Friday, February 28, 2014

SNP MSPs vote to bring back fascism to Scotland as they back bid to kill off criminal trial corroboration by three votes, if you aren’t a good story teller and innocent you could find yourself in prison under the National Socialist Party of Scotland, like many innocents under the National Socialist Party of Germany in the 1930’s

Dear All

Despite repeated attempts to shake off the stigma of releasing the worst convicted terrorist in Scottish modern history, Al Megrahi, SNP ‘justice’ Sec latest attempt will fail.

The stigma is too deep, the stain too severe.

His attempt using the ill judged ‘flagship’ legislation to remove the centuries old requirement for corroboration in criminal trials is another reason to vote No in September at the Scottish independence referendum.

Although he managed to scrap through by 3 votes, the fight against this damaging bill continues.

The SNP had a majority during the Stage One vote last night which means the proposal remains in the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill.

In effect this means something which is broken and wrong continues through the Parliament.

People will be denied a fair trial; accusation without proof is the new standard the SNP want to bring in.

This has all the hallmarks of Germany in the 1930’s where the fascist Government used the law to pervert the course of justice.

MacAskill said:

"The corroboration reform must stay in the bill. Commencement must wait until Lord Bonomy reports, but there must be no further unnecessary delay. The reform must go forward now in this legislation."

We need a Justice Minister in the Scottish Parliament; we haven’t had one since 2007.

SNP Justice Convener Christine Grahame abstained in the vote because she knows this is wrong.

Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Green MSPs all voted in favour of the Tory motion seeking to strike out that section of the bill.

Clearly the will of Parliament is now reduced to the will of the SNP.

And that party is just a front for the Alex Salmond party, a crony ridden clique who are illiberal.

Every SNP member present voted with the Government, this shows there is a real lack of talent in the SNP, the leadership selects drones who blindly follow Salmond.

This bill has been railroaded through the Parliament.

As part of his pitch to sell this, MacAskill is using rape as a vehicle arguing that Rape Crisis Scotland, Scottish Women's Aid and Victim Support Scotland backed police and prosecutors.

Does anyone think that if someone isn’t a good story teller that is enough to send them to prison if they are accused?

The supposed shift to an emphasis on quality of evidence rather than quantity is bogus.

SNP MSP Gil Paterson made an impassioned plea in favour of abolition.

One of the tactics used by the Nazi Party of Germany to justify acting in the way it did was to use people described as ‘victims’, then using that, they acted, because they said an injustice had occurred .

It seems that not a lot has changed in the political mindset of some people in politics.

Alison McInnes, of the LibDems, and Patrick Harvie, of the Greens made strong, principled speeches on why the case had not been made for jettisoning a key issue of civil liberties.

Elaine Murray, summing up for Labour, insisted Labour had "no desire to give the Scottish Government a kicking" but was acting because this aspect of the legislation was flawed.

Then MacAskill made a sweeping attack on Labour and the LibDems for backing a Conservative motion on this, likening this alliance to the parties in the Better Together campaign.

I am right to call for his removal as Justice Minister which I have done so for quite some time?


Pretty much on the money there!

The SNP say they are an independent party, that isn’t true as we see from their current indy bid, they also claim they are a party for justice, that isn’t true either.

It is time to get rid of them, people extended them goodwill and they spat in the faces of the very people who helped them get into power.

Time to close the book!

Why isn't angry wee Nat and unpopular 'social justice' campaigner Nicola Sturgeon speaking out on this affront to justice?

She doesn't give a shit!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

another sound reason to vote no to indy by Kenny MacAskill.

It's all good said...

You are right where are the SNP people's champions?

Hamish said...

Dear George,
I agree with you on the substance of this matter.
As a Scottish judge allegedly once said in his direction to the jury: It would obviously be unsafe to convict solely on the uncorroborated evidence of six policemen.
Small quibble: the problem is not innocent people who are not good story tellers; it is a sole witness who is a good story teller.

Anonymous said...

Achtung, we all need to say achtung