Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scottish independence, SNP MP Pete Wishart gets slaughtered in the ‘Battle of Strathallan’, BBC debate turns heated as pupils brand SNP MP a “gimp” and a “yesw*****”, but the real barb is being branded “incredibly unprofessional”, George Laird right again, lack of genuine talent in SNP

Dear All

It seems that SNP MP Pete Wishart is 'fighting' for independence, as part of the fight, he is battling with kids.

In an independence debate at Strathallan School, Pete Wishart faced a test, so how did he score?


Yes, Pete Wishart scored 1.5%, he convinced 3 kids out of 200 that Scottish independence is a good idea.

197 for staying with the Union and 3 for leaving it, not much of a salesman is Pete Wishart.

But a remarkable achievement on getting 3!

In showbiz, they say don't work with children and animals, well the same could said about politics.

The BBC Scotland debate was broadcast at an independent school in Perthshire.

After the show, some pupils had a verbal punch up with Pete Wishart on Twitter as he received a series of abusive comments.

Wishart was branded a “gimp” and a “yes w*****” by some pupils at Strathallan School, which makes you wonder how a innocent debate ended up with the lead flying.

Pete Wishart posted on Twitter:

“Well, that was an interesting BBC Brian’s Big Debate. The audience of 200 were all No supporters, bar three, at Strathallan private school.”

Sounds fairly harmless, but some pupil jumped in and declared:

“Hardly convincing us ‘private school’ people to vote for independence by insulting and stereotyping us,” while another branded Mr Wishart “pathetic” and “incredibly unprofessional.”

So, what was he saying in the hall?

Mr Wishart in fighting for Scotland mode hit back by, posting:

“The Nos go in (sic) about cybernats but you will not believe what I’ve been called by private school kids from Strathallan private school. Maybe the reason the privately educated #Strathallan kids were so abusive is they’ve been taking their lead from the negativity from the Nos.”

Maybe it was, maybe it was a result of what you said.

He continued:

“Being insulted by private school kids is something else. So far I’ve been called a ‘yesw*****’ and a ‘gimp’. People pay to educate these kids. What do your teaching staff think about you all flooding my time line and getting increasingly abusive? I think we can concede we’re a bit behind with the posh private school constituency.”

Well that is sure to win them over.

He later posted:

“Pupils trying to delete their offensive tweets but being caught by @deletedbyMPs that catches deleted tweets on MPs timelines.”

A Strathallan spokesman said:

“The school was happy to host Brian Taylor’s Big Debate for Radio Scotland on Friday. Pupils at Strathallan are encouraged to think about all issues and to engage in debate on them. They are concerned, as all young people will be, about a number of issues in Scotland today. The discussions during Friday’s programme engendered a keen sense of engagement with the political process reflecting the independent thinking which we promote. A number went into the debate broadly in favour of independence but changed their minds during it. The issue is the basis of the motion for the forthcoming Senior Debating Final so the debate will continue.”

Presumably the SNP should possibly send someone else to debate independence, pulling off 1.5% in a test yet again highlights what I say about a genuine lack of talent in the SNP.

How does this affect the 'gimp' vote or the 'yesw******' vote, that would be difficult to say at this time without proper research, one thing, anyone wanting to launch gimps4indy or 'yesw*****4indy might feel like delaying launching these possibly Yes bodies till the heat dies down.

The School statement continued:

“Comments from a small number of pupils via Twitter after the debate were inappropriate; they will be apologising to Mr Wishart. Clearly they were upset by the attacks made upon them but this does not excuse the nature of some of the responses.”

On the Scotsman website, some unhappy Nationalists got stuck into the kids with some barbed comments, presumably they thought Pete Wishart needed some moral back up.

197 to 3 saying No, you just couldn't make it up, could you.

Maybe he needs someone to pass him some jokes like Alex Salmond has requested when he bombed!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Mr Wishart made a pejorative phrase when the kids voted 197 to 3 to vote "No". He should apologise to the kids.

Anonymous said...

so much lies come spewing out of there mouths they don't know what the truth is

Will ye go said...

maybe he could be a pub singer after indy fails.