Saturday, July 16, 2016

Prime Minister Theresa May tells unpopular SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP has "had its vote" on independence, ‘ghetto leader’ Sturgeon floats threat of Second Scottish Independence Ref as being on the table, as to keeping Scotland in the EU, that’s gone, it's all gone Sturgeon!

Dear All

Just in the door and the new Prime Minister Theresa May has travelled to Scotland to bitch slap unpopular Nicola Sturgeon publicly and tell her that the SNP has "had its vote" on independence.

The Prime Minister turned up at Bute House in Edinburgh to do a ‘victory tour’ and to let the Govanhill ‘ghetto leader’ know in no uncertain terms who is in charge.

There will be no second independence referendum under a May administration.

As to the issue of the constitution, talk of federalism is in the air, working behind down in the background by the Constitutional Reform Group but the SNP are playing no part in this thinking, events are moving politically but the SNP are just spectators.

As the new Prime Minister strolled confidently up to the front door a bloated looking tired and graceless Nicola Sturgeon stood on the steps of Bute House trying to look important and failing.

The constitution is a matter for London, and the Brexit vote insists May is a vote to leave, the SNP attempt to hoodwink the Scottish public that Scotland voted to ‘stay in’ is a lie being peddled by the SNP.

And not being listened to in London.   

As to the pathetic tactic that calling a vote to leave the UK is a bid to hang on to Scotland's EU status and being "highly likely" is totally impotent, the SNP window has closed on Scottish independence.

Scotland will not vote for independence under the Scottish National Party.

Nicola Sturgeon cannot call a legitimate independence referendum, the key word here being ‘legitimate’.

Sturgeon is all talk and no delivery.

May said:

"As far as I'm concerned the Scottish people had their vote, they voted in 2014, and a very clear message came through, both the United Kingdom and the Scottish Government said they would abide by that. We now have the challenge though, as a United Kingdom, to ensure that we can get the best possible deal for the whole of the United Kingdom from the EU negotiations when the UK leaves the EU. I'm very clear that the Government I lead will be for all parts of the United Kingdom and for all people."

Two key things which have sealed Nicola Sturgeon’s fate by Prime Minister Theresa May, the vote has already taken place on Scottish independence and that she will lead all parts of the United Kingdom.

In response, a dejected and defeat Sturgeon said:

"I’ve said previously that if we want to protect our relationship with the European Union then Scotland may have to consider becoming an independent member. If it proves not to be possible to fully protect Scotland’s interests through the UK process then the Prime Minister knows that a second independence referendum is of course on the table. However, I’ve also been consistently clear that I want to examine all options for protecting Scotland’s position, protecting our interests, protecting our relationship with the EU."

She has no legal authority to enter into formal talks with the EU, and they cannot talk to her either from a legal standpoint.

This is the time of the ‘great whinging’, with the terrorism of Nice fresh in people’s minds, the future financial collapse of several European countries and the rise in domestic terrorism, the migrant crisis, and a huge financial Scottish black hole, no central bank, no currency and the Scottish books which cannot be balanced without huge tax rises of 16% and budgets cuts, who is she kidding?

Clearly Nicola Sturgeon isn’t speaking to Scotland, so who is she speaking to?

Have a guess!

She is talking to the ‘dafties’, those people who do activism to serve the SNP cult, perhaps she should do that privately and spare the rest of us her drivel.

Prime Minister Theresa May will be throwing unpopular Nicola Sturgeon a bone as a junior partner in Brexit negotiations, limited scope; you may remember that on the Gordon Brewer Big Debate on the 10th June where I was a guest, I floated the idea of the devolved administrations getting a role in Brexit negotiations.

So, what was the idea of that?

To educate the deeply ignorant of the SNP; seems Westminster agreed with the George Laird idea, yet again ahead of the curve unlike Nicola Sturgeon playing ‘catch up’.

Finally, I notice that Nicola Sturgeon has started to let herself go around the middle, the unseemly sight of her gut ‘hanging out all over the place’, although she can’t fight destiny, she might want to have a shot at stopping gravity.

And it looks by the picture to be a rather large gut!

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

boom right on the money again Georgieboy

Sherbie. said...

Well said George,, oh, and yes, I see what you mean about her "gut" bulging out. If only she'd start working, doing the job she's supposed to be doing, instead of shouting her neck off, and whinging like a baby. SHUT UP STURGEON,, Scotland is falling apart with you and the SNP letting us all down.

Freddy said...

To paraphrase another blog and as they say in Edinburgh " you'll have had your referendum then " lol

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

An excellent blog. I just love it when you debunk the nickster so effectively. In addition to her expanding waistline, she appears hunched at the shoulders. She definitely seems to be flagging. I'm sure you are right and it's all downhill for her now. Two of her MPs are under investigation and could face trial if the evidence is there. If that were to go ahead, the political damage would be huge. It is now the case that the snp have nothing to offer any more. Scottish independence is now very clearly dead. La sturgeon will, of course, continue to assert that it's "on the table". Some people may have doggedly clung to the hope that another referendum is possible but this latest event confirms the opposite. The nickster now "leads" a party who have only ever had one ambition, who got one referendum and lost the vote, who clung desperately to the hope of getting a second one and have now had that hope very publicly dashed. The only place for the snp to go now is the political wheelie bin.

Auld Jock

Al C said...

Ouch! Brutal!

JF said...

Also interesting what David Davis said that the UK will have enough trouble with a land border with the EU in Ireland and certainly have no intention of setting another one up in the north of Great Britain.

Smudge said...

Well said Auld Jock. I also had to laugh whan I read that JOAN McALPINE is to lead a delegation to Brussels. Remember her. PHOTOGRAPHIC JOAN McALPINE,, She tried to get the taxpayer to pay for her SECRET BOYFRIEND'S WIFE, to take some photographs of her( McAlpine),, yuk. She, (McAlpine) had to pay back £1800.00 of taxpayers money,,,, and to think that THIS is an MSP, part of Scotland's SNP government,,, what a load of tosh we have running Scotland.