Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Labour Civil War, Labour MPs suffer major setback in attempt to oust Jeremy Corbyn after Labour NEC vote 18 to 14 to allow him to be automatically on the ballot paper, Angela Eagle’s Labour career is dead and buried, Eagle’s CLP are in process of voting no confidence in her, Labour members needs to bite the bullet and remove all 172 Labour MPs

Dear All

What a time to be a traitor in the Labour Party, last night I was talking to my friend about the Labour coup attempt, he is a sharp cookie, he said that Angela Eagle’s career is finished.

Hard to disagree with that assessment isn’t it.

Those plotters among the Labour MPs have now suffered a serious setback in their attempts to oust Jeremy Corbyn after he secured an automatic place in the upcoming leadership contest.

I expect that Jeremy Corbyn will win this contest defeating all comers, but the matter doesn’t end there, 172 MPs decided that their views out-weighted the 600,000 of the membership.

In this election contest, the 172 MPs only have 172 votes, they thought to abuse their position which was given to them by Labour members, and it is clear that these people do not represent the views of the Labour Party.

The Labour Party is the membership.

As more and more Labour CLPs declare for Jeremy Corbyn, the tide has turned against the plotters.

The plotters are basing their disloyalty on Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of leadership during the European Union referendum, but Jeremy attended over 123 Remain events as leader which is in sharp contrast to the low figure that Angela Eagle attended.

The plot to remove Corbyn has nothing to do with the EU referendum.

If Jeremy Corbyn had been excluded this matter would have ended up in Court and he would have won hands down.

The contest is now a three way affair; Jeremy Corbyn, and the two members of the Blair faction, Angela Eagle and Owen Smith, Smith has no chance, Eagle has a poor chance at best, and the membership and unions are all backing Corbyn.

The fight doesn’t end with a Corbyn victory, the Labour membership have a new fight after this one, to de-select the 172 MPs who attempted this coup, one thing that Labour needs is a clear out.

John McTernan, a former adviser to Tony Blair and ex-Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy, said it was a “terribly, terribly sad day” and that the unions, who supported Mr Corbyn, had “destroyed the Labour party”.

What destroyed the Labour Party was the Blair faction who operated to their own agenda, who crippled the party, refused to help the working class and were signed up to the Conservative austerity agenda.

Labour’s party's ruling national executive committee voted 18-14 that Mr Corbyn would automatically be on the ballot paper.

As to speculation that the party could eventually split if Mr Corbyn remains in the top job, well I welcome the exit of the Blair faction, if they think the membership will fall them they are sadly mistaken.

The Labour Party is so much more than the 172 Labour MPs, if they all go, no one will be begging them to come back, they can easily be replaced at the next election.

A Labour spokesman said:

"The NEC has agreed that as the incumbent leader JeremyCorbyn will go forward onto the ballot without requiring nominations from the Parliamentary Labour Party and the European Parliamentary Labour Party. All other leadership candidates will require nominations from 20% of the PLP and EPLP."

I am backing Jeremy Corbyn 100% in this contest, the way the plotters have acted is absolutely disgraceful, and I urge everyone holding a Labour membership to get out and vote for Jeremy Corbyn, more than that I urge them to join his leadership campaign.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

As a labour party member I won't be voting for him mate. In my opinion he is unelectable to be prime minister you must be able to hold the centre ground of politics in this country, he does not hold that yes it may be that all the labour MP's who are against him could be replaced but by whom. It is like the 1980's and militant all over again I figure Theresa May will have her own mandate from the country and Labour under Corbyn will be shouting from the sidelines. I could be retired and drawing my pension before there is another Labour Government.

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