Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scottish independence: The Lost King of Scotland, Alex Salmond reverts to type by trying his ‘bullying tactics’ against Westminster by calling them “thieves”, if he thinks this will kick start his doomed Scottish independence campaign he is totally deranged and deluded now, not an A Team tactic!

Dear All

It seems that Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond has decided to drop his false act of the happy lower middle class peasant’ to return to acting like a village bam.

In the dying days of his political career, he has decided to up the referendum rhetoric by branding Westminster politicians "thieves".

A major error of judgment and plays straight into the hands of the Unionist camp!

How can you do business with a nut?

Sprinkle in a bit of reasonableness and hey presto, instant loony tunes!

Poor Salmond gasping for publicity like a man in the desert reaching for a water source, maybe ‘the heat’ of the campaign is getting too much for him.

Salmond says that Westminster has allegedly squandering the nation's oil and gas reserves over many years.

That money was used to prop up the economy in times of need.

You could research further in what it was spent on if you choose, but in the past the UK Government made bad choices, and Oil money bailed them out of a hole.

But it also bailed out many people in trouble, and it isn’t an ideal world.

In making the North Sea as the latest independence battleground between London and Edinburgh, it is a return to ‘its Scotland’s Oil’.

A failed campaign that doesn’t have any traction when the Nationalists ran with it 30 years ago, it didn’t work then and won’t work now!

As soon as the gaffe was out of Salmond’s mouth, Baroness Goldie, the former Scottish Conservative leader said such language "ill becomes a first minister".

But is becomes a village bam who stands on a street corner with a ‘cargo’.

Goldie added:

"playground yah-boo politics have no role to play" in the debate.

She has forgotten that Salmond has run out of ammo and fired his last bullet when he produced the inept White Paper in November.

A document that is a load of nonsense with some pledges that are outright bogus coupled with deception on the Scottish public.
There were two visions for the future of the multi-billion oil and gas industry on show, SNP producing ‘lightweight crude’ and Westminster doing a deep drilling of gravitas.

David Cameron says only the UK Government with its economic "broad shoulders" could keep afloat the industry in the future.

Salmond’s claimed the 'biggest is best' argument did not hold water and pointed to Norway, which as we know has a huge £450 billion oil fund, trouble is that Salmond can’t rewind history.

So his argument doesn’t hold water.

Two Cabinet meetings were held in Scotland, Westminster and Holyrood, just miles apart, Westminster in Shell's Aberdeen HQ.

Salmond in a church hall in Portlethen!

Couldn’t Salmond get an Oil company to host him and his Cabinet?

Outplayed again, how many times is this now for Salmond, no wonder the SNP are reverting to type as angry Nationalists of old.

In this independence debate, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are increasingly becoming irrelevant to the people of Scotland; life is going on without them in the minds of Scots.

The louder they scream and shout; the more like village idiots they seem.

Finally, they should reflect on the fact that anyone can talk shit, but that won’t win Scottish independence.

Time for a quote by George Laird:

“Rather than 'The A Team' it looked more like 'The GAY Team' in nature”

I guess the squealing coming from Alex Salmond is recognition of how utterly desperate he has become, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and defeat draws ever near!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Hamish said...

So "The real Glaswegian working class voice" would rather have tuition fees and prescription charges imposed by a Westminster Government, and sneers at the Scottish Cabinet meeting in a church hall, rather than being hosted by a global oil company.

Have you ever held down a full-time job, George? Or are you, as I suspect, a man of independent means?

Anonymous said...

exile seems about right for Salmond

Anonymous said...

History is a great teacher.
Weak leadership killed the Darien Scheme lack of business skills and an attitude of Wha's like us amongst other factors. Now we're back to Panama. And with a Plan. (God help us).
I'm a Scot and quite comfortable with that fact, I don't feel the need to claim I'm anything other than.

Anonymous said...

His Mummy should have told him about that old ditty, Sticks and Stones.
Really is cringeworthy, the first Minister of Scotland acting so childishly. We may see him soon with a blue painted face. Not like Mel Gibson more a Smurf.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

can't stand Salmond, looking forward to picking up my winnings from the bookies when he loses

Anonymous said...

Salmond certainly wouldn't be picking up any winnings at bookies unless he gets someone to bet to stay in UK.

Anonymous said...

where be the A team George, can you find them for the SNP.