Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sad, pathetic and unoriginal, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon unveils £100m 'stimulus' plan in bid to bolster post-Brexit economy by using underspend money held back and promoted as additional money, Scotland’s vulnerable suffered cuts to services to give Nicola Sturgeon a headline using the failed politician ploy of the £100 million gag!

Dear All

If you don’t live near a farm you may not have experienced the smell of bullshit, however in politics, one of the signs is the use of the magical number £100 million pounds!

£100 million pounds has been used by politicians in many areas that you should have noticed it by now.

Here is an example to prove my point about how failing politicians try to hoodwink you, this story is from 2008!

£100 million was 'pledged' by Jack McConnell when he was First Minister for football pitches, I am using an example from Labour to show that the £100 million pounds gag isn’t new and has a long history behind it.
Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon recently went to Germany to meet the German deputy foreign minister; her goal allegedly was to seek to strengthen her ties with Europe's economic powerhouse in the wake of Britain's vote to leave the EU.

This is grandstanding, Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t have authority to do anything regarding Brexit, she is a bit player, she is trying to promote the SNP administration as have the same status as the United Kingdom Government at Westminster.

It doesn’t!

So where is the £100m 'stimulus' plan money coming from to bolster post-Brexit economy in Scotland?

From the Scottish budget which means that somewhere else, someone or organisations will be experiencing cuts, cuts that generally mean contraction of public services.

One of the places getting money is the Golden Jubilee hospital in Clydebank presumably this is to attempt to repair the SNP image on health which has been outed as a failure under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon who ran the sector into the ground by bad decisions while in charge.

Having made cuts elsewhere Sturgeon hopes the plan, will be welcomed by business representatives and Trade Unions, presumably they wouldn’t be asking questions if they are getting a benefit but really someone should.

Someone should ask ‘where did this money come from’?

The SNP have used Brexit for spreading their grievance politics, empty threats of second indyref 2 which like Brexit they have no legal authority to do anything on other than moan!

Sturgeon said:

"Scotland is and remains an attractive and stable place to do business - however, there is no doubt that the referendum outcome has created deep and widespread uncertainty, with the impact on jobs and investment already being felt”.

Because the financial black hole is covered by being part of the UK, not by the SNP’s management of the economy which is as John Swinney famously remarked minimal.

Sturgeon added:

"The UK Government has not yet taken any meaningful action to alleviate uncertainty or to boost confidence, and there are very real concerns that the damage to the economy and to jobs will be severe and long lasting. It is against this background that the Scottish Government is announcing early action to boost confidence, stimulate economic activity and support business. Our Infrastructure Investment Plan is already delivering major infrastructure improvements, with projects worth almost £6 billion currently under construction - we will now inject a further £100 million of spending this year to accelerate planned projects."

The money for the Scottish Infrastructure Investment Plan all came from Westminster as part of the Barnett formula.

The SNP has confirmed the cash comes from a budget underspend last year, which means that vulnerable Scots suffered to cuts to services, this is the human price of Sturgeon’s largesse.

What is rich is that Sturgeon is calling for more action from London to protect the economy when the impact from Brexit isn’t the disaster that the SNP tried to paint it as!

Two SNP MEPs are losing their seats at the European Parliament, is there doing to be a stimulus for them?

Willie Rennie, the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, branded the plan "post holiday hogwash".

He added:

"Nicola Sturgeon is not planning to spend a single pound more on public services. She is cutting spending in one area to increase it elsewhere. This is not a post Brexit stimulus, it's just post holiday hogwash. The Scottish Liberal Democrat plan is to increase income tax by a modest penny on income tax to boost education. Supporting skills and education is the best way to prepare Scotland for the economic consequences of the referendum vote."

So, the SNP kept money back, our money, cut council budgets and services and now they want a round of applause because they plan to do a bit of building to create the impression that they are building a driving economy when in fact they are using public money for as a prop for their council election campaign in 2017.

How long to we have to wait till we see Nicola Sturgeon starting to hug kids on the campaign trail, is there any public or private money allocated for that gag?

£100 million; oh how Nicola Sturgeon will one day wish that someone changed the number and mixed it up a bit to try and disguise the con trick of using fake hope and concern to dupe voters where none exists.

This is existing money that was held back by the SNP!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Sherbie. said...

Shocking lies this SNP Rat Ship tell. Over the past few years, this lying shower under John Swinney's financial watch, they had an UNDERSPEND of nearly £1 billion. What a shower of useless liars, using money saved from previous years, yet pretending it's NEW invested money.

Al C said...

Must be silly season. For her!

JF said...

On her first day back at work Sturgeon jets out to Germany to grand stand on issues outwith her remit - namely the European Union. She also 'vows' to work with the million leave voters to 'understand' the reasons they voted leave. A- She will never understand leave voters on issues like immigration, fisheries and farming and B -Its none of her flaming business!!!!