Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Carry on Sturgeon, Scotland’s unpopular SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon is hammered as a Sturgeon adviser and Nobel prize-winning adviser Joseph Stiglitz suggests the tactic for an independent Scotland to share the pound was a mistake, oh dear seems that Nicola Sturgeon isn’t all she is cracked up to be, what a let-down for the gullible in society

Dear All

During the ill-fated, poorly thought-out and run and disastrous Scottish Independence referendum, Scotland‘s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and the ever increasingly unpopular Nicola Sturgeon tried to float the lie that you could trust them.

I trust Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon as far as I could throw them; the bulk of the Scottish population didn’t trust them with their future which was a wise move. During independence, the lie was promoted that the pound, the currency of the United Kingdom was Scotland’s as much as England; this is only true if the Union continues and Scotland remains.

What did Salmond and Sturgeon do, the leadership stated we could use the pound as our currency and that all the guarantees of the currency would remain the same, the fact of the matter is this; although a country can use another currency what they can’t use was access and protection of the host country’s central bank.

The Nationalists promoted that lie and idiots who mobbed out Better Together events screamed its Scotland’s pound as much as England! The SNP do love to use ‘useful idiots’ to do their dirty work and sat back and allowed the lie to spread, as I said they aren’t a credible choice for government of an independent Scotland.

Salmond and Sturgeon wanted people to gamble with their entire personal wealth and the futures of their families, communities and the country. What do we know in 2016, we know that at this point in time if we had voted for independence we would be bankrupt, taxes would be through the roof and services particularly for the poor and disadvantaged would be severely cut or removed altogether.

Salmond and Sturgeon would be all right as they would have access to the wealth of Scotland being first in the queue; along with the rest of the SNP cult duly standing behind them waiting their turn to get Scotland’s riches.

As an economic basket case, the SNP would take these steps, ditch the pound, setup their own currency and central bank and then in the final stage drag Scotland in the EU at which point it would end up like Greece.

Greece is bankrupt and there is no way they can turn their fortunes around while being chained to the Euro currency which has crippled the country.

Scotland’s chance for independence was trashed because of the dishonesty of the SNP leadership, just as Salmond’s time has gone along with independence; Nicola Sturgeon is hanging to milk as much as possible preferably as First Minster before passing the torch onto someone else.

Passing the Torch?

Passing the torch means letting someone else have a crack as the First Minster position to continue the lie that the SNP are stronger for Scotland and the Nationalists still have meaning.

Scotland has spoken about what it doesn’t want at the ballot box, what we have yet to see what it is they do want and who they want to deliver it, a country that is in political flux.
The SNP put a lot of faith into Nobel prize-winning adviser Joseph Stiglitz who was used as a selling point, except Scotland didn’t take any notice of him, Nobel Prize winners aren’t what they used to be.

Now, Sturgeon adviser has suggested that the call for independent Scotland to share the pound was a mistake, guess what I have no Nobel Prize and worked that in a few seconds at the start of the campaign.

Recently, Yes Rutherglen invited me to a ‘chitchat’ on currency, the theme was the currency option for Scotland, whether you are for or against independence, the only sensible route for currency in any independence bid is creating your own currency. Why people feel a pressing need to devote an issue a blond man could see if a mystery to me, if you think it out by yourself, you get ‘create your own currency’. Anyway, as I was unwell I didn’t make to the ‘chitchat’ or indeed to the Corbyn/Smith hustings in Glasgow on the same night.

Joseph Stiglitz sits on Nicola Sturgeon's Council of Economic Advisers, given the state of Scotland, how much you can you put in the way of faith given the mess that this country is in under the SNP?

Personally none is my take on events.

Stiglitz says that a new ‘Scottish pound’ could help stimulate the economy and reduce an independent Scotland’s budget deficit.


Now you might think that I said bollocks too fast there and what the hell do I know, I know rubbish when I hear it and when people say ‘could’ in an sentence what they are really saying is that they don’t know and it’s a guess. Scotland isn’t prepared for independence at any level, at government, local government, business or third sector.

I knew that the SNP bid for indy was a sham right from the get go, nothing was done, the white paper was a load of rubbish not worthy of a read, 650 pages of cack served to hoodwink the gullible by the Nationalists.

Scotland is ain a financial black hole, it spent nearly £15 billion more than it generated last year.

Where is the logic in voting for independence to have a worst standard of living, many poor people vote for independence because they cross the line of having no future during the Scottish independence referendum! I don’t blame these people for voting for independence, I blame Westminster for disenfranchising them so much that they robbed them of a future which is my new idea is for the total devolvement of the DWP to all countries of the United Kingdom.

The dispossessed need to be helped, they need to be turned around, they need more than ever hope, and beyond hope delivery.

As to the Euro, Stiglitz said:

"It would be a mistake to join the euro, by the way, so what they would have needed to do, perhaps, was resurrect the Scottish pound and let it float.”

Stiglitz added:

"If you were forced to join the euro as a price of joining the EU, then I would have very strong second thoughts."

Given the SNP are hell bent on taking Scotland in the EU, they even talked about not having a vote on that important decision because the SNP believe that once you vote SNP you sign up for them to go anything they want under the guise of mandate. The people of Scotland will stick with the British pound as its future looks much better post Brexit vote. The Euro on the other hand doesn’t look so stable, and if you like to read up on the EU and Europe, you might want to keep an eye on the Deutsche Bundesbank that lot have problems building up down the line.

Murdo Fraser, the Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary, said:

"Professor Stiglitz is the latest in a series of SNP advisers who now see the writing on the wall. Leaving the United Kingdom would have massive consequences and ditching our currency would be one of them. It's high time those at the top of the SNP now accepted the same and apologised for the way they misled people two years ago. There is a simple solution for the SNP on the currency. It's called the UK pound and most people in Scotland would like to keep it. The SNP needs to accept the result of the referendum two years ago and got on with the job of governing."

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said:

“Being part of the UK means we can use the pound and have access to the Bank of England in times of difficulty for our economy. That's a positive argument for remaining in the UK.”

The SNP are slipping in the polls, the shine has come off Nicola Sturgeon as the public refused to back her father getting into public office just recently, one thing is certain that talk of a new indy drive is also meaningless drivel, this was to start earlier this year except that the SNP Deputy Leader was outed for allegedly having an affair with a woman behind the back of his wife who also happened to be the SNP Health Sec.

Independence is like faith, it must be pure and it is highly doubt that the faithful will sit at the feet of Saint Nicola and worship; there is an incredibly bad smell when she speaks about equality, social justice and a better tomorrow.

An independent country means an independent currency, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work that out or a Nobel Prize, but you do need common sense something lacking in Sturgeon and her feral mob.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Auld Jock said...

Hello George

As you remarked a while ago, la sturgeon has painted herself into a corner. It's not that long since she was telling the snp activists to go out and win hearts and minds in order to improve the prospects of a successful 2nd referendum, implying that no apparent majority meant no more calls for a 2nd vote. Then she decided to play the Europe card, saying that a further vote would be "highly likely" if a vote to leave by the UK was not reflected in Scotland. As you said, the activists believed her and she put herself under pressure to come up with the goods. Now we hear that she is launching a campaign aimed at getting another bite at the cherry this week. As we know, almost everything the snp touch turns to brown stuff. That will be the fate of her "campaign". I imagine the plan is to kick off at the UK government and, when they say no, she will tell her activists it's an English tory plot. They will turn their wrath on "Westminster" and she will be off the hook. I wish I could get paid as much as her for designing pathetic stunts like that.

Auld Jock

Anonymous said...

Once Scotland's media start asking the SNP proper questions is when their popularity dies. It's quite sickening watching interveiwers fawning over Sturgeon and Co.

David Stewart said...

What Stiglitz is not saying of course is that any new Pound Scots would be very unstable, would need reserves to be generated that would dwarf the current 'black hole' and would only 'stimulate the Scottish economy' if it was allowed to devalue hugely, condemning the Scottish people to at the very least a painful short and medium-term economic future with no guarantee of recovery, unless someone economically literate was put in charge (that cancels out the SNP for a start). In addition said currency would be at the mercy of the speculators, most of whom live in.......London.

Anonymous said...