Saturday, February 22, 2014

Scottish independence: ‘White collar flight’, after Alex Salmond says Scotland could reengage on paying its share of UK debt major companies plan to relocate headquarters to England, Salmond’s threat was a colossal mistake and major error of judgment

Dear All

You will no doubt have heard the phrase, 'wake up and smell the coffee'.

Well, Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond has been told to “wake up” to the economic damage his independence plan is causing Scotland.

Just recently Salmond threatened to not pay Scotland's fair share of the UK debt if it became independent.

The reason cited was that the Scottish National Party wants access to a Sterling zone which puts the rest of the UK at risk.

If a banking problem occurs in an independent Scotland, then the logic is that England would bail Scotland out, even if it was the fault of Scottish Government policies.

In other words a blank cheque!

So, how does that sound to you?

Also, the SNP would be able to continue its historic campaign of grudge, grievance and malcontent especially when  election draws near, 'it’s all Westminster's fault but the SNP are standing up for Scotland'.

Maybe it is because of the rather serious lack of talent that makes the leadership of the Alex Salmond party within the SNP view all Scots as dumb bastards incapable of independent thought.

Let's get something straight before we go further, the Scottish National Party isn't offering or wanting independence, it wants interdependence.

You may have also heard of 'white flight', well in Scotland it seems after Salmond ran his mouth off that Scotland maybe in the start of the grip of 'white collar flight'.

Companies are starting to think about transferring the Headquarters to England.

Salmond's fault, let's be clear on that point.   

The TSB is said to be considering shifting its tax base to England and why shouldn't they, will the SNP threatening default who wants to be leave in lurch by people who are so untrustworthy?

Not me!

Opposition parties said the shift was “very bad news for Scotland”.

It is and it also could have a knock on effect for future investment, at least until the SNP are defeated at the ballot box in September when a landslide No vote comes home to roost.

The TSB bank was founded in Scotland and previously domiciled for tax purposes, however they blamed Salmond's “bluff and bluster” strategy as reason for a rethink.

Also in line to speak out is Standard Life poised to warn that Scottish independence poses a risk to its business north of the Border.

At this point it is worth mentioning the SNP don't do radical thinking or consider other people’s problems in their bid to hold power, it's all stupid petty games.

Standard Life based in Edinburgh is a financial services giant, which six million customers and nearly £240bn of assets under their control.

Iain Gray, Scottish Labour’s finance spokesman, said the TSB move “is very bad news indeed for Scotland; and a wake-up call for the SNP.”

He added:

“For months now Alex Salmond has simply refused to listen to any suggestion that his referendum is creating uncertainty in the Scottish economy, or that important businesses fear the consequences of separation. Now we have a major player in the Scottish financial sector, which employs 95,000, choosing to register in England rather than Scotland, where it has always been based.”

Then Iain Gray said that Salmond should do is disclose his Plan B for the currency.

Plan B is entry into the Euro, all the talk about the Sterling zone is in my opinion a smokescreen.

I always believed that Sterling was a temporary measure to meet the criteria for a future European membership and acceptance of the Euro currency to access the European Central Bank.

It makes not a jot the damage that would be done to Scotland in the process.

Gavin Brown, the Scottish Tory finance spokesman, added:

“This move also means we have to watch very closely if other major businesses make similar decisions.”

Well, that looks likely from this side of the fence, as much as Better Together raise the questions to the lack of detail, it is the lack of vision and planning that will concern investors, especially since there isn't any on anything, it's all made up on the hoof as sound bytes.

And that isn't how to win an independence vote.

To return a familair theme which I have harked on about for some considerable time, ..... planning.

Planning is the bedrock of a successful foundation, it must include the truth, sadly the sham that this Yes Campaign has become also shows I was entirely correct regarding the genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

No A team!

But it does let Nationalists know that George Laird was right again.

The TSB is in the process of floating stock in order to attract investors, but because of uncertainty people would have too many issues which they could have to consider due to the rag tag nature and impact of this independence bid.

Trust is an issue for investors, something else I highlighted time and time through-out this debate.

Standard Life has concerns relate to its pensions business, which could lose UK tax exemption rights if Scotland votes for independence in September.

Isn't such a company with assets of nearly £240bn of assets worth being analysed and considered as part of the White Paper, I was expecting a library of Congress style production, all that was produced was a 670 page election manifesto for the Scottish National Party.

Talk about not know what you are doing!

And this isn't the only sector which is 'indy lite'; it spreads through the entire structure of Scotland and it businesses and sectors.

Analysts fear that the business could be severely harmed without the UK tax exemption, and there is concern a separate Scotland could struggle to afford to have the exemption.

This is because Scotland for its size has a relatively large financial sector.

A TSB spokesman said the bank’s tax domicile is moving from Scotland to England but added:

“Establishing new companies as part of a listing or IPO process is standard practice.”

A gloss on abandoning ship, how terribly nice and none boating rocking after the tsunami which this will undoubtedly cause.

A Scottish government spokesman said:

“We welcome the fact that TSB Bank plc is registered as a Scottish bank, retaining its traditional Scottish roots.”

In others words, can't put a positive spin on this blunder caused by Salmond so let's stick with meaningless pap to disguise the fact that the SNP is so utterly incapable.

Proper planning prevents piss poor performance.


Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I've already moved mine and my kids money to an English building society.
What would a business rather have? A market of 5 million or 60 million? And if you are thick enough to answer I would guess you've just watched your Braveheart DVD.

Anonymous said...

the correct thing is to get your money into an English ban or building society thus insuring yourself against Salmond

Anonymous said...

Yet again a complete disconnect from reality by the snp breaking up the single UK market is going to do enormous damage to the economy.With the bravehearts thinking they can play around around with the currency without damaging peoples wages, pensions, savings and jobs.I believe the advice given is that it would take up to five years to set up a central bank and launch a separate currency, where is the work being done on that?I still see the snp are sticking with there will be currency union,there is no way this is going to happen.When the hard facts are explained about all the currency options being offered by the yes side,the only conclusion you can reach is that the snp do not care about the economy and the prosperity of ordinary Scots. The objective is to con enough voters to vote yes no matter what the cost.

TPC said...

So, TSB are moving south and possibly Standard Life as well. Given UK PLC own around 80% (or there about) of RBS and 37% of Lloyds Bank (who own HBOS), why wouldn't both of these also be moved south of the border following any yes vote?

It would clearly be better for the New UK to have employment, taxes paid, and earnings spent locally as opposed to within any foreign country.

Then there is UK HRMC who have major offices in Scotland that would automatically have to move south.

Just how many jobs have just been lost? And how much will income tax need to rise to pay benefits to those that would then be out of work?

No brainer said...

business is right to protect its assets.

Anonymous said...

never thought Alex Salmond would do such a poor campaign so dreadful politically.