Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The ‘Big Lie’ re-invented for a post Brexit Scotland, SNP moves away from 'land of milk and honey' vision of independence, the new SNP delusion is short term pain then Scotland becomes an economic powerhouse, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon problems have got worse, the Scottish pound idea can only be propped up by selling off Scotland’s public assets

Dear All

In 2014, you may have noticed that there was a Scottish independence referendum; you might also have noticed that the majority of Scotland’s population said no, all in 2,001,926 people saw through the ‘Big Lie’.

The Big Lie’ was substance of the Scottish National Party’s bid for independence, led by Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

1,617,989 people which is 44.7% of the voting population got sucked into the ‘big lie’.

These people believed the lie because they wanted to believe the lie, the poor, the disaffected were constantly fed that a ‘land of milk and honey’ awaited them if they would just vote Yes.

I played a prominent part in the Better Together campaign in Pollok, along with about 5 people, I managed to get 22k votes, in stark contrast the SNP with 30/40 activists managed only to get 27k votes.

Pollok returned the highest Yes vote in the City of Glasgow, and recently Pollok returned the second highest Leave Vote in the EU referendum, 40.8%, I was running the Leave campaign on the ground in Pollok.

All the areas where people used my campaigning tactics returned over 40% of the votes in their areas, those who didn’t ranged between 20% and 31%.

Scottish independence means poverty and austerity, this is because the Scottish National Party are clueless on what has to be done to make a viable plan to present to the voters, coupled with that, they now have the added stigma of the dreadful nasty abusive campaign of hatred they ran against the majority of the people of Scotland who rejected them.

Does leaving the EU make Scotland more likely to vote for Scottish independence as the SNP keep telling people?


No, it doesn’t in fact quite the opposite, leaving the EU adds additional problems to the sordid and squalid SNP plans of short termism thinking.

Scottish independence is effectively dead; no one will buy into supporting Nicola Sturgeon and her feral mob.   

Having lied repeatedly the SNP has signalled a decisive shift away from its "land of milk and honey" vision of independence and towards a more warts and all case for leaving the UK.

So, what does warts and all means?

How about your dear old mummy being left to die a slow painful death because she can’t get medical treatment?

How about the collapse of the public sector, does that suit you down to the ground?

How does a financial situation worse than Greece appeal to you?

How does the loss of pooling and sharing of resources square with you?

The current lie at the heart of ‘civic nationalism’ which is another con trick worthy of discussion is that the SNP are preparing the ground for a second independence referendum. To that end a phoney summer indy drive is being planned to dupe the mugs who campaign for the SNP.

The summer indy drive is a drive to win the councils, particularly Glasgow which the SNP have set their sights on and spectacularly failed in 2012, things however have changed, the Scottish Labour Party has had extremely bad results in both the Westminster and Holyrood elections.

Then you have the current crisis with Jeremy Corbyn which is rather unhelpful and an open wound, after this contest, the Labour Party will not be coming together, that’s a farce, Owen Smith claimed to be the ‘unity candidate’ is far from unifying anyone.

The guy who is fronting the new con trick for the SNP is SNP MP George Kerevan, his offer to people is that Scottish independence would mean "painful" budget cuts.

You can take it as read this would be the descent into financial hell for Scotland, and like Greece, the SNP would sell off the country's public assets to prop up another failed idea which at the present moment the SNP are calling the Scottish pound.

Remember I said how the SNP con trick on currency worked?

British pound to Scottish pound to Euro!

The SNP want to join the EU, to ‘ruled’ by Brussels and to get access to the European Central Bank, where is the independence is that?

As to Kerevan’s idea that Scotland could become an economic powerhouse, this is entirely laughable; Kerevan says that Scotland’s economy would be boosted increasing productivity.

However, in the acid test to explain how this minor miracle would be done, he failed to explain exactly how that might be achieved.

As I keep saying this is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, and that goes all the way to the top and includes the woefully inept Nicola Sturgeon, the ‘hollow woman’ of Scottish politics.

Scottish Labour MSP Jackie Baillie said:

"At a time when our public services are already facing significant cuts, and more uncertainty with Brexit, it is astounding that a senior SNP MP would suggest making further cuts to Scotland’s budget. "George Kerevan and the SNP owe Scots an explanation of where these cuts will fall."

She added:

"People across Scotland voted in overwhelming numbers to maintain our relationship with the EU and the UK. The focus and energy of the SNP and the Scottish Government should be on respecting both mandates of the people of Scotland."

There will be no second Scottish independence referendum any time soon, the SNP is effectively neutered; talking among each other and failing to act on the powers they already have to make Scotland better.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon isn’t fit to lead an independent, you only have to look at the state of Govanhill in Glasgow where she is the MSP, it isn’t a model community, it is a slum, a modern day ghetto.

While people like in squalid conditions, Nicola Sturgeon is in the Royal box at Wimbledon eating strawberries and cream watching the tennis, it’s all one big joke to her, I don’t see the 2,001,926 getting smaller, in fact I see the pro UK side getting stronger.

Don’t be conned by a shop soiled great white hopeless from Dreghorn, after all, you can’t and wouldn’t put a price on your dear old mummy, in a poverty strapped independent Scotland, the SNP would.

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

the gig is up Georgieboy

Sherbie said...

I hate seeing that useless thing Sturgeon,,, she is destroying Scotland. Scotland deserves better than the RACIST SNP.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who still thinks Indy 2 is a live possibility should grow up and come to terms with what's going on in the real world.