Thursday, September 29, 2016

Out of her depth, Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon is rebuffed by Westminster as they lay down the law, No special migration deal for Scotland following Brexit vote, UK acts swiftly to prevent fears of mini migrant crisis developing in UK, Sturgeon is incapable of leadership

Dear All

When the historic vote on the membership of European Union took place, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP backed the unelected and unaccountable EU elite who are firmly in the pockets of the large corporations and big business.

What was the Brexit vote about, this is an issue being looked at by the London School of Economics, the symptom are well known such as immigration, EU corruption, EU red tape, all just symptoms.

The real issue is sovereignty.

Sovereignty isn’t just a matter for the UK, this is fast becoming the number one topic in Europe; already there is talk about a new reform vision of Europe. In places like Austria, the issue of national identity is starting to find an audience, in France, the issue has traction, in Germany; Angela Merkel by her own stupidity has lost the goodwill of the German people and her party voters and seats in various elected bodies.

Europe is set for change, in Scotland, we have Nicola Sturgeon playing ‘catch up’ on Europe still cling to an EU dream which day by day is dying, you don’t set a nation towards a failed project like the EU, but Sturgeon is driven by dogma.

When the result of Brexit came in and the Leave campaign won hands down, the shockwaves rippled not just in Europe but in the UK, almost immediately the Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP tried to portray Scotland as voting Yes to the EU in what was a UK wide vote.

Then Nicola Sturgeon was saying that she would block Brexit as if this jumped up little irrelevant individual held any sway with the UK Government.

Even now, Sturgeon talked about a constitutional crisis over Brexit going to the UK Supreme Court as if that case had a snowball’s chance in hell.

Brexit is coming!

A minor whine of the SNP has been immigration whether it is getting full control or the minor issue of the student visa post degree work experience racket.

Anything to cause trouble seems to be the motto!

But the winds are now blowing against Sturgeon and her ilk, the UK Government has said that the SNP Government will get no special migration deal following the Brexit vote. This speaks volumes, the issue of the single market is a hot potato and the end of free movement is a central issue for the Conservatives to take on-board.

Sometime ago, I recommended that the EU needed to adopt an internal EU immigration policy, I have from time to time repeated this call, some of my other ideas such the EU wide Border Force have been adopted, people seem to be thinking along the same lines as me, except I think of it first.

Freedom of movement isn’t controlled in the EU, it ignores the needs of Members States and it impinges of sovereignty, it has to go. My position on immigration is that immigration is good; too much immigration however is bad and destroys social cohesion for all of society. The migrant crisis has been a disaster for Europe; even Merkel admits too late she got it wrong, because now her political future is on the line.

Actually Merkel has used up all her political capital, she is a liability now, already inside in her own people are turning on her.      
Nicola Sturgeon is a poorman’s Angela Merkel, she even tries to mimic her hand gestures but Sturgeon is an out and out fraud, she is a ‘hollow man’ someone in politics who has no real beliefs, other than her failed independence dream now dead and buried for at least 30 years or more.

Talk of new Scottish Independence referendum in 2018 by Alex Salmond et al all a pipe dream, a delusion and utter rubbish.

Sturgeon said in a speech that avoiding limits on migration from Europe was crucial for Scotland; a “country that has an imperative to grow our population” in order to deal with a skills gap in its workforce and an ageing population.

As to the skills gap, the SNP had damaged the prospects of indigenous people to get skills as the cuts to the college sector clearly show, The SNP apparently wanted to grow Scotland’s population by 1 million people, one person in every six would be a foreigner. There aren’t the jobs, housing, and infrastructure to support the SNP immigration plans.

If Scotland is flooded by cheap unskilled labour, then the problems of Europe will be not a distance memory in a faraway land, but right on our doorstep, will Scotland be the Scotland we know?

No, it would be utterly destroyed.

SNP civic nationalism is a fraud;, it is about telling people who are not Scots that by Nicola’s magic wand she grants them citizenship, a tactic of the regressive left to form voter caches.

Westminster will not bend to the SNP’s demands, they will be rejected out of hand, not even a crumb or a sop to Sturgeon but a form no; immigration must and should be a reserve matter.

This week, Sturgeon wrongly has said there was “no clear mandate for a hard Brexit,” and that retaining membership of the European single market with free movement of people appeared the “most obvious consensus position that we should try to work towards”.

Wrong on both counts, a majority of the people in a UK wide vote for Brexit; and as to freedom of movement and the single market, as I mentioned freedom of movement must end and access to the single market should not depend on being blackmailed.

Nicola Sturgeon is not a statesman, speaking of emigration; it appears that Ms. Sturgeon has decided to flee the Govanhill hellhole by crossing the psychological barrier of Cathcart Road, it wasn’t war, it wasn’t a mini migrant crisis, apparently not having fixed her slum; the place she was camped out in became rat infested.

It is laughable to me that Nicola Sturgeon should even raise the migration and control over borders in intergovernmental discussions. You have to wonder as the Westminster politicians sit there listening to her babble, on whether or not they are thinking as many do in Scotland.


You don’t give a kid matches in case they burn the house down why should Sturgeon be given control of immigration to cause a mini migrant crisis in the UK.

The SNP are a party of protest, they are not a party of government, their failure on devolved issues is clearly and widely known, I don’t see allowing Sturgeon to create an unregulated highway into the UK for migrants as being a realistic prospect.

After all you don’t as I said give a kid matches, nor would you give a drunk car keys, so why would you want to give a totally shallow hollow woman who is entirely vacuous, inept, fake, insincere and untrustworthy more power which would end up abused.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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on fire georgieboy

Jim said...

Ashamed to say I voted snp,having listening to nicola sturgeon rambling on about needing to sink our country with ever increasing numbers of immigrants I as well as wanting to keep us in the EU had enough of this shit NEVER AGAIN WILL I VOTE SNP.