Monday, August 1, 2016

‘Merkel must Go’: Thousands of German protesters take to the streets against German Chancellor Angela Merkel, next year the Germans go to the polls, with terrorism the number one issue in Europe, the chance for new leadership of Europe must be seized by the people

Dear All

What a disaster Angela Merkel has been for not just Germany but for Europe.

Through-out the migrant crisis which has turned sour for her, she has steadfast to do a U turn, her stupidity has placed people’s lives in danger, she has made Europe unsafe, and sown the seeds of distrust and possibly civil war.

I have said that it is in the interest of Europe that Angela Merkel must be removed from power; it seems that others across Europe are starting to agree.

Thousands of German protesters are taking to the streets saying she 'Must Go' and a key coalition ally has withdrawn support to open-door immigration policy after terror attacks. The thousands will no doubt turn into millions when Germany goes to the polls next year, electorally this election in Germany will be significant.

It isn’t just the future direction of Germany which is on the table but that of the failed European project of the EU which is up for grabs.

In a show of madness and against the massive waves of criticism, Merkel is still defending her policy on migrants, dramatically proclaiming 'we can do it'.

And to show how out of touch and misguided she has become; she pledged not to let the violent acts guide political decisions.  

How very noble of her, people die, are raped, women and children molested, robberies, no go areas created but Merkel feels that she cannot make a political decision to address it.

Germans have bad political leadership at this time in their history because Merkel wants to be ‘loved’ as a humanitarian.
But it isn’t just Germany which is suffering, right across Europe, other countries have suffered, most notably France, the Paris and Nice attacks and the senseless killing of French Catholic priest Jacques Hamel knifed to death in his own Church during mass and his throat slit.

France mourns his loss.

We now find out that a Belgian priest has been stabbed in his home after allowing an asylum seeker to use his shower. He was allegedly stabbed when he refused to give the asylum seeker money.

The mayor of Lanaken said the incident 'can't be linked to terrorism' but that isn’t much comfort, we have an violent attacker willing to stab anyone for money, a dangerous individual who needs caught immediately before he kills someone.

One of the ideas I had for the migrant problem was detention camps, we need these camps now as holding pens so we can deport these people back to their countries after they have serve prison time and for crimes they have committed.

Detention and deportation is needed.

Europe is unsafe, extraordinary measures are needed to address the situation which cannot be continually ignored by the political class.

Apparently Islamic State is saying:

“If the tyrants close the door of migration in your faces, then open the door of jihad in theirs and turn their actions against them.” 

In other words if you can’t get to places like Syria then do your terrorism locally by whatever means possible!

Finally if you are a German, you might want to get to the polling station early next year, I expect that traffic will be brisk, I expect the groundswell to get rid of Angela Merkel will be like a tsunami!

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

Couldn't agree more, George. Good riddance!

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

A week or so back, german police raided a mosque and found a considerable quantity of AK 47 assault rifles. This is a very worrying turn of events. Clearly, the "migrants" have been able to import these weapons under the noses of the german security services. It is unlikely that this an isolated incident. Where one mosque has been turned into an armoury there will be others and not just in Germany either. If even a portion of these rifles are deployed against unarmed citizens, there will be carnage on a grand scale. The event in Germany should have been made known to la merkel given the implications. Certainly, in this country, the information would have been passed up the line. No sensible police chief would want to be criticised for failing to give a warning. It appears merkel wants civilians to pay the ultimate price for her estimation of german war guilt. She, of course, will be excused duty when the dying is done. Rather, she will be holed up in her fuhrer bunker in iron clad denial. I can barely believe what I am seeing.

Auld Jock