Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Terror Continent; another day, more Islamic terrorism hits Europe, Afghan man attacks German citizens on a train with axe and a knife, European people are gearing up for ‘civil war’, French intelligence Chief Patrick Calvar fears we are near the tipping point, you can expect a bloody murderous backlash in front line Europe

Dear All

There are many sign posts on the road to civil war in Europe, Paris, Cologne, Nice and now Würzburg, if you aren’t familiar with Würzburg, this place makes it into the public domain as a 17-year-old Afghan man armed with axe and knife attacked passengers on a train.

German Police shot the attacker dead after he attacked about 20 passengers, some of whom were seriously hurt.

Yet again Islamic terrorism on mainland Europe which will fuel hatred and lead to violence, a scared population is an angry population, you might have seen the news footage of an angry French crowd booing the French Prime Minister in Nice.

At the start of the migrant crisis, the political class had posters espousing that ‘refugees are welcome’, this was done for political advantage; it took no notice of the security situation of allowing un-vetted people to roam freely at will.

Europe was opened up by the political class as a ‘terrorist supermarket’, rows and rows of readymade victims, men, women and kids, unarmed and abandoned by the political elite.

Bavaria’s interior minister, Joachim Herrmann, said the attacker was a 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker who had arrived in Germany as an unaccompanied minor.

So, why wasn’t he detained?

Why was he placed with a foster family in Ochsenfurt, south of Würzburg, for “a few months”?

Because people in politics are stupid, genuinely stupid and that borders on criminal, I said in post after post that there needed to be extraordinary measures enacted to deal with the migrant crisis.

This post of December 2015 shows the five measures that I set out plus the need for detention camps, European Council President Donald Tusk recognised the need for vetting, but this came too little too late.

Across Europe, courtesy of Angela Merkel, Islamic terrorists have setup cells and are actively recruiting disaffected people to their cause; rape is used as a weapon of war as we saw in Cologne.

Already people are flocking to join gun clubs, learn self-defence and forming groups of militia, the head of French General Directorate for Internal Security Patrick Calvar told members of the French parliamentary commission that thanks to the increasing frequency of sexual assaults by islamic migrants, "Extremism is growing everywhere... We are on the brink of civil war."

I have been saying constantly right from the start that the migrant crisis is the greatest threat since the exodus at the end of WW2.

In the wake of the Nice terror attacks that left 84 people dead with over 300 others wounded, we now have an incredibly angry French population, not just angry at the Islamic terrorists but angry at the French politicians.

Patrick Calvar is doubling down warning that an inevitable confrontation between the far right and Muslims looms, posing more of a threat than terrorism.

If a few people turn violent the authorities can deal with it; however there are more than a few people now who want revenge, the number will grow and grow, and when the violence comes, it will be like a tsunami washing over Europe.

There will be killings, not just fights, of course you will see a few of them in the media as the protests kick off, as I previously said there will be a rise in domestic terrorism.

Extremist nationalist politicians are gaining ground, not just in France but right across the European mainland, France has become a pressure cooker of resentments, and sooner or later the pressure cooker will explode.

French intelligence believes they have evidence that radical Right-wing French groups have been massing arms in preparation for their own attacks on mosques.

The attack in Heidingsfeld district of Würzburg by the Afghan man has been said to be an Islamist attack as a witness said that they heard the axe man say “Allahu Akbar” during the assault.

According to Police, an Islamic State flag has been found in the room of the Afghan teenager who carried out the axe attack on a train in northern Bavaria.

It seems pretty clear that Islamic State want a ‘race war’ in Europe, all evidence seems to point to this, as the Islamic terrorist don’t have an army, they want to recruit Muslim people brought up in European countries to join their cause.

And we can expect the scale of terrorism to be increased from suicide belts and AK 47s to car bombs in city centres, attacks on large soft targets, football matches, concerts and ultimately schools.

Some time ago, I said there was a need to deploy the army onto the streets as a backup to the Police, who aren’t able to cope with this situation.

So, in conclusion, I would say this, which I previously said back in the December post of 2015, it is a matter of national security that there needs to be detention camps built in Europe.

Europe at this present moment isn’t looking for a compassionate leader; it is looking for a leader who can restore social order by any means necessary.

If this person doesn’t step forward, then the population of Europe will take on the role themselves, and rather than attend courses on diplomacy, they will opt for more crude measures and firearms training.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Germany is fucked big time!

ISIS already have an army there, and they are arming themselves, take a look at this.


"According to my information, a weapons cache was excavated with heavy military weapons in this operation,” Tipi said in a press release Friday. “The danger of arming violent fundamentalists in Germany is very large. That makes this secret use more than clear.”

Heavy Military weapons!

When the attacks do come, as they will, the Germans will be in big trouble.

Al C said...

This worries me a lot because I have a girlfriend who lives in Berlin. She's coming over to see me in September, though.

Any suggestions on what we should do, George?

G Laird said...

Hi Al C

“This worries me a lot because I have a girlfriend who lives in Berlin”.

Berlin is a hotspot, I am sure your girlfriend already knows this.


“Any suggestions on what we should do, George?”

1/ travel in groups
2/ learn self defence
3/ always carried a phone
4/ let people know when you are expected to visit them
5/ use taxis
6/ don’t venture out at night alone
7/ learn firearm training
8/ consider buying a compact firearm
9/ keep up to date with Berlin news
10/ become surveillance aware (the best way to avoid a threat is to see it coming, security people do this technique)
11/ walk on outside of the pavement
12/when something happens, don’t panic (this is a skill that can be learned)


Al C said...

Thanks for the words of wisdom, George. I'd prefer to have her safe with me, but sometimes that's not possible. Roll on September and then we can talk seriously about it.

Tony t said...

Great piece