Saturday, February 15, 2014

Scottish independence: Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond loses badly as Unionists call his bluff on currency, when he had to face the music, the coward turned tail and ran away to hide, is this creature supposed to be a leader of men?

Dear All

There is something quite distasteful when people find out that their leader is a gutless coward.

Yesterday, rather than face the music and man up, Alex Salmond did his usual disappearing act when the going got tough.

You see the way Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond operates is that he only wants to be around and take the praise.

With a crucial plank in the pro-independence case having now collapsed he bolted quicker than a rat down a drainpipe.

What Scottish currency would an independent Scotland have is a serious matter, too serious not to get it right and too serious not to have a backup plan.

Bluff, bluster and bullying is the stock in trade of the Alex Salmond party within the Scottish National Party, the party within a party is a nasty vile vicious clique, but like many thugs, there are little brains.

No one is better to recognise aspects of Salmondism better than Alex Salmond himself.

On several major issues affecting people’s jobs, mortgages, savings and pensions such as the EU membership and now the currency Salmond has deliberately sought to mislead the people of Scotland.

The Scottish Sun even came out on a front page with the headline “EU Liar”.

Salmond and unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon have done no proper work to prepare Scotland for a proper independence bid.

They thought that Salmond’s stupid smile and jolly fat man routine would be enough to win the day on issues such as the EU.

The “legal advice” on which he based his bogus claims about an entitlement to remain in the EU never existed.

Then there was a prolonged cover up to hide the fact that we had been subjected to deception which should not be forgiven or forgotten.

As to the central contention that a currency union would be acceptable to the state from which he wants to separate was just a nod through, that is again isn’t based on any evidence whatsoever, indeed, the evidence is all coming from the Unionist side, and it is a resounding No!

And No means No!

What does No mean?


After trying to deceive Scots and been found out, he and the unpopular Nicola Sturgeon are trying to take refuge in victimhood.

Westminster has ganged up on them, they sob to the gallery; woe is me!

But the reality of all this is that it is Salmond who is guilty of misleading the people of Scotland.

Westminster politicians played a blinder and had the cheek to expose the Nationalist’s bluff or, as Jim Sillars put it, “the fairytale.”

In this fairytale, the story switches to a horror story.

Scotland wouldn’t ever be able “dictate” to the UK about a currency union.

Salmond hoped to make the currency issue to a row about process rather than substance; he has failed in that respect totally.

Alex Salmond’s attack on Sir Nicholas MacPherson, author of the Treasury critique was another misstep on his part.

The accusation made he is acting on the instructions of his “political masters”.

He was only obeying orders?

Where have I heard that before??????

So Salmond decided to attack the individual than to confront the case that he puts a forward which many Nationalists know is bogus tripe.

It was Jim Sillars who described Salmond’s case for currency union as “stupidity on stilts” recently and went further and said this isn’t something he would vote for, in reality the SNP leadership don’t want to do the heavy lifting, they want Westminster to carry the load in an independent Scotland, that is no independence at all, it is dependence.

And the claim that the SNP has suddenly become the high minded arbiters of what is best for English business is meaningless pap.

The crocodile tears for the poor English exporters to Scotland is to cover up their own incompetence.

For independence, it was always doing to have to be a Scottish pound.

Once again, a crucial plank in the pro-independence case has collapsed under the weight of basic dishonesty.

Right at the start of the Scottish independence campaign, I said that that everything had to be truthful and everything had to be transparent and above board.

George Laird was right again.

Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon are too stupid to be the leaders of an independent Scotland.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

George, I heard that Alex has written another Dear David letter, accusing his ministers of bullying. Pot,kettle. black comes to mind for some reason. Actually, he claims that recent interventions are contrary to the letter and the spirit of the Edinburgh agreement. I see it as just confirming that someone's promises aren't going to come to fruition, so don't be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I have just read an article on the scotsman newspaper where the snp claim they are entitled to a share of the uk defence assets jets ,helicopters,ships,etc. this is another assertion with no basis in fact or law.the defence forces are a uk institution not an asset to be divided up. The fixed bases on Scottish soil would of course belong to Scotland but most of the equipment and units would still belong to the Uk.An independent Scotland would have no claim for compensation for defense assets on UK soil.Why is it that more people including journalists that published this story cannot do basic research?I fear that if there was to be a yes vote a lot of people are going to be very disappointed when they find there will not be as much to claim as the snp say. The above also applies to UK embassies they belong to the UK and Scotland would have no claim on them.

Flight from the people said...

he hides better than anyone I know George

Just Go Salmond said...

Salmond looks like he is in tears now. You are right on his leadership is tragic and he should resign along with his sidekick wee Nik

Anonymous said...

Salmond isn't changing his tack on currency, he should stand down as FM and SNP leader. You were right George to highlight these failures of leadership. I am an indy supporter but you called the turn time and time again.



Anonymous said...

Alex Salmond predicts a backlash on Currency Refusal.

He's correct in that however based on the latest YouGuv poll it appears to be coming from south of the border!

Pony up said...

Looking forwards to the resignation of Alex Salmond aka Big Eck, waste of space, even SNP sources are talking out now George that he is so wrong and his line is untenable on currency, good call on your part for speaking out right from the get go.

Anonymous said...

Well fellow unionists it has been a marvellous day.

The SNP are rattled, in denial, and on the run.

No for once this post is not about the Pound or the EU.

Nor a currency union.

Or even the wee Nats ranting about defaulting on the debt, for that no longer matters, why you ask?

Nor is it about how if the UK loses Scotland's, 'oil fields' that it will be bankrupt…

No it is about Salmond been frit, now wee Georgie Osborne has kicked his sandcastle over and 'Bullied' him…

Or even Barrosso.

So why am I so happy?

Well it's to do with a date, no not the old boring stuff about the act of union, or Culloden.

Now this is far more recent.

Let me start with this;

Now let me take you all back to 1982.

When a blowhard, full of hot air made lots of threats, and got his backside kicked, does this sound familiar?

Then read on…

Fast forward 32 years as we are talking about the Falklands, so now you will be asking how is this relevant to Scottish independence?

Simple, this:

Do you understand why I am happy now?

All those fresh oilfield's, and the SNP has no control over them, none….

They even have fish which will keep the Spanish happy..

Anonymous said...

Joe The Plumber from Yorkshire won't be happy about guaranteeing Scots wages and mortgages. One dodgy Poll and the SNP spout nonsense English voters want the Scots to use the Pound.
The backlash the SNP harp on about will be from the rest of the UK population fed up with being demonised as evil oppressors.
Victimhood is not something the SNP should promote. Past experience tells me it will backfire, spectacularly.

Anonymous said...

leader of men, not doing such a good job training up Joan McAlpine as an MSP, huge fail all the way.