn’t a lot of talent in the SNP, it’s a cult who seems to exist to serve them using tax payer’s money.

At the less than historic launch in Stirling Sturgeon announced a dedicated website where members of the public can give their views on independence. You can expect that to be nonsense if it is public, SNP believe in censorship and suppression of free speech as their elected members operate a ‘block list’ on social media.

Nicola Sturgeon had her chance in 2014, the SNP are irrelevant now; the public just need to catch up to the George Laird view, their role in Scottish politics is as a protest vessel not an instrument of change.

As to getting out her members to do unpaid labour, the SNP are using this situation to ask their 120,000 SNP members to go out and canvas the views of 15 people each over the next three months.

In case you don’t know what this means, activism in the SNP must be dropping and they want up to date data for the 2017 council elections.

Independence is just a con trick for elections, hold out a carrot where no exists, amazing how some people are still falling for it, support for the SNP will start to slide inside and outside the party, and Sturgeon knows she is can’t hold back time.

Maybe she should as people keep saying, ‘do the day job’!

Finally, no hard border means that terrorists can travel freely with their weapons and cover a wider area, borders exist for good reason, maybe someone should explain that to Sturgeon patently she doesn't get it. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

If you plan to write blogs that aim to engage people, please check your writing for spelling and grammatical mistakes before it is published.

Also, I suggest you make it short, to the point and perhaps end it with a call to action.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

“If you plan to write blogs that aim to engage people, please check your writing for spelling and grammatical mistakes before it is published”.

Mucho gracias.

I do as you correctly point out have spelling mistakes in posts from time to time, it is the bane of my life, but what can you do, except correct when these are pointed out, and sometimes I find them while re-reading!

”Also, I suggest you make it short, to the point and perhaps end it with a call to action”.

You read the post?

What kind of call to action do you suggest?

Best Regards


G Laird said...

Dear Anon

I forgot to mention as of writing this comment 1555 views of this post, you are the first complaint.


David Gibson said...

Reads to me more as a very relevant point of view, I don't think a call to action is needed.

Smudge said...

Bollicks to Anon George. Spelling mistakes happen to us all at times. Pity that plonker anon never got onto Sturgeon and her bunch of SNP dimwits, for telling blatant lies, fiddlng taxpayers money and getting away with it,, SNP MP's under police investigation ( big cover up really). Racist MP's, anti Jewish MP's, adulterous MP's, Massive liars,, Seria
expenses grabbing leeches like Robertson, childish, dummy throwers like Wishart, etc, the list goes on and on,, Salmond and the alledged missing 50k,, Joan Macalpine who should have been SACKED for mis-appropriation of public money,,,,, shocking.SNP, a shameless, shambles of a party, destroying Scotland by the day.

Anonymous said...

dear George when will this madness end?

Anonymous said...

The problem with being ahead of the curve, George. You end up feeling like this guy:

Anonymous said...

Well here's another ! I thought I had stumbled upon a parallel universe when I read this pish.

Anonymous said...

Why are so many people criticizing grammar and punctuation? If they are able to read and understand the message what does it matter, there is something a lot more important going on in the world right now, than being able to spell correctly and make sure what we write is punctuated correctly. Come on people, lets get our priorities right! And as for the OP I agree with your views 100%, if she has her way and by some miracle did win the vote for independence there absolutely would be a hard border between England and Scotland and Scotland would have to pay their share towards it. We are not closing our borders only to allow refugees to enter through Scotland. I really wish the woman would learn to button it or go and reside in Germany since she seems to favor them over the UK.

Orkid. music said...

What a load of nonsense. Unpopular? Nicola was voted in with a majority. Ruth and Kezia, now that's Unpopular. More unionist unsupported, sensationalist drivel.

Orkid. music said...

Complete sensationalist drivel. We're getting on with job while yoons like yourself post badly constructed blogs with no basis in facts or figures.

Anonymous said...

Sturgeon is an utter fool, well done for having the courage to speak out against this tawdry character who is doing Scotland down and holding the people in utter contempt. I wonder who thought it was a good idea to try and pass off a survey looking like it came from the Scottish Government, the SNP are all about deception George.

Anonymous said...

when u don't have an argument resort to spelling and grammar attacks, the snp mantra allways attack.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

To give you a heads up on views this post 3360 views since I put it up.


Scud McClumf said...

Keep up the good work George

Anonymous said...

the vermin are out in force Georgieboy , clearly the faithful are rattled

Anonymous said... seems the wee fud is from Canada

Wayne Easton said...

Hi George,
Interesting blog & as far as I'm concerned you utter the truth with regards the claims & aspirations of the SNP. Their hopes & wishes for the future belong in the realms of fantasy-land.'Sharing Sterling'?, soft borders?, re-joining the E.U., clearly they're jumping out of a tepid frying pan into a fire. With regards typos & spelling errors... well [sh]it happens.
Wayne (Nor-east Aberdeenshire)

Anonymous said...

the trawling for info Geo is the SNP making up their own national database for sinister purposes?

Unknown said...

Utter garbbage keep tikin the tablets min

Anonymous said...

Nice balanced opinion piece there...