Thursday, August 4, 2016

Project Fear: Labour leadership hopeful Owen Smith steps up warnings over possible Labour split, he warns the party could 'disappear', scare tactic, how novel, I say if the 172 Labour MPs want their own party, they should shut up, get on with it and leave, the 172 can be replaced rather easily and won’t be missed!

Dear All

Have you noticed that all the talk of the Labour Party splitting all seem to come from the Labour leadership hopeful Owen Smith’s camp?

172 Labour MPs have decided that they don’t want Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, so they started resigning in the hope that the exodus would have him resign.

Labour’s membership is about 500,000 people or thereabouts at present, Jeremy Corbyn got elected last time on a landslide.

As far as I can tell Owen Smith’s pitch is that the working class should vote Labour while he makes concessions to the Tory middle class to get into power and then the poorest and most vulnerable in society will suffer.

To show exactly what Owen Smith is, remember this Owen Smith abstaining on the Conservatives’ controversial Welfare Bill.

So much for being a fighter for the poor!

One thing is certain, is that I will not be voting for Owen Smith in the upcoming leadership election.

And also remember that Owen Smith voted for

Reduced overall welfare spending

Benefits cap

Nuclear Arms

Academy Schools

Against Iraq inquiry

Against a register of lobbyists

Owen Smith is promoting himself as an ordinary man of people, but do you know that this guy’s father was Professor Dai Smith, head of broadcasting for the BBC IN Wales?

He went to University, went to the BBC as producer for 10 years and got a high paid job with a drug company who are interested in privatising the NHS.

As to his politics at the front line, according to they work for you, he has spoken in 21 debates in the last year — below average amongst MPs.

He has voted in 60.75% of votes in this Parliament with this affiliation — well below average amongst MPs.

On the topic of him bring ideas to the table; you might want to read this:

According to some research, at least eight of his 20 policies have already been endorsed by the current Labour leadership.

Maybe Owen Smith can explain this and do read the entire article, because I seriously question that he is a left wing politician and a man of the people:

Instead of siding with the taxpayer, Owen Smith sided with big business, who thinks that is socialism?

On the 23 rd June 2016, the majority of the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union project, so what is Owen Smith’s position?

Does this look like a listening politician?

Or does it look like more of the same failed leadership of the right that has divided the party?

My view on a Labour Party split is simple, if the 172 Labour MPs want to leave and thin k they can win the votes of the public next election then they should go!

It is highly likely that given the way this contest was conducted that the Labour membership will be thinking de-selection of these people anyway.

The Labour Party needed new leadership, they got that in Jeremy Corbyn, the 172 Labour MPs are in the position they are in not by their own standing but by the hard work of the membership.

And if those MPs don’t listen to the activists then these activists can find someone else to support for public office.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  

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Sherbie said...

Georgie,,, I read on Facebook that Sour Faced Pouty Lipped Sturgeon is "secretly planning" an indy ref next year,, as I said, it is "secret" George,, so keep it "Shhhhh" anyway. Lol.