Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nicola Sturgeon really doesn’t get it: SNP Leader Sturgeon dismisses claims Scottish independence would lead to 'hard border' with England, she can’t think of a ‘good’ reason, how about ‘terrorism’ and need to be proactive in national security issues, she is a failed politician

Dear All

One of the major lies pumped out by the SNP leadership during the Scottish independence referendum was that there would be no change, Scots would keep the pound, we would still be members of the EU automatically and life would continue as normal.

No, it won’t, Scotland has a massive black hole in the finances, this can only be addressed by massive cuts to services and huge tax hikes.

Because of the black hole, Scotland wouldn’t even be eligible for consideration to join the European Union for years, I would venture at least not a decade and probably even longer. So, what happens if Nicola Sturgeon gets her way and independence is achieved if they are a mass delusion that grips the country?

Just as the SNP likes to drive wedges between Scotland and England, there would be one dividing line that isn’t open to debate, there will be a border.

And that border would have to be enforced as permanent in the current state of upheaval caused by terrorism in Europe. The SNP want to allow mass immigration into Scotland, a figure of a million has been floated in the past. Given we are unable to pay our way at present; we would be a bankrupt state next door to the rest of the UK.

Westminster doesn’t want that and certainly doesn’t want Scotland used as a backdoor into England by un-vetted migrants.

So, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon dismisses claims Scottish independence would lead to 'hard border' with England show yet again she is deluded, fake and a con merchant.

It will be a ‘hard border’ and a permanent border, free unrestricted travel would be a thing of the past; security considerations override everything.

Sturgeon said there is no reason for anyone to suggest border posts are "inevitable" but that notion completely dismisses the terrorist threat as irrelevant, national security is a concept while people grasp, looking at Europe, you might not know the nuts and bolts of how security works but you know that you want it to work regardless.

Prime Minister Theresa May indicatesxshe wants to maintain an open border with the Republic of Ireland, so what is that based on? It is based on the Irish Government being proactive on national security and economic security, if Ireland was a land route for migrants, the situation would be significantly changed to have a new policy.

Should people from Ireland be free to travel into Northern Ireland, I would say yes, should foreigners passing into the area for holidays etc, you could make the case for yes, should undocumented migrants, clearly not.

SNP MSP Alex Neilvery quickly disappeared off front line politics, however he is back to say that an open border between an independent Scotland and the remainder of the UK "is likely to be very difficult to achieve".

And he has got that 100% right.

So, why can’t Nicola Sturgeon see this? Is it because she is smarter than the rest of us?

Well if you look at the comments of her former law teacher at University of Glasgow, he says he failed to teach her properly to grasp what she was taught.

Alistair Bonnington got it right when he said:

“So in Holyrood, legislative proposals brought forward by the SNP government are neither challenged nor given proper scrutiny by SNP MSPs. Their correct function here is to bring independent critical thinking to the government’s policy. But instead, government bills are afforded obedient adulation, no matter how flawed. This results in Scotland producing the lowest quality legislation in Europe”.

He added:

“I fear I must accept responsibility here. I taught Nicola Sturgeon when she was in law classes at Glasgow University. I seem to have failed to instill in her the most basic rules of how the institutions of government work in the free world. We tried to teach that a one-party government which tramples on the independence of the other arms of the state, and indeed the independence of its own members, is the very antithesis of true democracy. How sad that we failed”.

We now have this failed politician who thinks that having a big mouth is somehow better than having an educated mind.

Ask yourself this, other than lining her own pockets, what are her successes?

We can all point to her failures by the truckload!

Sturgeon says:

"I don't want to see a hard border between Scotland and England any more than people in Ireland want to see a hard border between the north and south”.

What you want and want you get are two different things in life, and clearly she is yet again failing to grasp what is needed as the SNP cult live in a bubble, it is easy to understand why Niocla Sturgeon surrounds herself with ignorant ugly sycophants, she was to be ‘special’.

If as Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond say that Scottish independence is inevitable, then so must there be a hard border.

So, what is a hard border?

A hard border is an area which is used to funnel people to trap them, if you have travelled by air or sea; you know at borders, there are armed police. There are there to deal with the terrorist threat, designed to contain people and their vehicles.

And we have a deluded failed un-aware Nicola Sturgeon wanting people to just come and go and in fact place citizens in peril.

Finally, to drive the point home that Nicola Sturgeon is a fool, Scotland is producing the lowest quality legislation in Europe because Holyrood is a laughing stock, it cost £414 million and is falling apart, it costs £72 million a year to run, and the SNP have lowered the tone of the place.

Can you put any weight on her claim about borders?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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