Friday, July 22, 2016

The Angry Little Man of Europe, SNP MEP Alyn Smith gets back to ‘begging’ again, this time the future unemployed MEP wants to be Deputy Leader of the SNP, he pleads: 'Make me Nicola Sturgeon's roving sherpa', honestly someone get this loser an application for KFC, and evening classes in ‘do you want fries with that’!

Dear All

Prior to me joining the joining the Brexit campaign, I wasn’t impressed with the SNP MEPs, they had over the course of their tenure at the European Parliament accomplished nothing of note.

Can you think of anything significant that the SNP have done in Europe?

The only thing which has brought him any attention is this speech in the European Parliament where he was pining for the loss of his job.

In the video he says:

“do not let Scotland down”.

For the record, I didn’t let Scotland down; I was one of the people who helped to lead the people of Scotland towards the light, towards democracy, while this clown wanted to see Europe rule us from afar.

Like the rest of the fake Nationalists in the SNP, I don’t see them or Alyn Smith has having Scotland’s people best interests at heart.

Now, while the post of SNP Deputy Leader being vacated by the fact the former holder Stewart Hosie has disgraced himself by his squalid little affair behind his wife’s back, Alyn Smith sees an opportunity for possible future candidate selection either at Holyrood or Westminster.

The favourite as I understand it is the buffoon Angus Robertson, the Englishman born in Wimbledon, London who likes to try and pass himself off as Scottish.

In this contest I route for no one, because no one is likeable or indeed capable as I see it.

As the contest begins to hot up the future unemployed MEP Alyn Smith is back at the ‘begging game’.

MEP Alyn Smith pleads: 'Make me Nicola Sturgeon's roving sherpa'.

So what is a Sherpa?

No, he doesn’t want to be a British Leyland van, he wants to be a guide but another definition of Sherpa is working as a ‘porter’, the guy carrying the bags up the mountain.

As part of his pitch to the SNP members, he says that attitudes to Scottish independence have almost completely reversed on the continent after previously being hostile. If you think back to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon trotting off to Brussels, she had her ass handed to her by the Europeans.

With the people that matter, Nicola Sturgeon found no room at the inn!

Alyn Smith wanting to be a "freelance, roving sherpa" should is qualify him as a potential SNP deputy leader, he appears to want to continue his European lifestyle and then probably get in somewhere for an earner.

Other contenders for the deputy leader role are Westminster group leader Angus Robertson, MP Tommy Sheppard and Inverclyde councillor Christopher McEleny.

Not exactly a host of talent, Sheppard has no chance, McEleny has an outsider’s chance, and Robertson arguably has the best, and probably the support of the Cult leaders.

As to Alyn Smith’s claim that him winning the SNP's deputy leadership would add weight to his continental charm offensive that is just nonsense, if you can’t win by the strength of your arguments then clearly you don’t have a case worth considering.

Alyn Smith should remember that the facts speak for themselves, bed stories are soon forgotten.

I have to say that helping put Alyn Smith and Ian Hudghton (SNP President) out of a job is one of the highlights of my political career, as I took him apart along with Ming Campbell while I was a guest on the BBC Big Debate radio show. If you managed to listen to that 10th June show, you would have heard awful defence of the EU by Smith.

Alyn Smith left the BBC an angry wee man who drowned in his own rhetoric.

I take great satisfaction in removing this deadbeat who accomplished nothing of note.

Pack your bags Smith; you’re history, not part of history, and don’t cling onto hope for SNP Deputy Leader, that is a bridge too far for you as well!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Sherbie. said...

Stupid, useless waste of space. He's terrified now he's going to lose his job. Hurry up Theresa May, and get this twat Alyn Smith his p45. Scotland does not need leeches like Smith.

Anonymous said...

he is a fucking arse georgieboy

Anonymous said...

Hello George

The snp track record is such that, whoever they appoint, he will be a disaster. The saintly alyn seems to me to be trying to get a more secure sinecure than the one he has now. My vote is for this guy to have to sign on, real soon now.

You will have seen the speculation that Article 50 will never actually be invoked ref brexit. I am the first to admit I am politically naïve, but that seems unthinkable to me. What do you reckon?

Auld Jock

G Laird said...

Hi Auld Jock

I think the UK Government is in a tricky position if they don't do Article 50 in good faith and allow Brexit to happen.

It would lead to civil war inside the Tories.

I think the appointment of three Brexiteers to head up the out process must be seen as a good sign until evidence points otherwise.


cameron duncan said...

Is there a link to the big debate radio show? I'd love to hear you ripping them a new one.

G Laird said...

Hi Cameron

They stick the show on iplayer for a few weeks then take it down.

I think it is now down as newer shows get put up.