Monday, August 15, 2016

The Dream will never die 2, the sequel; Nicola Sturgeon paints herself into a corner over Second IndyRef as UK Government tries to delay Brexit until 2019, she built people’s hopes up to con them into providing cheap labour for the council elections, the gullible will fall for it, not anyone with any sense

Dear All

Having made fools of themselves again by harking on about a second independence referendum, the SNP and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon have set themselves up for a massive fall.

SNP activists are under the unreal impression that a second indy ref is coming down the pipeline after the SNP leadership issued threats of Brexit was a trigger.

The trigger was pulled on 23 rd June, and guess what, Nicola Sturgeon didn’t deliver a second indyref.

At the present moment the UK Government is trying to delay Brexit until 2019 because they aren’t prepared to know what they plan to deliver.

Brexit means Brexit, if it isn’t delivered then that represents a serious problem in the Conservative Party and also in the country.

There cannot be‘fudge’ by the current government at Westminster, certain things can be forgiven, not following through on this issue isn’t one of them.

According to senior Tory Ministers, Britain may not out of the European project until the end of 2019, it wasn’t expected that anything of note would happen in 2016, the work would have to start in 2017, so at this point, no one is ruffled just yet.

Theresa May wants a delay on Brexit because Whitehall departments are not geared up for it, they weren’t geared up for that but they were doing the stuff on trade deals as a short term measure to stablise the markets.

If Nicola Sturgeon thinks a delay helps her to stage a second independence referendum before the UK formally leaves the EU she is deluded beyond belief. If you caught her ‘act’ in Germany were a TV presenter made her look daft, you know the script.

The boat on Scottish independence has sailed!

No one will vote for independence if that means a SNP controlled Scotland without safeguards.

We were deceived before, treated with contempt, people used as useful idiots, and the entire yes Scotland SNP controlled project was a sham, and let’s mentions the mugs in the Scottish Greens led by Patrick Harvie.

They got some scraps thrown to them, bless their bio degradable socks!

The White Paper was junk, however if you listen to SNP MSP Joan McAlpine, you might think that junk was as important as the American Declaration of Independence.

Sturgeon said a second vote is “highly likely” and she is coming under pressure from party activists to go for it but there is an elephant in the room, it is called no legal authority, and that elephant is pretty huge.

No section 30 order; no day at ballot box.

What about a ballot with no legal authority?

Given there wouldn’t be a Better Together Campaign, the result would be meaningless in a one sided contest, and also there could be trouble in trying to be cute.

Next year sees elections in France and Germany, the far right is expected to do well in those elections, people are sick of a political elite who hold them in contempt. We could see a new harder Europe emerge, less caring, less understanding and harsh.

The British PM doesn’t want to rock the boat any further than it has been at present, but you can expect that Brexit will feature in those elections in France and Germany, quite a lot in fact.

At present Sturgeon is meeting EU nationals living in Scotland in a bid to provide “reassurance and certainty” in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Let me translate, she wants their votes for the 2017 council elections!

Sturgeon said:

“Our priority is to protect Scotland’s interests and the interests of everyone living, working and studying here.”

Unless they are Scottish working class and also if they are living in the Govanhill slum that she allegedly represents, no time for these people.

There is no second independence referendum coming in this term of the Scottish Parliament, Sturgeon will make a play in the next Parliament.


Money, she will want to rake in about 8 years of First Minister pay and perks, then someone else will play the role of the ‘messiah’ (Scottish region) to use the same gag if anyone will fall for it again.

Expect Sturgeon to disappear aboard a lot more often, this is the route of the failed politician who can’t cut in in domestic issues and exits stage left. Look at Salmond, defeated and now raking in the cash picking up wee jobs here and there!

But remember this, he isn’t picking up big jobs, no one is being their way to his door from the big multi-national corporations. I guess Sturgeon should start writing ‘the dream will never die 2’ because she is a busted flush and she knows it!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   


Al C said...

Let's face it, she'd consider someone tripping up over a cat in the street an excuse for indyref 2. Even if remain had won, she'd still be banging on about indyref2(tm).

Smudge said...

I hate that thing more each day. DO YOUR JOB STURGRON, SCOTLAND IS GETTING INOT DEEPER TROUBLE AS EACH DSY PASSES. I was speaking to a policeman the other day,, he said that Police Scotland is not far off collapsing,, we can ALL see that.