Monday, July 11, 2016

The Charge of the Grievance Monkey Brigade: SNP MPs line up against Trident ahead of key vote, Nicola Sturgeon’s feral mob at Westminster total clueless on national security, they seek to weaken Britain as a world power, SNP use ‘student union politics’ to embarrass Scotland

Dear All

It seems that the grievance monkey season of the Scottish National Party is in full swing, this time the dead political issue that is Trident is in their sights.

My take on the issue is quite simple, Britain is a nuclear power and Britain needs to renew Trident as part of our strategic defence plans.

So, let’s get into Nicola Sturgeon’s continual whine, the SNP has warned of a Brexit-style backlash if Westminster imposes another generation of nuclear weapons on the Clyde against Scotland's wishes.

In panto, they say… ‘oh no there won’t’.

Yes, there will be no Brexit-style backlash because Scots want Trident to remain; they understand the importance and they also understand … jobs.

SNP don’t give a toss about the working class, their families and their jobs, Trident is a classic example.

The SNP is a joke party, it’s a cult made up of various little anti British factions and groups all held together by hatred of the English.

If you are expecting a groundswell against Trident, you wouldn’t get one, the Scottish National Party are doing the dirty work of the Russians.

In the past Britain has known many traitors, some sold out their country for a lot and some less so, the SNP are in the less so category.

Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed the crunch vote on the £200bn successor programme to Trident would be on July 18.

I expect that vote to be successful; the SNP will try and turn it into their current theme, ‘Westminster’ imposing things on Scotland.

The SNP aren’t Scotland, they aren’t a government and they aren’t running a country either, this farce is now boring, its like arguing with a bunch of idiots.

Speaking at a Nato summit in Warsaw, Cameron laid out the move to renewal of all four nuclear submarines capable of providing around-the-clock cover.

He said:

“The nuclear deterrent remains essential in my view, not just to Britain’s security but as our allies have acknowledged here today the overall security of the Nato alliance. While Britain may be leaving the EU, we are not withdrawing from the world. Nor are we turning our back on Europe or European security.”

Cameron added:

“I think it makes sense to hold this vote, to hold this vote now, to put it beyond doubt, so our military planners and investors can get on the investment that is needed.”

The SNP are a busted flush, I said this back in 2015 after they won the Westminster election, the calibre of what was sent to Westminster is a disgrace, but that is what represents ‘talent’ in the SNP.

As to the claim that Scotland has a "democratic deficit" within the Union, that isn’t true either, Scotland doesn’t vote in Westminster as a country, it votes as per political parties.

Scottish Labour is opposed to renewal, this is a mistake, what we have is Holyrood politics attempting to be played out on the international stage and it doesn’t work!

SNP MSP Bill Kidd said:

“David Cameron has confirmed our worst fears — that the Tories are set to press ahead with an early vote on a new generation of Trident nuclear weapons. With the potential cost of renewing Trident sky-rocketing to over £200 billion, this would be a wasteful and reckless spend on a useless weapons programme which is opposed by the overwhelming majority of parliamentarians in Scotland. The Tory Prime Minister has learnt the hard way over recent weeks that big decisions can have severe consequences. He’s still got time to think again to save billions being wasted on the obscenity of new nuclear weapons on the Clyde.”

SNP MP Douglas Chapman added:

“It is particularly galling that the UK government plans to dump this nuclear arsenal on the Clyde for the next 50 years despite overwhelming opposition from the Scottish Government and Parliament.”

Holyrood is a parliament that hasn’t grown up, if it did they wouldn’t be considering weakening the national security of the United Kingdom, maybe one day these people will get it but patently at present that concept is well beyond them.

Down South, the BBC reported on Friday that, despite Corbyn’s opposition to Trident renewal, Labour’s long-awaited defence review will leave the door open to a future nuclear deterrent.

Grievance monkey season of the Scottish National Party will be in full swing come the day of the vote, but people need to look at the bigger picture, keeping our country safe, something which Nicola Sturgeon and her feral mob are incapable of doing.

The SNP are a bunch of idiots playing politics with people’s lives!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign of Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

I personally loathe nuclear weapons, just from reading the horrifying stories from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they're indescribable. Having said that, I recognise that we're now stuck with them even if we got rid of them all, and I see the point of deterrent, and with Putin knocking around Russia, keeping nukes is a sensible idea. Seems the SNP aren't as clever as the average man in the street!

Anonymous said...

will this circus never end