Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Brain family 'told they must leave' Scotland after the deadline for them to find a job to meet visa requirements passes, the SNP are disgrace at Westminster so goodwill is off the table, however in the interest of natural justice, the Brain Family should get two year extension from the point of Kathryn Brain graduation date

Dear All

One of the things which the SNP Cult has managed to do is alienate themselves at Westminster, this was before the 2015 which sent 56 MPs to the House of Commons.

As such they have spent years making fools of themselves and building up distrust and I suppose you could readily say contempt.

When the 56 SNP MPs, their first order of business was to cause trouble, you might have thought that the newbies would want to learn their trade; make contacts and get a feel of the place and how business is done.

Not the SNP, almost immediately they acted up, the clapping stunts when SNP MPs spoke was cringeworthy, in the end, the Speaker John Bercow had to tell them off.

Then the musical chairs nonsense, trying to take Dennis Skinner’s seat, another rather squalid petty little game which didn’t endear them to anyone.

I have said it before and will say it again, these people are a load of gits, what you are seeing is the SNP Cult laid bare and painfully inadequate. These people are supposed to represent the ‘cream’ of Scottish political talent in the SNP.

Having burnt bridges instead of making them, when the SNP ask for something from the Westminster establishment which they are not entitled to the answer is generally not positive, unless it’s in the rules, they get what they deserve nothing.

The SNP like to ‘use’ people for their own political ends, you have seen this time and time again, once they have done that they discard people or groups to move on to the next short term thinking project.

One of the current projects is the Brain Family, they have been told they must leave the UK after failing to meet the Government's criteria on immigration, they aren’t getting sent back to a hellhole, but to Australian.

The Law is quite clear, the Australian family has failed to meet the requirements that they needed in order to stay in Scotland. When I read their case, I didn’t really take much notice of it as the SNP hyped it up for political gain, basically nasty Westminster doing wrong. In this case, the Tories gave the Brain Family extra time to sort out their problems and they haven’t done so.

The time limit has expired, so if you believe in the rule of Law then they must return back to Australia.

The disgraceful SNP MP Ian Blackford is helping them, however when we remember what happened to the Lib Dem Charles Kennedy, I don’t think that Westminster will be extending anything towards Blackford and the SNP.

Charles Kennedy was hounded to death.

What was entirely crass was that SNP MP Ian Blackford wanted to attend Charles Kennedy’s funeral, he was told to stay away.

The Home Office at present is saying the Brains would not get indefinite leave to remain or a further extension to the grace period, after the last extension lapsed on August 1.

So, it rather looks bleak, the SNP used the Brain Family for political ends, however they didn’t look at the wider picture which is a characteristic of theirs when it comes to politics.

Immigration is a touchy subject in Britain; the Brain Family aren’t entitled to special treatment just because a political party backs their cause. That said when they came here they did so because of the post-study work visa scheme but that has since been retrospectively cancelled.

The Home Office cancelling the visa scheme retrospectively, leaving the Brains and thousands of other people without recourse was wrong in my opinion, I think that fairness and natural justice should be applied and that a two year extension from the point of Kathryn Brain graduation date should be applied.

After that, their status should be reviewed and they shouldn’t get any special treatment.

Finally, just to be clear, legally they are not entitled to anything!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

For allowing their kid to be used in a political stunt I have no sympathy George, not bothered I'm not sure why anyone would want to leave OZ to come here anyway.

Anonymous said...

Georgeie boy I love your humanity but they are now political pawns

Sturgy has contaminated it , they must go

Sherbie. said...

Sturgeon ALWAYS gets her "mug" in these photo's. STOP USING KIDS FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES STURGEON!!!!!!

jim said...

little glory seeking bastard she should think shame of herself they are all tared with the same stick